Spiritual Meaning of Swaying During Meditation

Spiritual Meaning of Swaying During Meditation

Have you started swaying or rocking side to side while meditating? Are you seeking the spiritual meaning of swaying during meditation?

You’ve come to the right place.

I started experiencing uncontrollable swaying while meditating about a year ago, I sought the advice of a qualified meditation teacher and discovered I was activating my Kundalini energy!

From that point on I had some very profound, spiritual, and powerful meditation sessions and carry the positive effects with me to this day.

I can’t promise or guarantee you’re going through the same thing, but it’s certainly a possibility. I hope, but sharing my experience that it’ll help you explore your own Kundalini awakening.

Why Does My Body Sway When I Meditate?

First of all, feeling some kind of sensation or physical feelings while meditating is normal. Not only is it more common than you think, but it’s also almost always a good thing too.

Some of the common feelings and sensations include;

Physically swaying or rocking from side-to-side is one of the less common occurrences. The first time it happened to me, I was freaking out a little.

I was conscious of what was happening but tried staying in a deep state of meditation without focusing on the rocking – if that makes sense.

It was only after I finished meditating that I stopped and reflected on what actually happened. I didn’t even know at this point that such strong physical actions were possible.

There are various reasons for the sensations and feelings I covered above, but swaying is something else.

I’ve since learned that for a lot of people, and this includes me, it means they are awakening their kundalini energy. I’ll explain what this means in more detail throughout this article.

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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Swaying During Meditation?

The spiritual meaning of swaying is that you’re experiencing a kundalini awakening.

Activating your kundalini energy is a very spiritual experience. It’s a way a lot of people are able to make a deep and very “real” spiritual connection.

We all possess kundalini energy, which is coiled at the base of our spines. It’s dormant for most people, until that is we find a way (often unknowingly) to awaken this energy.

The way most people experience a kundalini awakening is through hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, tantra, and meditation.

Because the energy starts at the base of the spine, the first indication that it’s being activated is often by forcing us to rock or sway. It’s much more noticeable if you meditate sitting, for obvious reasons.

What Is Kundalini Energy?

I’ve always found it hard to describe and explain kundalini, and I’m not alone in this.

It’s such a personal experience, it’s hard to put into words other people understand. The best way I can describe kundalini energy is as a powerful life force, a creative power, and something “bigger” than us.

When you activate this energy, you’ll feel a surge of energy rushing from the base of your spine all the way up through to the tip of your head.

Along the way, it boosts all your energy chakras. Giving you a more powerful feeling, both mentally and physically. As well as an expanded state of consciousness and spiritual connection.

It’s the power of this energy unlocking that literally causes you to sway side-to-side while you’re making this connection.

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What Should You Do If You’re Swaying?

Experiencing kundalini power can be overwhelming and hard to deal with alone, especially the first time you experience these feelings.

I know it was for me.

If you’ve had these signs, the best thing you can do is talk with a meditation or yoga teacher experienced with kundalini. This isn’t always possible though, I appreciate that.

The best advice I can offer – which is what was given to me – is to pause and say a prayer to ask for help and guidance when you’re experiencing this energy rush.

Then, try to consciously focus on channeling the energy to go up your spine. There are some potential dangers if the energy goes the other way, but try not to stress or worry about that.

It won’t happen the first time you experience these feelings, it’ll likely take several attempts. But eventually, you’ll be able to get a good “grasp” of the energy and channel it upwards.

You’ll then start to experience some of the spiritual, physical, and emotional benefits that come with awakening your kundalini energy.

The benefits vary for everyone, although you will likely experience:

  • Heightened senses; sight, touch, smell, hearing
  • A deeper, more meaningful spiritual connection
  • A feeling of awareness and purification
  • Being physically stronger
  • Sensations of energy deep within
  • More compassion and empathy

As you can see from the above benefits, there are so many positive benefits to realize.

They all revolve around you becoming much more in tune with who you are and really enhancing all of your physical and emotional powers.

In Summary

Many practitioners wait a lifetime to experience their kundalini awakening. If it’s happened or started happening for you, take it as a blessing.

Embrace the experience, it’s literally one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I’m always excited to see or hear it’s also happened to other people.


Image credits – Header image by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

23 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Swaying During Meditation”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this article. I started experiencing rocking, swaying, and circular body movements two weeks ago after really going deeper into my meditation practice. I have tried talking to people about it, but have not been able to get any information as no one in my circles has experienced it. I read some stuff online that was negative and fear-based, which bummed me out. I knew that whatever was happening was at the very least a very cool and positive thing. I have noticed some amazing changes in myself since experiencing this. It is the strangest sensation! Thank you again for this article. It would be great if there was some sort of online community where people who have experienced this can talk and “compare notes.” Thank you~

  2. Thank you so much for this article. My sentiments are exactly like Sara’s above! Ever since experiencing this, I have been looking all over the internet for answers and became a little nervous when I read about it and sensed negativity. But I too feel like this is something amazing and very positive!

