What Does It Mean When She Drunk Texts You? (Motives & Explanations!)

What Does It Mean When She Drunk Texts You

I think most of us have been in a situation where we like a girl, have recently split, or are going through some rough times – and she’s more willing to drunk text than talk things out normally.

But what does it mean she drunk texts you?

Is it true that when someone has had a few drinks they’re more likely to be open and honest and tell you how they’re really feeling?

Here’s some of the psychology behind drunk texting and how much you should read into it:

What Does It Mean When She Drunk Texts You?

She’s Thinking of You

The most obvious and common reason why a girl will drunk text you is because she’s thinking of you!

I can’t tell you if she’s thinking good things or bad, the content of the text message will have that answer.

What I can tell you is that drinking often makes us feel more open and less inhibited when it comes to expressing our thoughts and feelings.

Even if she thinks of you all the time, it might take a drink or two for her to get the courage up to text you.

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She Is Willing to Be Open and Honest

Another reason why a girl may drunk text you is because she feels comfortable enough to be open and honest about what she’s feeling.

Maybe she texts you a lot anyway, but if the context or type of message she sends you when she’s been out is very different, it sounds like she’s trying to open up.

It’s a good opportunity to talk about something she usually finds difficult to open up about but keep in mind she’ll always have the excuse that she was drinking and didn’t mean what she says.

She Wants the Excuse that They’ve Been Drinking

Following on from the last point, people often drunk text as a way of saying things they wouldn’t otherwise be comfortable doing knowing they can use the excuse that they were drunk.

It’s also a way for her to test the waters and gauge your reaction.

If she’s worried about being rejected or judged, this might give her the confidence to say some of the things that have been on her mind.

She Is Feeling Down And Needy

There are plenty of people who can go out, get merry, have a good time, and happily text.

But for some, it’s more about trying to fill the void with a bit of attention because they’re feeling down, and it is part of their destructive behavior.

If this is the case, she isn’t looking for anything more than a conversation to feel a little bit better.

This type of drunk texting usually becomes quite predictable and is an obvious play for attention. If you find yourself experiencing this often, it’s often best to just ignore it.

So, What Does It Mean?

A drunk text is going to mean different things to different people based on what the text message is about.

But generally speaking, it’s a good thing when a girl texts you.

It means she’s thinking about you, wants to talk to you (even if it’s bad), and ultimately means she probably cares about you if that was a concern.

Drunk texts can range from fun and harmless to serious in nature, just keep in mind that she’s drinking.

Treat her messages as you would if you were there in person and could clearly see she was under the influence.

The only thing that haunts most people is that text messages stay on record while saying something silly out loud doesn’t!

Should You Believe What Someone Texts You While Drunk?

The bottom line is that what someone says to you when they’re drunk isn’t necessarily the truth.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that drink makes people more likely to open up and tell you how they’re really feeling.

This is true to some extent, but people also commonly say things they don’t mean when they’ve been drinking.

As well as saying things that can be offensive, which they wouldn’t ordinarily say with a clear head and time to consider how something they say might be taken.

It’s important to take what they say with a grain of salt and look at the context of the text before making any hasty decisions or taking it to heart.

At the same time, I wouldn’t necessarily ignore something you’re drunk texted or take their word for it if they say they didn’t mean what they said.

It really depends on what you’ve been texted, you’ll need to make a judgment call based on the message.

All I’m saying is that you should keep an open mind. Drunk texting is a sign that someone is thinking of you if nothing else.

According to Alcohol.org, around 52% of people who sent a drunk text regretted it later, and around 43% said they felt guilty about what they’d sent.

That says a lot about where people’s heads are at when they’re sending texts while out (or in) and under the influence!

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How Should You Respond to A Drunk Text?

This is another tough question as it depends on the message you’ve been sent and who it’s from.

I will say the same thing, however, that you should take the message with a grain of salt and not take it too seriously.

If you know the person texting you is inebriated you can’t expect to have a serious conversation.

If they are texting you something that you really need to discuss, I’d politely reply with something like “I’m happy to hear from you, but I think it’s best we discuss this tomorrow when you’re thinking more clear-headed”.

Her reaction the next day is going to tell you just as much about how she feels, even if she’s not willing to discuss it.

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