How to Know if a Kenyan Man Likes You (10 Obvious Signs!)

How to Know if a Kenyan Man Likes You

Are you wondering how to know if a Kenyan man likes you?

Kenyan guys tend to be a little mysterious, although they are attentive and not shy about approaching women.

But they can be hard to read.

When you know what you’re looking for, however, you’ll see the signs that they really like you.

Here are 10 signs to look out for that a Kenyan guy likes you and is interested in you:

How to Know if a Kenyan Man Likes You? (10 Signs to Lookout For!)

1. He Buys or Offers to Buy You Gifts

Kenyan guys love treating their women and those who are close to them, so if a Kenyan guy is buying you gifts you can be sure he likes you.

This could be anything from turning up with your favorite coffee to something more lavish; it’s the thought and sentiment that counts.

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2. He Acts Protective Over You

It’s natural for a lot of guys to feel protective over a girl they have feelings for and is often the thing that reveals they have feelings for someone.

Look for signs and behaviors like him doing anything from sticking up for you to putting his arm around you to protect you.

3. He Finds Any Excuse to Get Close to You

Another body language cue that gives away the fact that a guy secretly (or not so secretly) has feelings for you is when he takes any opportunity to get close to you.

This could range from hugging you or high-fiving you, to sitting close by to simply just wanting to be in the same space as you.

4. He Makes Good Eye Contact When You’re Talking

Eye contact is one of the key body language cues that the person you’re talking to is being attentive, and also a strong indication that he likes you more than just a friend!

Kenyan guys tend to be very personable, so if he’s making strong eye contact when he’s talking to you it’s a good indication he likes you.

5. He Gets a Little Jealous When Other Guys Give You Attention

This isn’t something that’s unique to Kenyan guys; when a guy looks like he’s getting jealous of you talking to other guys it’s a blatant sign that he likes you.

It can also be a red flag if he’s acting out or doing anything that could be seen as possessive, so pay close attention to his behavior when you’re around other guys.

6. He’s Super Attentive to You

Kenyan guys know how to be attentive to their women, and this is often one of the most obvious signs that they like you.

When they’re really interested in someone, they will pay close attention to what that person is saying, how they’re feeling, and find ways to help them out.

If a guy is checking all of these boxes you should consider yourself lucky, not only does it mean he likes you but I’m sure you’ll agree that it feels great.

7. He Follows You on Social Media

In this day and age, you don’t always need verbal or visual cues to tell if someone is interested in you.

If a Kenyan guy (or any guy) follows or likes your posts on social media it’s a sign that he’s trying to engage with you and get to know you better at the very least.

8. He Makes an Effort with Your Friends and Family

Family is important in Kenyan culture, so it’s no surprise that if a Kenyan guy likes you he will make an effort to get to know your family and friends.

If he’s making an effort to get to know the people closest to you, it’s a strong sign that he wants to get closer to you and the people in your life and be accepted.

9. He Wants to Show You Things That Are Important to Him

Another thing that’s important to Kenyans and this is particularly true if you’re from a different culture is that they’ll want to show you things that are important to them.

This could be cultural things, like Kenyan traditions and customs, or it could be things that are important to him personally like his favorite places in the city.

Either way, it’s a sign he wants to share something special with you and bring you into his life.

10. You Can Just Feel the Chemistry when You’re Close!

This is the x-factor, that special thing that goes beyond physical and visual signs, but sometimes is the one thing that really seals it.

If you find yourself drawn to someone, and feeling a strong connection every time you’re around them then chances are there is something there.

If you’re also able to check off other signs on this list then you can also certainly say that the Kenyan guy showing an interest in you likes you.

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What’s the Culture Like in Kenya?

If you don’t know much about Kenya, it’s a diverse country with a rich cultural heritage.

The interesting thing is that Kenya’s culture is a blend of various traditions and customs from different ethnic groups that have inhabited and lived in the country for centuries.

One of the most prominent features of Kenyan culture is the importance of family and community.

Family ties are strong, and extended family members often live close to one another or even under the same roof and provide support and assistance to one another.

Kenyan culture is also marked by a strong sense of community spirit.

In many areas, people live in small villages or neighborhoods where everyone knows one another.

This is the kind of community spirit I think a lot of us would like in other parts of the world, and it’s certainly something to be envious of.

Religion is also an important aspect of Kenyan culture, with a majority of the population being Christian.

Kenyan culture is also shaped by the country’s history and its diverse geography.

The country has a mix of coastal, mountain, and savannah regions, each of which has its own distinct culture and traditions.

In terms of arts and entertainment, Kenyan culture is known for its vibrant music and dance scenes.

This is really only touching the surface though!

If you’re not from Kenya and have never been, if you’re lucky enough to be close to a Kenyan guy you should certainly ask him about it!

What Should You Do if A Kenyan Man Likes You?

It’s flattering to know that a guy likes you by how he’s acting around you.

If you like him back then it’s a great sign or even a green light that something can happen between the two of you.

If you’re not sure how to take the next step or are too nervous, here are some tips to help you move forward:

  • Talk and get to know one another. Since family and community is so important in Kenyan culture, it’s a good idea to get to know each other on a deeper level, beyond the physical attraction.
  • Learn about his culture. Showing an interest in Kenyan culture is a great way to help him open up and talk to you.
  • Make it obvious you like him. It’s OK to be a bit flirty and let him know that you like him, this will help move things forward!
  • Ask him out! If you’ve been able to check off some of the signs above, then chances are he likes you and you should take the lead and ask him out if he’s taking too long!

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