Is My Boss Toxic? (Quiz: 15 Questions to Find out How Toxic!)

Is My Boss Toxic Quiz

If you dread going to work because your boss and the culture at your workplace are toxic, I feel for you.

Having a toxic boss is one of the main drivers of work-based depression and just makes everything to do with your role so miserable.

The first step is to make sure it’s your boss that is the problem.

Once you’ve identified the signs that you have a toxic boss, you can take the appropriate action.

The following “Is my boss toxic quiz” will give you a score showing you just how toxic your boss is, see how you do:

Is My Boss Toxic Quiz


Is My Boss Toxic Quiz Bad Result The results indicate you have a highly toxic boss! I’m not surprised you’re feeling depressed, stressed, and frustrated at work. It’s incredibly unfulfilling working for a toxic boss; you’ll feel undervalued, be overworked, and it’s only going to harm your career progression. I recommend looking for a new job as soon as possible!

Is My Boss Toxic Quiz Good Result

The results indicate your boss is not that toxic.

Sure, it sounds like their management style has a lot of room for improvement, but they might not be responsible for all of your stress and woes.

I’d take a hard look at why you’re not feeling fulfilled in your role and see if there is a clear path for progression to work towards.

#1. Does your boss micromanage you and your other coworkers?

#2. Does your boss set unrealistic deadlines?

#3. Does your boss make sure you have all the tools and resources you need to do your job?

#4. Does your boss’ mood change a lot and make you uneasy?

#5. Does your boss praise themselves but no one else?

#6. Does your boss talk bad about your coworkers to you?

#7. Does your boss change their mind about things last minute that impacts you?

#8. Does your boss clearly show favoritism to certain coworkers?

#9. Does your boss make it difficult for you to approach them?

#10. Does your boss clearly lack empathy and understanding for others?

#11. Has your boss ever taken credit for your hard work?

#12. Do you dread going to work and seeing your boss?

#13. Does your boss create conflict within your team or department?

#14. Does your boss lack professional integrity?

#15. Does your boss try and cross a healthy work-life balance with you?


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What to Do if You Have a Toxic Boss?

If you have a toxic boss, you’re in a bit of a bind, to say the least!

It can be very hard – and even impossible – to navigate working under a boss who does not have the best intentions for you and your coworkers.

However, if you stay proactive and take the appropriate steps, there are some ways you can protect yourself from the toxicity.

It’s not always easy, but you absolutely have to put your mental health first, even before your career.

You’re not going to be good to anyone if you’re depressed, burned out, stressed, or emotionally exhausted.

If there are channels you can peruse internally, such as talking with HR or going above your boss to theirs, that’s an option.

But the risk here is that your boss will see this as a personal attack, and it could make them even more toxic.

The best option is to start looking for a new job or an opportunity to move departments internally.

It hurts to accept that if you love your job, but trust me, if you work on your mindset, are proactive about networking, and take the right approach to job searching – you will eventually land a role that is better for your mental health!

Will a Toxic Boss Change Their Ways?

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking what most people stuck under a toxic boss are thinking (or hoping) – maybe they’ll change.

Unfortunately, the harsh reality and truth of the situation is that toxic bosses rarely change their ways.

Their behavior will have become embedded in them, and it’s actually serving them in some way.

Toxic people are typically insecure in their own way and they need to assert power over someone else in order to feel better.

It’s sad, but it is what it is – so your best approach is to focus on protecting yourself and start looking for a new job.

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