How to Quit a New Job After One Week (The Right Way)

How to Quit a New Job After One Week

Sometimes, the only way to really find out if a job is right for you is to start the job and get a good feel for the work, your colleagues, and the company.

Some people will know right away it’s not going to work. I’ve seen people quit after an hour, a morning, a day, and quite commonly after one week.

If this is the situation you find yourself in and you want to quit your new job after one week – and you are very sure it’s the right thing to do – you should do it.

Sticking out a job you don’t want only makes it more difficult the longer you’re there. Not just mentally and emotionally, but also from an onboarding standpoint.

It’s never an easy thing to do, but here are some tips to help:

How to Quit a New Job After One Week

Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Despite what has happened and difficult this is, it’s almost always in your best interests to bow out gracefully and not cause any problems.

You may not need a reference, but you’ll likely be working in the same industry or a similar area. Burning bridges will only come back to haunt you.

As you’re leaving, there’s no point trying to raise an official grievance (unless something serious happened).

If you have an exit interview, there’s no harm in being honest about why you’re leaving. Just keep any personal views or negative comments to yourself.

Honor Your Contractual Agreement

This goes hand-in-hand with not burning any bridges on your way out. You will have signed a contract before starting with the company.

There is often a clause to leave without a notice period if things aren’t working out. Take a close look at what your contract says,

Even if it states you need to work a notice period, if you’re acting professionally and it’s really not working out – there aren’t many companies that will force you to work out a notice period.

Learn From Your Experience

I’m sure you’ll agree that starting and leaving a job within the span of a week takes a huge toll.

If there is anything you can learn from this experience so it doesn’t happen again, try and do so.

Maybe you were too quick to accept the position? Did you feel forced to accept the first offer that came your way?

There’s a number of reasons why people quit jobs early on. Some can be avoided, and some can’t.

The important thing is that you always maintain a continual-learning mindset.

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Why Do People Quit a New Job After One Week?

You’re not the first person to quit a job after a week, and you won’t be the last! Here are some of the common reasons why people find themselves in this position:

You’ve Received a Better Offer

When you’re looking for a new job it’s normal to apply for a bunch of different jobs. It’s also natural to accept the first one offered, especially if you’re out of work.

The problem is, however, that some of those other jobs you interviewed for may also make you an offer.

It’s one of the hardest and most frustrating parts of going through the job-seeking process. You don’t know what offers you’re going to get, and some companies can take months to make a final offer.

If you’ve had a better offer, you have to do the right thing by you and quit – no matter how much you’ve enjoyed that first week.

The Culture Isn’t a Fit

Company culture is something you can’t fully understand until you’re thrown into a role and a company.

You can’t always get a good grip on the culture in one week, so it’s never a good idea to make a snap decision.

But if you know it’s not a culture you’re able to work in, leaving is the best option as it’s unlikely to change.

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You Made a (Hasty) Mistake

We all make mistakes. Whatever your mistake is; taking a job you aren’t comfortable doing, accepting a job you didn’t want, or any other reason, it’s never too late to back out.

It’s going to be tough. You’ll need to swallow your pride and admit you made a mistake. But you’ll feel great afterward, and you can only learn from the experience.

How Soon Is Too Soon To Quit a Job?

It’s never “too soon” to quit a job if you’re 100% sure it’s the right thing to do.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve known people to quit before turning up for their first day, and even within an hour.

I know you’ll read some advice or speak with some people who’ll tell you to “stick it out longer”, or “give it a fair chance”, but that’s not the advice I give.

I firmly believe life is too short to be caught up in a position where you’re not happy. Sure, you have to pay the bills, I get that. You also have to be sure you want to quit – but only you know if that’s the case.

You also have to be true to yourself. If you’re “sticking out” a job where you’re not happy, you’re reducing your chance to find that perfect job you want. You can look at it that way too.

It’s a tough decision. I know, I’ve been there. Think it through thoroughly, and talk it through with someone who understands if you can.

I wish you good luck in your (new) endeavors!


Image credits – Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

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