  3. Thank you for explaining this! I started to do this when I was meditating and thought is was a bad thing so I have been leaning against something when I meditate! I guess I’ll stop doing that and just go with it from now on. WOW.

  4. Is this the same as inner dance healing? A friend of mine helper me experiencen this before. It happens to me sometimes when I’m fully immersed during meditation.

  5. Really interesting article. This first happened to me when I sat in a stone circle in Ireland as the sun came up on 21st June. I was sitting on a well worn rock and as I relaxed, I began to sway in a circle. Each time I stopped myself, it started again. The same thing happened very strongly when I first tried Kundalini yoga, and now, mostly, when I meditate it happens. I have thought of it as allowing myself to flow with the energy in my body, but it starts unconsciously. Now I have a better understanding, thank you. Yes, it would be nice to have a community 🙏

  6. I started experiencing this energy about 2 years into my meditation journey. It scared me, and I was motivated to suppress it, because I did not understand it. I too, was/am afraid of the negative effects of awakening. For 2 years, I resorted to meditating by either lying on my back or propped against a wall, in order to prevent the energy from causing me to sway. But your optimistic outlook is encouraging. I would love to find a guide experienced in helping me to better understand Kundalini. Any time I attempt to meditate in a seated position, the energy is definitely still there.

  7. Hey guys even i am experiencing it. Such powerful sensations scare me at times. Actually it affects your normal life and you cat explain to people whats happening with you. I hope I am able to find a guide to help me out. If you guys find one do share his or hers contact details.

  8. Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been catching myself gently swaying sideways for a while and wondered what was going on. It always feels very pleasant and instils a sense of calm and presence and just generally feels nice in my body. I’ve started doing it more often in the last few weeks and started to wonder what it was again, so I thought I would Google it. I relate a lot to what you say and what others have posted. I’m comforted and excited to know that so many of us are on this beautiful journey of expansion. Much love to you.

  9. Hi there, I experienced this swaying and rocking many years ago in a group setting. From that point, it happens often. The group setting was a catalyst. The swaying is a clockwise circular sway. I have taken Hatha Yoga for about 18 years – or so. I was in that circle for a meditation with a group and it started happening then was activated. From everything I have read, it is very rare- the meditation teacher noticed it within me, and did not know what it was. So it happened in the circle like maybe 8 years or more ago, after I had been actively in yoga for 10 – or so years. There are a few more articles on it these days, than there were when it first happened. I’m 47 and am studying and practicing meditation more now and especially since January 2020. The rocking happens when I am more connected, and since I have been practicing meditation more, happens in almost every meditation. I take it as a sign I am in a better meditation. Sometimes it is very strong. yes, it is a blessing and a sign I believe that you are connecting more to source and within and being divinely led in your activities. At first when first experiencing this, I wondered if I was imagining things. I can assure you I am not.

  10. Thank you for writing this article. I found it very comforting. The rocking started a few months ago during meditation when I started meditating sitting upright. Before that, I meditated lying down and felt physical sensations of being stretched from within, and a slight vibration in my left leg. It was always intense, and even almost painful, but in a good way, like toxins being released. When the swaying first started, it was a feeling of pure love, like being rocked by your mother. But it has increased in intensity and the rocking felt almost uncontrollable today. My movement from side to side increased until I felt very scared, so I opened my eyes and said, “Stop.” I’ve not seen anything negative on the Internet; I’m grateful that I came across this article first. I’m surprised it’s not more common but I’m heartened by the comments here, and I also believe that this is a positive experience and like all things new, can feel a little scary. But I feel good about waiting to see how the journey unfolds from now on. Thanks to the author and people who commented. Wishing you all the best on your spiritual journey. I will try to get a community up and running and will post here.

  11. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your experiences, Amy, I appreciate it. Those are some interesting insights and feelings you had personally, sharing such experiences are valuable for everyone.

  12. I’ve been doing this, especially when I’m meditating outside sitting on the ground. It feels like I’m channeling earth energy or something. Some days it’s stronger than others. I have felt it just very natural and connected. Glad to hear others do it too 🙂

  13. This just happened to me for the first time ever. I’ve been working on my meditation practice and education of consciousness for a year now. Yesterday, I meditated to a Native American meditation playlist on Spotify and felt more connected than ever. In today’s practice I did the same thing – set my intention, turned on the music and began to meditate and began swaying/circling counter clockwise! It took me by surprise and I opened my eyes to see that I was literally moving- unintentionally. I felt as though I was in an ocean, or being swirled around by energies of love – maybe of energies of loved ones I’ve lost here on earth. I tried to get back into it after my mind started processing, but I couldn’t seem to connect as well and clear my mind after such an experience. I’ll certainly read more into it, but this was a lovely forum to stumble upon after my first experience! Thank you!

