Seeing White Light During Meditation (What It Means)

Seeing White Light During Meditation

Have you been seeing white light during meditation?

If so, this is completely normal. At least, seeing colors and images while meditating is. It’s going to mean something, it’s just finding out what it means to you that you need to explore.

What does seeing white light during meditation mean? The color you see while meditating often relates to a chakra in your body. The white chakra relates to the crown chakra and is located at the top of your head.

Why Do We See Colors While Meditating?

Seeing colors while meditating is a very personal experience and can mean a number of different things.

It’s generally believed, however, that you’re seeing the aura or energy from one of the chakra points represented in your body.

We all have 7 chakra points running from our feet up to the top of our heads.

These are represented by the following colors:

Root chakra Red – This is the chakra that helps us feel grounded.

Sacral chakra Orange – This chakra represents how well we connect with others.

Solar plexus chakra Yellow – This chakra represents how in control we are and our confidence.

Heart chakra Green – This chakra represents our ability to love and relationship strength.

Throat chakra Blue – This chakra represents our ability to communicate with others.

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Third eye chakra Purple – This chakra connects us with our third eye. A powerful way to open our minds in a way we can’t while fully conscious.

Crown chakraWhite / Violet – This chakra allows us to connect with our spiritual side and achieve a higher state of awareness.

If you have seen any of these colors during your meditation, you should investigate if it’s connected to that area of your body.

What Does the White (Crown) Chakra Do?

The white chakra – also represented by a violet color – is the energy center in our bodies that is associated with consciousness, metaphysics, bliss, and love.

Activating the crown chakra often takes meditation practitioners a long time to engage with. So, if you’re seeing a bright, white light, this is a sign that you’re reaching a deep state of meditation and connecting with your deep subconscious mind.

It’s also a sign for most people that they’re activating their third eye, which I’ve covered in more detail before on the blog.

Being at the top of the head, it’s seen at the point that helps us make a spiritual connection. Often described as shining like a halo and giving people the feeling they are connecting with a higher power.

If you’ve experienced this yourself, how did you feel during and after it happened?

I remember, the first time, in particular, I felt immense joy and ecstasy. I had a really deep sense of happiness I had not felt in a long time, if ever.

I’m sure I’m connecting with my spiritual side and a higher power through a higher state of awareness when I see bright white light during my meditation, but I’m still trying to fully understand it myself.

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What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a White Light?

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Seeing a White Light

Some people feel a strong spiritual and religious connection when they see a white light.

Looking at it from a religious viewpoint, white light is the space within the universe that represents positive energy.

Spiritual healers call upon a white light as a healing tool, or a way to gain protection for themselves or others.

This is interesting because white light also represents similar things when seen during meditation and looking at its relationship to the 7th crown chakra.

I’ve read some accounts from people who have spoken about their own experiences. A few people say that when they see white they are sure angels and other protective beings are present.

In Summary – Seeing White Light During Meditation

Of all the colors you may see during meditation, each represented by a different chakra, seeing a bright white light is one of if not the most positive colors.

From a scientific standpoint, it’s a sign that you are activating your pineal gland which is associated with your third eye.

From a spiritual and mental standpoint, it’s a sign that you are connecting with your crown chakra.

It’s evidence that you’re reaching a deep meditative state. You are experiencing a higher state of awareness and consciousness, opening your mind to divine wisdom, and making a connection with your spiritual side.

The bottom line is that it’s nothing to be worried about. In fact, it’s something you should encourage and explore further – while not forcing or focusing on it when it happens.

I would love to hear about any experiences you’ve had. Please feel free to leave a comment below to share your experiences and thoughts with others.

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16 thoughts on “Seeing White Light During Meditation (What It Means)”

  1. I just started meditating and saw the white light today, while trying to connect with my son.
    It was amazing! I felt so much love and protected. There were flashes of gold at times, but it was complete white light. I hope I get to see it again. I feel at peace. That my son was telling me he is safe and I will be too.

  2. That’s something special, Jennifer. I appreciate you sharing that here.
    I’m sure it will happen again. Just don’t expect or anticipate anything and allow it to be – as hard as that is when something so moving happens!

  3. So I’ve been doing guided meditation every day for a little over a month and I’m loving it. Today, I decided to listen to binaural beats while meditating without guidance and a REALLY bright white light appeared and a even brighter white triangle showed up. It was wild, never had something like it before. Afterwards I felt perplex but at peace. It was definitely an incredible experience.

  4. Thanks for sharing that, Felipe. I need to try binaural beats more, I’ve only listened to them a few times.

  5. Thanks for your article! I’ve been seeing the white light for 40 years and I always wondered what it was. It starts with my eyes closed and a white light will sometimes appear above my eye level in the blackness. Then waves of light like the ocean waves will fall down around my inner vision till it disappears out of my vision. Recently the waves have been coming from many different angles not just the center. Once I asked what it was and it said Iam.

