After 4 Dates Is He Interested? (10 Signs that Say Yes!)

After 4 Dates Is He Interested

So, after 4 dates is he interested in you or just stringing you along?

The fourth date is often seen as the ‘make or break’ milestone.

This is the date at which both of you should be pretty sure about how you feel for one another, and if you want to ‘go steady’.

If you’re anxious about what he’s thinking and feeling, I can help.

Here are 10 signs that a guy likes you and is interested in you after four dates:

After 4 Dates Is He Interested? 10 Signs That Says He Is!

1. He’s the One Initiating the Next Date

If the guy has been the one initiating each date it goes without saying that he’s interested in you.

To be blunt, he wouldn’t continue asking you out if he wasn’t interested.

You also have to take into account how he’s acting on your dates, but I’m sure he’s attentive and checks all the boxes for being an interested date if he’s pursuing you.

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2. He Turns up Early and Looks Great

This goes hand in hand with being interested.

If a guy turns up early to your date it means he’s looking forward to seeing you and if he’s made a lot of effort in his appearance, he also wants to impress you.

No matter what you think or feel about him, it wouldn’t make any sense for a guy to put all this effort in if he wasn’t interested.

Take it as a good sign!

3. He’s Attentive to Your Every Word

This is just classic good dating etiquette and a sign that a guy likes you.

If he’s as attentive to everything you have to say on the fourth date as he was on the other three, believe me when I say that he likes you.

Listening to someone and genuinely caring about what they have to say isn’t something that is easily faked.

4. He’s Always Messaging You in Between Dates

It’s not just about how your dates go that tells you how much a guy likes you or how interested he is in you.

Sometimes you can read more into what a guy thinks by looking at how he behaves when you’re not together in person.

If he’s messaging you in between dates and is often the one starting a conversation, it means he’s thinking about you when you’re not together.

It also shows that he wants to keep the communication going which is a good sign he’s interested.

5. He Seems as Interested in You as He Was on The First Date

Do you remember your first date? I bet you do.

If this guy has become more interested each date you’ve been on, this is a fantastic sign and shows that he’s interested in you.

In fact, it shows that he’s getting more interested in you and is possibly falling for you.

6. He Gives You Some Awesome Compliments

Everyone loves compliments, and more than regular, cheesy compliments, everyone appreciates awesome, thoughtful compliments.

If you can tell this guy is going above and beyond what you usually get from guys in terms of compliments, it’s a great sign.

Sure, maybe he’s just super smooth and has a good game. But either way, you’re still winning by being on the receiving end.

7. He’s Been Opening up About Himself

Generally speaking, guys aren’t forthcoming about opening up and talking about their feelings.

When they do feel most comfortable doing so, it’s always going to be with someone they feel comfortable around.

By the fourth date, if a guy is already starting to open up and talk about things that are personal to him you can take this as a sign that he trusts you.

8. He’s Already Talking About Introducing You to His Family

If a guy is already talking about introducing you to his family and friends, it means he’s not just interested in you, but that he could see a future with you.

It’s a big step for anyone to introduce their partner to their family, but it’s an even bigger step if they can see themselves having a future with that person.

In some cultures, this is a huge step forward, and even for the average guy, it’s a pretty big deal.

9. He Talks About What Your Futures Could Look Like Together

On the back of introducing you to his family, friends, and other people who are important to him, if he’s already talking about what the two of you could be doing in the future this is a huge sign he’s interested.

It might be a bit heavy for some girls to hear a guy talk about these kinds of things on a fourth date, but that doesn’t change the fact that it confirms he’s into you.

10. You Just Feel It When You’re Together

This is the sign that means the most to me as I tend to trust my gut instinct and how I feel when I’m around someone.

If you feel like there’s a real connection and spark between the two of you, then chances are he’s feeling it too.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating or how many dates you’ve been on, if there’s a genuine connection, you’ll just know!

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What Is the Fourth Date Rule?

There are a lot of unofficial rules in dating, and there is such a thing as the ‘Fourth Date Rule’.

This rule basically states that by the fourth date, you should know whether or not there is potential for a relationship.

While I don’t necessarily subscribe to this rule, I can see where it comes from.

The fourth date is usually when things start to get serious and when people start to talk about their feelings and what they want from the relationship.

For some people, this is too much too soon, and they might not be ready to talk about these things.

Others might find it refreshing to have someone who is interested in them and wants to talk about their feelings.

It really depends on the person, so don’t put too much weight on the Fourth Date Rule or any rule for that matter.

The main thing to take away from this is that if a guy is interested in you, he will show it in one of the ways listed above.

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