Do Guys Like Tall Girls? (Why Height Doesn’t Really Matter)

Do Guys Like Tall Girls

Do guys like tall girls? Are guys intimidated when a girl is taller than they are (heels or not)?

It really depends on the guy, and how tall the girl is.

But, generally speaking, most guys do like tall girls.

Here are 10 reasons why a lot of guys like dating a tall woman:

10 Reasons Why Guys Like Tall Girls!

1. Taller Girls Have Longer Legs

Taller girls have longer legs, which can be very attractive to guys.

Oftentimes, guys will even say that they like the way a tall girl looks in a dress or skirt because of her long legs.

In fact, many guys also prefer taller women because the women say they feel more feminine and elegant and it comes off in the way they act.

2. Taller Girls Are a Better Height for Hand-Holding and Hugging

Let’s be honest here, hand-holding and hugging are two very important things in a relationship.

The better both of your bodies are aligned to hold hands and hug without the guy having to learn down and the girl tiptoes up, the better!

Not a deal-breaker, but something that guys often bring up about dating taller girls vs shorter girls.

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3. Taller Girls Don’t Need Help Reaching Things

This is more of a practical one, but it’s certainly something that will come up a lot over years together.

Guys are more than happy to help out and reach things when a relationship is new, it makes them feel needed and useful.

Fast forward a few years, however, and it’s suddenly not so cute when a guy has to keep stopping what he’s doing and help out.

4. Taller Girls Are a Better Height for Kissing

Again, this is more of a practicality than anything else, but it’s definitely something that guys think about.

The taller the girl, the easier it is to kiss her without having to bend down or strain in any way.

I can tell you that it’s something guys think about when they’re considering leaning in for a smooch!

5. People Make Fewer Comments About the Height Difference

This is more of an issue for shorter guys dating taller girls, but it’s still something to consider.

The fact is, when two people of very different heights are together, other people will often make comments.

It’s not always malicious or mean-spirited, but it can certainly be awkward and annoying over time.

6. It’s Easier to Spot a Taller Girl in A Crowd

This is another one that’s more practical than anything else, but it can be helpful in a pinch.

When you’re dating a girl who is taller than average, it’s much easier to spot her in a crowd since she’ll be standing head and shoulders above other girls.

I’ll admit, this is not a reason in itself to date a taller girl, but it’s one of the benefits.

7. Taller Girls Don’t ‘Need’ to Wear Heels

High heels are often a point of contention between couples.

Most guys like it when their woman wears heels, but most women find them uncomfortable to wear, especially for long durations.

If a girl is already the same height as a guy or taller, this solves that issue.

8. He Can Make Eye Contact and Not Look at The Top of Her Head

This is another one of those small things that can make a big difference for some guys.

Eye contact – particularly when flirting or dating – is incredibly important.

If a girl is particularly short, the closer you are to them the more difficult it is to make good eye contact.

9. Taller Girls Make Some Guys Feel More Secure

This is something that varies from guy to guy, but some guys feel more secure when they’re dating a taller girl.

It’s not necessarily an issue of low self-esteem, but rather a matter of feeling like their partner is not so fragile.

It’s a primal instinct for some guys and there’s nothing wrong with that!

10. It’s Because Being Tall Is Part of What Makes You Special

In the end, I think the reason that some guys prefer taller girls is simply because being tall is part of what makes you special.

There’s nothing wrong with being short, but being tall is definitely something that sets you apart from other girls.

It’s one of the things that makes you unique and it’s one of the things that a guy loves about you if he’s showing an interest in you.

I’m sure he likes you for who you are on the inside as much as the outside though, don’t even feel like your height is the reason why a guy either likes you or doesn’t.

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Short Girls Get Plenty of Attention Too!

I just want to add; don’t worry if you’re not the tallest girl in the room, there are plenty of guys out there who will show interest in you regardless of your height.

Tall girls don’t have a monopoly on guys’ attention!

Besides, being tall isn’t everything.

There are plenty of other things that make you special and attractive to guys – namely ‘you’.

You’re the real reason why the right guy will like you, tall or not.

The same applies to tall girls. If their personality sucks, being tall is only going to take them so far.

If a Guy Likes You It’s Really Not Just About Height

I hope this article has helped highlight some of the reasons why some guys like tall girls.

But please keep in mind that the truth is, it really varies from guy to guy.

Some guys prefer tall girls and some don’t, but the important thing to remember is that if a guy likes you it’s really not just about height.

Whether you’re tall or short, it’s always going to be your personality that wins through and is what will help you find the right guy.

Image credits – Photo by Jenna Anderson on Unsplash

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