List of Action Words That Start With B (Positive Verbs)

In need of some action words that start with B? I’ve put together a list of some common action words – or positive verbs – to help you out.

Finding the right word to describe an action can be incredibly powerful, and that’s where verbs come in.

Verbs are words that help us explain an action or a state, and usually form the main part of a sentence.

Below you’ll find a list of verbs that can be used to describe an action – I hope you find what you’re looking for:

Action Words That Start With B

Backfire – (of a plan or action) have an opposite and undesirable effect to what was intended.

Backhand – strike with a backhanded blow or stroke.

Backslap – the practice of making a loud and effusive display of friendliness, cordiality, etc

Bait – deliberately annoy or taunt (someone).

Bake – cook (food) by dry heat without direct exposure to a flame, typically in an oven.

Balance – put (something) in a steady position so that it does not fall.

Ballot – (of an organization) ask (members) to vote secretly on an issue.

Ban – officially or legally prohibit (something).

Bankroll – support (a person, organization, or project) financially.

Base – use (something specified) as the foundation or starting point for something.

Bash – strike hard and violently.

Be – be present; exist; occur; take place, etc.

Bear – carry the weight of; support.

Beat – strike (a person or an animal) repeatedly and violently so as to hurt or injure them, typically with an implement such as a club or whip.

Beckon – make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage or instruct someone to approach or follow.

Become – grow to be; develop into.

Bed – settle down to sleep or rest for the night in an improvised place.

Befit – be appropriate for; suit.

Befool – make a fool of.

Beg – ask someone earnestly or humbly for something.

Begin – perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity).

Begrave – to bury.

Begrudge – envy (someone) the possession or enjoyment of (something).

Behave – act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially towards others.

Behold – see or observe (someone or something, especially of remarkable or impressive nature).

Behoove – it is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something.

Believe – accept that (something) is true, especially without proof.

Bend – shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle.

Benefit – receive an advantage; profit.

Benight – to overtake by darkness or night especially before the end of a journey.

Betray – expose (one’s country, a group, or a person) to danger by treacherously giving information to an enemy.

Better – improve on or surpass (an existing or previous level or achievement).

Bias – cause to feel or show inclination or prejudice for or against someone or something.

Billow – (of fabric) fill with air and swell outwards.

Blacklist – put on a blacklist.

Blackmail – demand money or another benefit from (someone) in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them.

Blame – feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong.

Bleach – cause (a material such as cloth, paper, or hair) to become white or much lighter by a chemical process or by exposure to sunlight.

Boast – talk with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities.

Bolster – support or strengthen.

Book – reserve (accommodation, a place, etc.); buy (a ticket) in advance.

Boss – give (someone) orders in a domineering manner.

Bother – take the trouble to do something.

Brighten – make (something) more attractively colorful.

Bring – take or go with (someone or something) to a place.

Broaden – become larger in distance from side to side; widen.

Buff – polish (something).

Build – construct (something) by putting parts or material together.

Bustle – move in an energetic and busy manner.

Busy – having a great deal to do.

Buy – obtain in exchange for payment.

If there are any action words beginning with B that you think are missing from the list, please drop me a comment below and I’ll add them to help others.

Additionally, if you want more action words or verbs starting with other letters of the alphabet, just click one of the letters of the alphabet from the grid below:

Lists of Action Words and Verbs From Other Letters of the Alphabet:


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