What Does the Pink Heart Mean on Snapchat? (How To Be Super BFFs!)

What Does the Pink Heart Mean on Snapchat

So, you want to know – What does the pink heart mean on Snapchat?

Emojis are a big deal on Snapchat, they tell you a lot about other accounts.

The pink hearts means you have been each other’s No. 1 best friend for two months in a row and Snapchat calls this being ‘Super BFFs’.

That’s pretty cool, and I’m sure now I’ve told you that you’ll know by looking at the account connected with you that has a pink heart!

What Does the Pink Heart Mean on Snapchat?

pink heart on snapchat super bff

Within Snapchat best friends are assigned hearts and other emojis to show how much interaction is going on between two people.

The pink heart means that not only are the two of you each other’s best friend, but you’ve also been best friends for two months in a row.

I’m sure you’ll be aware of who you snap the most with, so this should make perfect sense now, right?

I guess it might come as a surprise to some if you’re always snapping with various people and weren’t too sure who you snapped with most, so then it comes as a nice surprise.

I’m a big fan of emojis and I like this system personally.

It’s nice to have a visual sign that lets you and your friends know that you’re best friends on Snapchat, and I think heart emojis are perfect!

What Are Best Friends on Snapchat?

Snapchat keeps track of who you’re snapping the most with and creates a list of your best friends for you.

You can see who your best friends are by looking at your friend list and the chat section of your profile.

You can have up to 8 best friends and they’ll all be assigned emojis to show where they ‘rank’ on your list.

Oh, and don’t worry, this feature is just for you. Your friends may see if they’re on your list, but it’s not visible to others.

For example, if you and another user have been each other’s number one best friend for at least two consecutive months, you will have a pink heart next to their name.

Snapchat points out that when your friend emojis change they can’t add, store, or replace the old ones, but I don’t see any reason why you’d want to.

What’s After the Pink Heart on Snapchat?

You may have noticed that you had to graduate or progress to get to the point where you’ve earned the pink emoji.

This is because there are various smiley emojis that can be assigned to friends, along with three different hearts.

The current heart ranking system for besties is:

  • Yellow heart emoji – This means you’re best friends with someone and the two of you send each other the most Snaps.
  • Red heart emoji – This means you’ve been each other’s best friend for two weeks in a row!
  • Pink heart emoji – This means you’ve been each other’s best friend for two months in a row as discussed in this article.

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As you can see, the longer you’re consistently being best friends with someone you’ll see a different emoji appearing next to your profile.

If you’re trying to get a pink heart next to a particular friend the only thing you can’t do is speed it up.

You’ll have to keep snapping with them more than anyone else for two months!

There you have it! Now you know what the pink heart means on Snapchat! Be sure to keep an eye out for those pink hearts and enjoy snapping with your best friends! 🙂

Image credits – Photo by Jenna Day on Unsplashpink heart emoji courtesy of Snapchat

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