How to Respond to a Rejection Text from a Guy (20 Examples)

How to Respond to a Rejection Text from a Guy

From someone you barely know to a crush, love interest, or a guy you thought liked you for sure – it always hurts to get rejected by text.

But, I’m a firm believer that it’s better to ask and get rejected than not ask a guy out and always wonder what could have been!

It’s important to remember that getting rejected can happen for a number of reasons, and it’s not a reflection on you.

It’s also important that you respond with grace, dignity, and don’t lower your value by chasing the guy.

With that in mind, here are some examples of how you can respond to a rejection text from a guy:

How to Respond to a Rejection Text from a Guy: 20 Example Messages

  1. “Thank you for letting me know, have a good [evening].”
  2. “I understand and respect your decision, I appreciate you letting me know.”
  3. “No hard feelings – wishing you the best!”
  4. “I’m sorry to hear that, but I appreciate your honesty and directness in telling me your thoughts.”
  5. “It’s okay – thank you for being so open with me.”
  6. “Ah OK, sometimes it’s just not meant to be and that’s fine, I can take it.”
  7. “Well, thanks for the date, I had an awesome time. I won’t take it personally!”
  8. “At least I know where I stand, thanks for letting me know and being so honest.”
  9. “I’m not going to lie, that’s going to sting for a while – but I’ll get over it. See you around.”
  10. “No problem, that doesn’t mean you should be a stranger, I’ll see you around.”
  11. “It’s a shame things didn’t work out, but you’re an awesome person and it’s been fun getting to know you.”
  12. “Well, I usually get ghosted or ignored, so top marks for being upfront and letting me know.”
  13. “I felt like we had a spark, but it’s all good. Thanks for letting me know.”
  14. “How dare you reject me! Only kidding! It’s fine, I’ll get over it.”
  15. “It was worth asking, easy come, easy go.”
  16. “Now I think about it, it wouldn’t have been a good idea anyway so good shout.”
  17. “Did I read things wrong? Were you not giving off strong signals that things were going well?”
  18. “Well, I wasn’t expecting that, but I totally understand. Have a good one and see you around.”
  19. “Ouch. OK, well thanks for letting me know. My ego is a little bruised, but I’ll be over it by tomorrow.”
  20. “I actually agree that we’re not a good match, I was just willing to give it another shot.”

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How Can You Tell if A Guy Likes You

If you want to reduce your chances of being rejected when asking a guy out, you need to know what signs to look for that he likes you.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, of course, as some guys are flirty and good at hiding their real feelings, but it helps.

Some of the most obvious signs a guy likes you are:

  • He looks at you a lot and makes strong eye contact
  • He remembers things you said in conversation and all the cute little things that are important to you
  • He often compliments your looks and style and notices when you’ve made an effort
  • He asks you personal and meaningful questions about you and your life
  • He brushes against you or stands close to you in conversation
  • He texts or calls you often and is always teases you and jokes around with you

If you’re able to take a step back and look at things with a clear head, you’ll almost certainly be able to tell if a guy likes you.

What to Do if It Hurts to Be Rejected

Some people take being rejected better than others.

If you’re feeling hurt and emotional after being rejected, it’s important that you take time for yourself and focus on self-care.

Take some time to better understand your feelings and accept them, don’t try to push them away.

Talk it through with someone you trust and remind yourself that you are still worthy of love and respect even if someone you had your heart set on doesn’t feel the same.

Get out into nature, listen to music, read, do whatever it is that makes you happy, and eventually the pain will subside.

It’s also important to remember that rejection happens all the time and it’s a part of life.

Should I Message Him After Being Rejected?

It’s almost always a good idea to text a guy back after he rejects you, otherwise, you’re going to look like you’re bitter.

If you’re still feeling hurt, angry, or embarrassed then it’s probably best to wait a little while, there is nothing wrong with that.

But when you’re ready, sending a message to thank him for his honesty and letting him know that you appreciate him being so open with you can really help you to move on.

It’s also a good idea to let him know that you hope he finds what he’s looking for and wish him all the best.

This shows that you’re mature, kind and understanding – qualities that are sure to make somebody else appreciate you in time!

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