If a Guy Says You’re Pretty Does He Like You? (5 Explanations)

If a Guy Says Your Pretty Does He Like You

If a guy says you’re pretty, I bet you’re wondering if it means he likes you or if he is just giving you a compliment.

Some guys are difficult to read, but by observing their body language it’s usually possible to tell how they feel about you!

Here are 5 things it usually means when a guy says a girl is pretty, and how you can read their body language to see what they’re thinking:

If a Guy Says You’re Pretty Does He Like You? (5 Explanations)

1. He Fancies You and Is Flirting

For some guys, when they fancy a girl and are flirting, they will often compliment them on their looks.

This is just classic flirting, and it feels great if a guy says you’re pretty or notices that you’ve made an effort, right?

If he’s flirting, he may also try to make conversation with you, ask you questions, or compliment your hair or clothes.

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2. He’s a Good Friend and Is Comfortable Telling You

If a guy is a good friend and is comfortable around you, he may tell you that you’re pretty without meaning anything more by it.

Not all guys have an ulterior motive, it’s possible he’s just being honest and giving you a compliment because he likes you as a person!

You can usually tell if this is the case if he doesn’t seem awkward or nervous when he says it.

If he’s a good friend you’ll also know by just how you feel being around him and the other things he says to you.

3. He Wants to Get to Know You Better

There are some guys who will say you’re pretty as a way of breaking the ice and trying to get to know you better.

It sounds a bit forward, but this is especially common when a guy is shy or doesn’t know how else to start a conversation.

If this is the case and he’s not trying to flirt, his body language will probably be quite open and he’ll be comfortable around you.

If you want to get to know him better too, then why not try responding with a compliment or starting a conversation yourself?

4. He Just Finds You Attractive but Isn’t Interested in You

There are some guys who find women attractive and are happy to tell them and have no interest in pursuing them in a romantic way.

It’s almost like they just appreciate beauty, and I’m sure it’s incredibly flattering to know that they consider you beautiful.

Or, it may even be that he’s in a relationship or just not interested in dating at the moment.

Whatever the reason, you can usually tell if this is the case by observing how he acts around you and others.

If he doesn’t focus too much of his time on you or make an effort, especially when you’re in a group, then he’s just appreciating you.

5. He Thinks You’re Feeling Down and Wants to Cheer You Up

If a guy knows that you’re feeling down or having a bad day, he may say you’re pretty as a way of cheering you up.

It’s a nice thing to do, and it definitely works as a pick-me-up!

You can usually tell if this is the reason he said it by the tone of his voice and how he looks at you.

If he has a concerned or caring expression and his tone is gentle, then this is probably why he said it.

How to Tell if A Guy Is Flirting or Likes You

Now that you know the five most common reasons a guy might say you’re pretty, let’s talk about how to tell if he likes you or is just flirting.

As I said before, body language can be really telling, so observe how he acts around you.

If he’s constantly making eye contact, smiling, and mirroring your body language, then he’s probably interested in you.

He may also try to touch you, stand close to you, or fidget while he talks to you.

On the other hand, if he’s just flirting and being overly friendly, he may do some of these things too, but not as often or as intensely.

It’s also worth considering how he treats other people, especially women.

If he’s really flirty with everyone and you’re just one of many, then it’s probably not anything special.

However, if he’s more reserved with others and seems to focus more of his attention on you, then there may be something there.

Telling someone they’re pretty is a big deal though, as I’m sure you’re aware.

It’s quite a forward thing to say, so you’re right to wonder what the intent behind it is and if this guy really does like you!

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How to Respond when A Guy Says You’re Pretty

Now that you know some of the reasons a guy might say you’re pretty and how to tell if he likes you or is just flirting, you may be wondering how to respond.

Well, first of all, it’s always nice to hear a compliment, so make sure to thank him!

You could also try responding with a compliment of your own or asking him why he thinks you’re pretty.

If you want to get to know him better, this is the perfect opportunity to start a conversation or ask him questions about himself.

And finally, if you’re not interested in him, then you could just say thanks and move on.

To give you some examples, some of the things you could reply with are:

  • “Thanks, that’s so cute of you to say that!!!”
  • “Aww, thank you! I think you’re pretty cute too!”
  • “Why do you think I’m pretty? Is it my smile or my personality?”
  • “That’s really sweet of you to say. Thanks!”
  • “I bet you say that to all the girls!”

It’s up to you how you reply based on how you feel about the guy!

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