Is Getting Nails Done a Waste of Money? (Pros & Cons)

Is Getting Nails Done a Waste of Money

Is getting nails done a waste of money?

Do you think you’re spending too much on your nails and no one even notices the effort you’re putting in?

At the end of the day, if getting your nails done makes you feel good – what price do you put on that, right?

Here is a look at some of the pros and cons of manicures and what it means to some women:

Is Getting Nails Done a Waste of Money?

For some women, getting their nails done is a regular beauty ritual. It’s a way to feel a little pampered, lifts their mood, and they love having immaculate nails.

It’s not cheap though, a regular manicure usually costs around $25, and having fake nails, special gels or other treatments can cost anywhere between $40-$100.

Take into account that you may want a manicure twice a month, and you could easily spend a couple of hundred bucks a month on your nails.

So, is getting nails done a waste of money?

It’s hard to say that it’s a waste of money, as you’re going to end up with perfectly manicured nails looking exactly how you want.

If this makes you happy and you feel good about yourself, it’s not a waste – but it’s hard to put a price on it.

Only you know if you can afford to spend money on your nails right now and if it feels like it’s an expense you should be cutting back on.

The only way I would really call having your nails done a ‘waste of money’ is if you really can’t afford it.

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Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Nails Done?

Money aside, if you’re questioning whether you should – or want – to get your nails done, a few of the reasons why some women don’t have their nails done are:

  • Manicures are not the most environmentally friendly beauty treatment. Some of the chemicals used in nail salons can be toxic and harmful to both the environment and your health.
  • It can be quite expensive, as we’ve already discussed.
  • It’s not always practical. Your nails can quickly become chipped and damaged if you use your hands a lot.

If you’re feeling guilty for any of the above reasons, you really need to take a step back and ask yourself how you feel about manicures.

At the end of the day, if it’s not making you feel good about yourself, why are you doing it?

Why Is Getting Your Nails Done Important?

On the flip side, you should also ask yourself why it’s important to you to get your nails done.

For some women, it’s a way to relax and feel pampered. It can be a fun beauty treatment to do with friends.

It also makes your nails and hands look nicer (obviously) – which is important if you’re shaking hands with clients or want to make a good impression around people.

I’m sure you’ll have your own reasons. But the point is that if getting your nails done is important to you, it’s something you shouldn’t feel guilty about prioritizing.

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Does Getting Your Nails Done Make You Feel Good?

So, we’ve looked at the pros and cons of getting your nails done. But ultimately, it all comes down to how you feel about it.

Do you enjoy going to the nail salon? Does having nice nails make you feel good about yourself?

If the answer is yes, then don’t let anyone else tell you that getting your nails done is a waste of money.

After all, it’s your money and you can spend it on whatever you want.

Sure, some guys or people you’d like to notice you’re spending so much time on your nails will not notice, but that’s not what matters.

What matters is what you think and feel, not what other people think!

Is It Something You Can Afford Right Now?

The only time I would say that getting your nails done is a waste of money is if you can’t afford it.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills or put food on the table, spending $50-$100+ on your nails every month is probably not a good idea.

But if you have the extra cash and enjoy getting your nails done, go for it!

It’s a luxury at the end of the day, a way to feel good about yourself, so it’s something you should do without feeling bad about spending the money.

Image credits – Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

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