15 Signs You Don’t Fit In at Work! (& What To Do About It)

Signs You Don’t Fit In at Work

There are few worse feelings than not fitting in, whether that’s at work or any other area in your life.

If you don’t fit in at work, you can’t perform at your best, and you’re certainly not going to be happy or truly fulfilled.

If you get a feeling that you’re not welcome and not fitting in, you should do something about it sooner rather than later!

Here are 15 signs you don’t fit in and work and what you should do about it:

15 Signs You Don’t Fit in At Work

1. You Don’t Get Any of The In-Jokes

There are few worse feelings than not being included in in-jokes and feeling left out of the inside jokes.

If you continually feel like an outsider when it comes to office humor, it’s time to address the issue and try to join in on the fun.

You could try getting to know your co-workers better and make more of an effort to participate in conversations and jokes, but there’s a chance that you just don’t fit in.

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2. You’re Not Valued by Your Coworkers

If your coworkers don’t value your contributions or ideas, it’s a sign that you may not fit in and they don’t feel comfortable around you.

This is obviously something you want to address as if your work is not valued it’s going to demotivate you and make you feel unfulfilled.

Try to connect with your colleagues and show them why you deserve their respect and value.

3. Your Boss Doesn’t Include You in Team-Related Stuff

If your boss consistently leaves you out of team meetings or events, it’s a sign that they may not see you as an important member of the team.

This should be addressed with your boss and you could try to find out why you’re being left out and what steps can be taken for you to fit in better with the team.

If your boss continues to exclude you, it may be time for a change of job or workplace.

4. You’re Not Using Your Strengths

If you feel like you’re constantly being assigned tasks that don’t play to your strengths or fit with your skillset, it’s a sign that you may not fit in at your job.

You want to feel fulfilled and challenged in your job, so if you’re not being utilized properly it’s important to address this with your boss.

You could try discussing what tasks and responsibilities would be better suited for you, or it may be time to accept that you’re not going to be properly utilized in your current role.

5. Your Coworkers Don’t Greet You in The Morning

This might seem like a little thing, but it’s actually quite telling when it comes to how well you’re fitting in with your coworkers.

If they don’t greet you in the morning or make small talk with you, it’s a sign that they may not feel comfortable around you or see you as part of the team.

You can try to make more of an effort with your coworkers and get to know them better, but there is only so much you can do on your side.

6. You Don’t Have Much in Common with Your Coworkers

If you and your coworkers have very little in common, it can make it difficult to connect with them and fit in at work.

You could try to find common ground or shared interests, but if there is nothing there it’s not something you can force.

Some people prefer to keep work and personal life separate, but you need some common ground to connect with your coworkers.

7. You Don’t Want to Be There

If you constantly feel like skipping work or dread going into the office, it’s a clear sign that you don’t like your job.

A bit part of this is going to be because you don’t feel like you’re a good fit, otherwise, you simply wouldn’t feel the way you do.

It’s worth doing some soul-searching to figure out why you feel like this, but there are no guarantees you can turn it around.

8. You Don’t Get as Excited as Your Coworkers About Your Work

If you see your coworkers getting fired up and excited about their work but you feel nothing, this is also a strong sign that you’re not in the same place mentally as they are.

It may be time to consider a job change or career switch if you feel this disconnect with your work and colleagues.

You want – and need – to feel fulfilled and excited about what you do, and if that’s not happening it may be time for a change.

9. You’re Not Motivated

If you constantly feel unmotivated and uninspired at work, it’s a sign that something is off.

You may not fit in with your coworkers or your job may not be the right fit for you.

Try to figure out what is causing this lack of motivation and address it, whether it’s talking to your boss or considering a different job.

You deserve to feel motivated and inspired in your work, if you can’t find something that motivates you your health is going to suffer in the long run.

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10. You’re Feeling Physically and Mentally Burned Out

Burnout is a clear sign that something needs to change in your job and work life.

If you are feeling physically and mentally drained, it’s important to address it and figure out what needs to change.

It could be something as simple as taking a break or changing up your work routine, but it could also be a sign that you just don’t fit in with your colleagues, your role, or the organization.

11. Work-Related Issues Are Hindering Your Personal Life

If work issues are starting to spill over into your personal life and causing stress or unhappiness, this is one of the most glaring signs that something needs to change.

Your job should not be causing harm to your personal life and relationships, and if it is then you need to make some changes.

If you were at a workplace where you felt like you fitted in perfectly, you wouldn’t have this issue – that’s something to think about.

12. There Is No Sense of Comradery with Your Work Colleagues

Personally, I love working in environments where there is a strong sense of comradery, it’s nice to know that my coworkers have got my back.

If that isn’t present in your current job, it sounds like you don’t fit in with them.

It’s worth trying to build a positive, supportive relationship with your coworkers, but if they’re not receptive, you have to accept that you’ll never have that kind of bond.

13. Your Coworkers Never Offer to Help When You Need It

This is another harsh reality of not fitting in with your coworkers and it’ll end up making your working life a misery.

If they never offer to help or support you, it’s not a healthy work environment and it’s going to affect your motivation and performance.

If your coworkers also avoid you when you ask them for help, that’s a serious issue that’s going to be hard to overcome.

14. When You Offer to Help Your Coworkers They Rebuff You

On the flip side, you might feel like you fit in and are willing to help out your coworkers – only to have them always turn down your offer.

This could be because they don’t see you as a true member of the team, or it could be because they simply don’t like you.

Either way, it’s another issue that’s only going to worsen over time and make your job even more difficult.

15. You Can Just Feel It in Your Gut

Sometimes, you just know when something isn’t right and that’s the case with fitting in at work.

Trust your gut instinct, if you feel like something is off and you just don’t fit in with the culture, the people, the role, or anything else, then you’re on to something.

You deserve to feel happy and fulfilled in your job, if you don’t fit in then it’s worth considering a change.

It may be scary, but ultimately it will benefit you in the long run.

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Should You Leave Your Job if You Don’t Fit In?

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your personal situation if you leave because you don’t fit in.

If the issues can be fixed or addressed through talking with your boss or coworkers, that’s worth trying.

But if it’s a consistent, ongoing problem that doesn’t seem to have a solution, it may be time to start looking for a new job where you do fit in and feel happy.

Your mental health, self-worth, and overall happiness are worth prioritizing. Don’t stay in a job where you don’t fit in just for stability or fear of change – it’s not worth it.

Life is too short to be unhappy at work, and you’re not going to reach your potential and show everyone what you’re capable of without the support of your coworkers.

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