  6. This is a comment for Jennifer. Have you heard of Jurgen Ziewe? His book MultiDimensional Man is quite amazing. One story was about his mother who was depressed when she was alive. He visited her on many occasions when he became lucid in his dreams. Btw he has been meditating since the 70’s. What he noticed was that after while instead of this dark cloud of depression that previously had hung around her there, she had transformed into a young hip woman in her 20’s.

  7. Last night before bed I lit some purifying candles infused with oil, and called upon my female ancestors to come to me and guide (without shocking me). As I meditated to sounding bowls (YouTube) and asked them to come, I saw a bright, white light start to appears over my head.

    It scared me and I shook myself out of my trance! The room was dark and my eyes were closed.

  8. Hey Phil,

    So I have been meditating from past almost 1.5 years and intermittently I sense a bright white light coming onto my eyes and forehead. I always feels joyous and excited as it gives me. Wonderful feel whenever I feel the light.

  9. Hi, I have just come across this page for the same reason. Twice this week I had a flash above my head. Once was a white flash and then last night while listening to binaural beats there was a blue flash but it stayed longer. I’m very intrigued as to what it could be. I tend to see it every few normally. Sometimes during meditation but also in awake state at 3am.

  10. Hi, I’ve just started meditating (almost 2 weeks now) recently, and experienced this bright white light on my forehead twice while meditating. Both the times I felt extremely anxious and opened my eyes almost immediately. Can anyone let me know why this might be? I’ve read a lot on how white light indicates angels or activating the third eye but having just started meditating it seems a bit surreal for any of it to be happening. If there’s anyone who can shine a light on this for me, please do.

  11. I’ve only recently been trying to connect with the universe and my spiritual side.

    Last night, before bed I was meditating and I noticed a tiny purple dot between my closed eyes. I tried to concentrate on it and it suddenly turned into pulsing white flashes. It felt like a light was on in the room, but when I opened my eyes to check, they were off. When I closed them again, the white light returned.

    I’ve been having massive migraines for days, so I suppose the colors could have been a result of that, but my Google search lead me here. Any insights?

  12. I’ve seen a small bright white light, for years when I meditate but also while working out. I listen to music and shift my consciousness so it’s easier. My ego isn’t telling me how hard exercising is, lol. The light will change size a little and will slowly move lower into my minds eye. Sometimes when I try to draw it near, it floats back upward, or disappear altogether. When I relax my mind again, it pops back into my vision. It’s such a divine experience. Always wondered what it was. Feel so blessed and grateful to see it.

  13. The third time I meditated my body filled with light after taking no thought and staring at the third eye. The word Mother came out of my mouth and all the breath left my body then my Kundalini spun so strongly and I felt like I was going to leave this body but I messed up and asked what is this? Then it all disappeared. Everything changed in this life as I knew it. I haven’t been able to return to Christ conscience since but will never stop trying. If you are seeing this light then go deeper until you are one with it.

  14. I started meditating a month or so ago and saw a purple / white pulsating light with my eyes closed. I had to go online to Google what this might be. I think it’s either my crown chakra or third eye opening. My experience is very much like some of those mentioned on this message board. Starts off as a small pin prick of purple light with prism of colours around it. If you relax the light will pulse brighter and can start moving around. When I wake in the morning I check and see and it’s normally pulsing so I think it must be activated when sleeping. I have very lucid dreams. When meditating with the light pulsing, I make intentions to tap into my spiritual self and higher consciousness so that I can benefit from my higher knowledge to help me deal with some stress at work. This really helps me stay calm and better deal with stressful situations. I can now see the light with eyes open. I’m not sure where else to go with my meditating. I think I’d like to connect to family members who have passed on but not sure how to go about it and it scares me a little!

  15. This happened to me for the first time last year. I wasn’t trying to make it happen, I didn’t even know it was a thing that could happen. I wasn’t meditating but I was sitting on the sofa with my eyes shut and there was a bright light above my head and sort of behind me a little. The first time was confusing for me because I kinda hadn’t noticed the light, but at the same time I did notice it if that makes sense. I had been assuming a lamp was switched on, then when I opened my eyes and realised the room was dark and there was no lamp there, that’s when it actually occurred to me that there had been a light there with no explainable source. When it happened the second time I recognised it. It felt good, and has happened a few more times over the past year (it always happens by accident, I’ve never intentionally tried to make it appear, I don’t know how) I had no idea what it was, I tried to research it before and found nothing. The last time it happened was last night, I was a bit taken aback because I wasn’t expecting it. I somehow went ‘into’ it this time, I communicated with it, my initial feeling was immense gratitude and I felt honoured to be in that moment (I don’t know why!) but the moment that stood out for me was when all of my feelings of anxiety automatically tried to bubble up and as soon as they did I felt this instant sense that I was somehow being silly or insulting to ‘the light’ by having negative feelings of worry, that they weren’t necessary and it was showing some sort of distrust? There was no negativity in this realisation, it was an amazing feeling. I got a really clear sense of what the ego is. Apologies if that was confusing, it’s very hard to put into words, I just wanted to share my story as I have found the other stories here really helpful.

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