31+ Good Comebacks to Use in an Argument With a Girl

Good Comebacks in an Argument With a Girl

Do you find yourself getting stuck for words while arguing with your girl?

It’s not a good feeling. Especially if she’s spitting fire and making you feel powerless to fight back.

Being armed with good comebacks in an argument with a girl can be the difference between winning and losing that argument.

There are all kinds of ways you can take the argument if you’re ready. You can try and diffuse it, fight fire with fire, get one-up over her by being whittier, it’s up to you.

But, the important thing is that you’re armed and ready with something to say so you don’t stumble over your words and get verbally beat down.

Here are some comebacks to help you out next time you find yourself arguing with a girl:

Witty Comebacks to Say in an Argument

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to argue, a witty or funny comeback might be just what you need to diffuse the situation or lighten it up a bit.

Here are some things to say that may flip the situation and put the girl on backfoot:

  • I can hear what you’re saying, I’m just choosing to ignore it but please carry on.
  • Has anyone ever told you you’re cute when you’re angry?
  • I like the way your nose flares out when you’re angry.
  • Honestly is the best policy as they say, so I can appreciate what you’re saying.
  • You’re not breathing enough while ranting, I’m worried you’re going to pass out.
  • I’m sad now. Is that what you wanted?
  • Wouldn’t it be much more fun to just go grab a drink right now?
  • How can you get so wound up about this when there are so many bigger problems in the world right now?
  • Have you ever thought about meditating?
  • Did you know the largest animal in the world is the blue whale? (Any random fact should throw them off).

Comebacks You Shouldn’t Say While Arguing

I’m not going to advise you to escalate an argument. In fact, I always tell people to diffuse an argument.

However, you may have your own reasons why you want to fight fire with fire. If you do (and good luck to you) here are some things that certain people just do not want to hear while arguing:

  • I really don’t care what you have to say right now.
  • Why do you always make a big deal over nothing?
  • If I cared about your feelings I wouldn’t have done what upset you.
  • Jeeze, can’t you just leave it and move on – I have.
  • You’re behaving like a spoiled brat right now.
  • Calm down.
  • Is it the time of the month or something?
  • Well, I guess we both need to take a break from each other then.
  • If you’re going to shout I’m going to go out, and no I don’t know when I’ll be back.
  • It’s you that has the problem, not me.
  • I think you need help, you should talk to a professional about your issues.

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Ways to Try and Diffuse an Argument

Arguing isn’t healthy. If you’re arguing a lot with someone, especially a special someone, you might be best off trying to diffuse the situation.

If that’s the case, here are some comebacks and things to say that should help lower their anger and bring the argument to an end.

  • I’m sorry, honestly. – (Sometimes it’s easy to forget that’s all it takes).
  • What is the end goal you want from this argument?
  • It’s clear we see things differently here, I’m happy to agree to disagree if you are.
  • I did not mean for it to end up like this, but I can totally understand why you’re upset.
  • Can we both take 5 minutes out and come back to this with clear heads?
  • I love you. – (If it’s a special someone, you’ll be surprised how far these simple 3 words can go in the midst of an argument).
  • How can I make this right, right now?
  • Explain how it made you feel so I can really understand this with all the shouting and anger.
  • Is this something we have to end up agreeing on?
  • Give me some time and I’ll figure out how to make this up to you.


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