How to Make a Cop Fall in Love With You! (10 Key Things You Need To Do!)

How to Make a Cop Fall in Love With You

Wondering how to make a cop fall in love with you?

If you have your sights (and heart) set on someone who happens to be a cop, it’s going to be different from dating a civilian.

Those working in law enforcement have demanding jobs, and dating a cop comes with its challenges!

Here are my top 10 tips for making a cop fall in love with you:

How to Make a Cop Fall in Love With You

1. Demonstrate You’re Loyal and Committed

These attributes are important in any relationship, but they’re even more important to cops and other law enforcement professionals.

Cops have to deal with a lot of people who are not loyal or committed and often have trust issues, so if you can show your cop that you love them, it’ll go a long way to breaking down some barriers.

You can do this with small things like responding to messages quickly and making yourself available to adapt to their schedule.

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2. Be Understanding About Their Job

This is a big one as being a cop can be a highly stressful and demanding job and puts a lot of stress on the partners of cops.

You need to be understanding that they may not be able to talk about their day, or may need to leave abruptly and cancel plans at times.

As much as you want to spend all your time with a cop and come first, protecting and serving the community often has to come first.

If you can demonstrate that you understand the importance and demands of their job they’re much more likely to fall in love with you.

3. Be Willing to Be Flexible

Cops often work long hours, shift work, and weekends so it’s important that you’re willing to be flexible with your time if you want to make a cop fall in love with you.

This may mean making spontaneous plans, being okay with canceled plans, or changing your schedule to suit theirs.

This is often a dealbreaker for partners, so making it clear early on that you’re fine with their unpredictable schedule will go a long way.

4. Immerse Yourself in Law Enforcement Circles

Due to the unique nature of the work, law enforcement officers often have their own social circles which can be difficult for outsiders to penetrate.

One of the best ways to make a cop fall in love with you is to show that you’re interested in their work and want to be a part of their world.

You can do this by attending events with them, asking questions about their work, and getting to know their colleagues.

In fact, you’ll find the best support comes from the partners from their colleagues and you’ll make some awesome friends, I’m sure.

5. Give Them Unconditional Support

Cops see a lot of terrible things in their line of work and often have to deal with a lot of trauma.

It’s important that you’re able to provide them with an outlet to talk about their day, good or bad.

You should also be willing to listen without judgment and provide support, even if you don’t agree with their actions.

This is what will help the two of you form a strong emotional bond which is often stronger and longer-lasting than any physical bond you have.

6. Accept that You’ll Come Second Sometimes

As I mentioned before, being a cop is a demanding job and they often have to put the needs of the public before their own.

If you push back when they have to change plans or cancel on you at the last minute, it’s only going to make them feel that you’re making them choose between you and their job.

That’s not a situation you want to put a police officer in if you want them to fall in love with you and be in a committed relationship.

7. Surprise Them with Thoughtful Gifts

It doesn’t matter what job someone has, everyone loves to feel appreciated and that goes double for police officers.

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is with a thoughtful gift that shows you’re paying attention to what they like.

It could be something as simple as turning up with their favorite coffee or sending them something cute or funny to their place of work.

It’s the thought that counts and your thoughtfulness will be sure to make a cop fall in love with you.

8. Be a Good Listener

This goes hand in hand with providing unconditional support.

As a good listener, you should be able to provide a sounding board for your partner to vent their frustrations, share their triumphs and talk about their day.

Not only will this make them feel supported, but it will also help you to understand them and their work better.

Communication and being understanding of each other’s feelings are key to a successful relationship.

9. Find out What Makes Them Happy

Everyone has different things that make them happy and it’s important to find out what those things are for your partner.

It could be something as simple as a back rub after a long day or taking them out for their favorite meal.

The little things you do to make them happy will go a long way in making a cop fall in love with you!

It’s all part of being attentive and demonstrating that you’re committed to them and making them happy.

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10. Don’t Try Too Hard and Be Yourself!

I know you want to make a cop you like/love fall in love with you but I think it’s important not to forget the most important thing of all.

If they’re going to fall in love with you it’s going to be because of who you are and the chemistry and feelings between the two of you.

Sure, you need to demonstrate that you love and care about them, and there is a lot you can do to show that, but in the end, it all comes down to being yourself.

Cops can be a tougher nut to crack but if you follow these tips I think you’ll have a much better chance of making them fall in love with you!

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