  14. Hi there it happened about 3 weeks ago this rocking back and forth, get a dry throat also, iv also experienced pressure which is light and comforting around the sides of my head, and now when I’m not meditating it also happens, wow its comforting.

  15. Hello,
    I hope you are right with the meaning of swaying and rocking while meditating.
    I’ve had very intense experiences with swaying like a pendulum clockwise and counterclockwise, I just let it happen but didn’t know what it meant- I’m still not sure what it means. I’ve read articles that scared the hell out of me, like dark spirits taking over my body.

    Other articles say it’s the kundalini awakening.

    It happened to me while listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditation. I’d like to think that if all my intensions are pure, it can’t be something negative. It’s clear to me that whatever causes the swaying has a consciousness of it’s own. It’s not coming from me.
    According to Dispenza’s meditation, you should surrender to the divine, and overcome yourself. That’s why I want to think that the Devine took over.

    I’m new to all this and as a beginner the lack of knowledge can be scary.

  16. As you can imagine unfamiliar energies silently encouraging us to move in motions that may seem uncomfortable to us can be quite interesting, of course they are ! Its not like we are walking in the park and we see people sitting and meditating and swaying or moving in circular motions. We have been led to believe this type of movement is a some type of demonic possession or mental illness. Back in a day we would have full support as we evolved on our journeys, our Mothers, Fathers, grandparents, elders, community priestesses, shaman, medicine men or whomeven would have been there guiding us have been destroyed along with their practices. In india and many other countries guru’s, masters, feminine deities and schools still teach and support the kundalini awakening, its not hard to find in the US if you are looking for that support in yoga communities. One thing I will say, in my opinion kundalini is an extremely powerful energy that is not quite understood by our western culture, it does need proper attention and at least a little knowledge and research, don’t believe in the fake writings on google and social media because they dont want you to access the sacred wisdom within ! The link below is a helpful video from our sacred yogi’s – blessings of love

  17. Sara J – I just started doing the progressive/intensive bundle from Dr. Joe Dispenza about a month ago and a half ago and in the process, I started noticing maybe a 2 weeks ago when I meditate sometimes I also have this rocking back and forth motion that I am not doing purposefully but just happening to me while Im doing the guided meditation!

    I just finished reading syndromes of kundalini awakening and now don’t know if I should take a break from meditating because this stuff just scared the crap out of me =/ …

    The lack of knowledge can be a bit scary so I think for now the best thing we can do is what we feel is best for us… as of now I will be decreasing my meditations and learning more about the program and lessons to get a better understanding of how meditation can positively transform our lives.

    Thanks for writing this article Phil! This has definitely given me some sense of peace knowing others are experiencing this and it’s not all as bad as what’s out there in google 😫

  18. Phil

    Im very new to this and I’ve experianced the same thing and I’ve had some profound experiances, I need guidance but I’m not sure where to find it. Everyone is so secretive about what I’m experiancing and I can’t find enough information about how to go through this journey safely.

  19. I have been experiencing this in my meditations for a couple of years already. Usually happens when I get into a deep meditation. The swaying can be very strong. From time to times it can even turn into violent shaking. Even when the shaking is very strong sometimes it always feels pleasant though, and I never experienced anything bad from it. Would love to know more about this. Will try your advice and get back with my experience.

  20. Hello – it’s early February 2024 and quite a while since the last posted comment but I am very grateful to have found this article and comments. I am very new to meditation…roughly 8 months in. About two months after I started is when I had my Awakening which, thanks to you and the comments, I realize I may have accidentally triggered the Kundalini variety. My experience is centered on the head swaying or moving in specific patterns. My body sways too but it’s primarily my head. Music drives the movement..I watch/listen to Binaural Beats and. Frequency sounds on You Tube. Electronic Space or Angelic music does it too. For a while I was concerned this was a Posession but it is so pleasant, benevolent, beautiful that it just can’t be. As several folks have posted, I too believe this is a connection to the Divine/Source/God. It’s mind-blowing for someone like me because the experience is so very real.

  21. So glad that you shared what this violent shaking during meditation is all about. I experienced it after i started to learn meditation about a month ago. It started to happen when I started to try to stay focus during my 4th day of meditation. It happens only when I tried to medicate for 1hr 15mins. I was terrified when the swinging become so violent. And, I quickly stopped meditating after I become dizzy. While meditating I had so much fear thinking I was possessed. I was told it happens because of blockages of energy path in my body and I have to attend healing session by volunteer student healers. I was still very puzzled why it only happens to me and not other students. I tried meditating for 1 hrs and 15mins another 2 times hoping that it will go away. But the violent shaking still happened. Thereafter, I only meditate less than an hour which I only experience swaying and non- violent shaking. So glad to know that others do have the same experience. Phil, thank you for writing this article. Now I feel at ease to let the shaking and spinning continues provided the dizziness is within tolerable limit.

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