Dog Gets More Affection Than Me! (10 Tips to Win that Affection!)

Dog Gets More Affection Than Me

Does the family – or your partner’s – dog get more attention than you?

I don’t blame you for feeling left out, neglected, and frustrated!

Don’t stress, if your partner loves you, and I’m sure they do, there is always a way to resolve this issue so everyone feels loved.

Here are 10 signs your partner loves their dog more than you and what you should do about it!

Dog Gets More Affection Than Me! (10 Signs You Come Second and What to Do About It)

1. Your Partner Spends More Time with Their Dog than With You

If your partner is spending more time with their dog than with you, it’s important to communicate openly and honestly about how this makes you feel.

They may have had their dog a lot longer than they’ve known you – or they’re excited to have a new puppy.

Whatever the case, it’s not healthy for your relationship if they spend more time with their dog than you, and it’s clearly upsetting you.

You need to communicate this clearly and see how seriously they take your feelings.

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2. Your Partner Seems to Prioritize Their Dog’s Needs Over Yours

Seeing your partner prioritize their dog’s needs over yours is one of the main issues that come in between couples.

Let’s be honest here, it can be hurtful and make you feel neglected to see your partner putting their dog first.

Again, you need to communicate your feelings to your partner and make sure they understand how it makes you feel.

3. Your Partner Shows More Affection to Their Dog than To You

This is one that cuts a lot deeper than simply seeing your partner spend more time with their dog than you.

If they’re more affectionate towards their dog and clearly seem more excited to see them than you, that’s going to hurt.

It’s important to keep in mind that they probably don’t actually feel this way, it’s more so how dog owners communicate with their dogs.

But if it feels like they are more affectionate to their dog than you it’s a very real problem and something you need to raise.

4. Your Partner Talks About Their Dog More than They Talk About You

I think we all know dog (and cat) owners who talk about their pooches all the time.

If you’re not a dog person, or even if you are, it’s incredibly difficult to see someone talking about their dog like it’s their child.

Again, this is only going to make you feel isolated or excluded, it’s not a nice feeling.

5. Your Partner Spends More Money on Their Dog than On You or Your Shared Activities

It’s normal to want to spoil your pet a little, but when it starts to become excessive – or means your partner doesn’t have enough money for the two of you to go out, it’s a problem.

It sounds like not only are their priorities misguided and they’re not taking into account your feelings, but they also need some help managing their finances!

6. Your Partner Makes Plans and Decisions Based on What’s Best for Their Dog, Rather than Considering Your Needs

This is also a tough one to take.

If your partner plans dates around where and when they can walk their dog or visit doggie stores, it’s not going to feel like they’re invested in seeing you.

It’s not unreasonable to ask them to meet up without their dog or go places where dogs aren’t welcome.

If they can’t do this then it sounds like they have some attachment issues.

7. Your Partner Puts Their Dog’s Comfort and Happiness Above Your Own

If there is one thing we want from our relationships it’s to be happy and to see them wanting us to be happy.

If your partner is putting their dog’s comfort and happiness before yours, it’s only going to make you feel like you’re second-best, or worse that you’re not loved.

It’s understandable they want to make their dog happy, but there is no reason why they can’t give you the same love and attention.

8. Your Partner Gets Upset or Angry if You Don’t Show Enough Interest in Their Dog

This is one that people who aren’t pet lovers find hard to put up with in a relationship where they’re competing with their partner’s dog.

If they get angry or upset when you don’t show enough interest in their dog it’s a sign that your partner is too attached to their pet and unable to separate their relationships.

As Long as you’re doing your best to accept their dog, it’s important to make it clear that it isn’t acceptable to treat you like this.

9. Your Partner Ignores or Dismisses Your Concerns About Their Relationship with Their Dog

If you’ve already tried to raise your concerns only to be met by denials, anger, or even just to find yourself ignored, you have a big issue on your hands.

It sounds like your partner needs something that’s going to open their eyes up to what a serious issue this is and the strain it’s putting on your relationship.

You could try and suggest professional help, or even do something drastic like telling them you’re going to leave if something doesn’t change.

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10. Your Partner Spends More Time and Energy on Their Dog’s Social Life than On Your Relationship

In a nutshell, if your partner is spending more time and effort making sure their dog is happy than you are, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

I don’t want to scare you and say that you’re always going to come second, but at the same time, I know how passionate dog owners can be.

It’s not going to be easy establishing yourself as the first or equal priority in their eyes, but if you can work together to make sure that’s the case, you’ll have a much healthier and happier relationship.

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