53+ Positive Affirmations for Work Colleagues

Positive Affirmations for Work Colleagues

In this article, I’ve put together a list of positive affirmations for work colleagues; both for you to be a better team player and integrate with your colleagues, and some you can share with your coworkers.

I’ve done this because I know how complicated and stressful the workplace dynamic can be. There are often lots of different personalities, the stress of work and deadlines, office politics, and so on.

The fact is, however, that we spend most of our time with work colleagues. More than with our loved ones, in some instances.

So, it’s vital that you build strong, trusting relationships with your colleagues. You need to know they have your best interests in mind, and you have theirs.

I hope the affirmations in this post help you do exactly that – and help you build a more fulfilling and rewarding career.

Positive Affirmations for Work Colleagues

Here are some positive affirmations to say about you and your coworkers. If you can share some of these with them, that’s great, you can use them to strengthen your team ethic.

  • I enjoy spending time with my work colleagues.
  • My coworkers are great people who share the same values as me.
  • I know my coworkers all have my best interests at heart.
  • I have a lot to offer my coworkers, as they also do to me.
  • I consider my coworkers to be close friends, too.
  • I work well with all of my work colleagues.
  • I would do anything to help you my coworkers and know they would do the same.
  • I am looking forward to seeing my coworkers tomorrow.
  • I always praise my coworkers when they do good work.
  • I feel fortunate to be part of such a good team at work.
  • I enjoy getting to know my work colleagues better.
  • I love my job because I have such good coworkers. 
  • I welcome constructive criticism from my coworkers to help me improve at my job.
  • I make it my goal to continually improve in my role and better support my coworkers.
  • I enjoy the positive energy created by my work colleagues.
  • I work in a productive and effective team.
  • Together we are stronger as a team than we are as individuals.
  • I have a deep connection with my coworkers that helps improve productivity.

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Positive Affirmations for Work Stress

  • Stress is all too common in the workplace and can cause some serious mental and physical issues if not dealt with.
  • Here are some positive affirmations to help you handle stress at work and be a healthier, more productive person.
  • I am calm and have an inner peace that enables me to release stress.
  • I am able to turn off work stress when I’m outside of my working environment.
  • I can feel stress and anxiety melting away.
  • My mind and body are relaxed and I’m able to allow work stress to float away.
  • I am in complete control of my life and choose to be free of stress.
  • I will not feel stressed about things I cannot control.
  • I know it’s not healthy to be stressed about work.
  • I am able to take some deep breaths and center myself.
  • I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.
  • I am able to release all work-related stress right now.
  • I feel calm when I think about work.
  • My mind is calm and at peace.
  • I am going to think about all the things that are going well, not those which are going badly.

Positive Affirmations for Women at Work

  • I am a strong and confident woman in the workplace.
  • I will get all of the opportunities I deserve and have worked for.
  • My work colleagues value the skills and experience I bring to the team.
  • I am beautiful inside and out and believe in my skills.
  • I am confident because I believe in myself.
  • I am able to do my job to a very high standard.
  • My work colleagues and I work perfectly together and value each other’s skills.
  • I got to where I am today through hard work and achievements.
  • I have all the drive I need to succeed in my role.
  • I work hard, smart, and always find a way to do the best I can.

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Positive Affirmations for Men at Work

  • I am strong and confident in my role and with my work colleagues.
  • I will advance my career through determination and showing my abilities.
  • I will show my best today to my colleagues and make them proud.
  • I love working as part of a team with such supportive work colleagues.
  • I have gotten where I am due to my academic and business abilities and potential.
  • I feel happy and satisfied with my career progress.
  • I use difficult and stressful times at work to help me improve as a person.
  • I will always find ways to overcome any challenges at work.
  • I value my work colleagues and they value me.
  • My professional future is bright and I will continue to improve myself.

When Should I Say These Affirmations?

Everyone finds a different time and place to say their affirmations that work for them. I often hear people saying you should repeat them in the morning, and last thing at night.

For me personally, I like to say my affirmations in the morning before I start to take on the day. I don’t say them before bed.

I will repeat them throughout the day if I have a quiet moment and need to remind myself why I’m doing something.

I found this particularly useful at work. If I was working on a tough project or things were not going my way, I’d take a moment to remind myself why I was the best person for the job and how I was going to get the desired end result.

Honestly, I did well in my last job and attribute a lot of that success to repeating targeted affirmations and creating the right mindset.

Find a time and place that works for you, but be sure to repeat them daily.

How to Make Affirmations Work for You

Affirmations only work if you find the ones that are best suited to you, and repeat them daily.

By repeating your chosen affirmations on a regular basis, you will literally change the way your mind – both conscious and subconscious – thinks.

Your affirmations will become familiar, like a new reality. Not only will it feel real and achievable, when you reach your desired goals it will feel natural.

Almost like you’ve been here before or this was always the expected outcome.

Affirmations are incredibly powerful. They’ve changed the life of many a famous and influential businessman, leader, visionary, influencer, and so on.

By stating what they wanted to achieve, they were able to achieve it. You can do the same too. You have to believe in what you’re saying and stick to repeating them.

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