How to Overcome Frustration and Feel Good about Yourself

How to Overcome Frustration and Feel Good about Yourself

Being frustrated is … well.. terribly frustrating.

It can drain your energy, distract you from the task in hand, and kill your motivation.

So what do you do when you’re frustrated? Do you have methods you turn to when you need to relieve some frustration?

There are ways you can use frustration to your advantage. Being frustrated at not being able to achieve something can really spur some people on.

However, for most people it becomes a massive stumbling point. It can send you into a tailspin, and really harm your productivity.

If you’re the kind of person who get frustrated easily. It’s something you need to work on.

Here are 3 useful tips to help you turn frustration into something more positive.

How to Overcome Frustration and Feel Good about Yourself

Take the Time to Appreciate the Good

This is often easier said than done, especially when I’m working with someone and telling them this. But it’s true, taking a step back and looking at what’s good in your life is a real eye opener.

One of the best ways to do this is to reflect on what you have done that’s gone well. Or recall instances where you were frustrated but worked through it.

Also, take a look around you and remind yourself of all the things you take for granted that others don’t have. The simple things like a nice home, good food, the ability to do what you want.

This may sound like a little to egocentric, but it’s a valuable exercise. I do this regularly to ground myself, and I always end up feeling a lot better, and less frustrated.

Take a Break from What’s Frustrating You

There are few instances when you cannot take a break from the frustration. Taking some time away helps a great deal.

You will not only realize that it’s probably not worth being so frustrated. You will also feel less stressed and frustrated about the ordeal.

You can also use this time to work out a better way to resolve the problem. Discuss it with other people, weigh up your options, take on the challenge with a new perspective.

If you’re short for time there are things you can do in the now. Concentrate on your breathing. Give yourself just five minutest to sit quietly, close your eyes, and breathe easily.

Assess What You Can Do Right Now to Help Yourself

If you are starting to feel the frustration build up, it’s time to ask yourself what you can do right now to help.

When people hit a brick wall of frustration they often just try harder with the same plan. This isn’t always the right thing to do.

Think about working smarter, not just harder. Are there other ways to tackle the problem? Is there a way to make it easier, even if it takes longer?

It’s perfectly possible that you have taken on too much and there is no other option than to take a break. If this is the case, then take a break.

There is nothing to be gained by hitting your head against the brick wall and still not getting anywhere at the end of it.

Have a Positive Outlook

A lot of good things happen when you take a positive view point. A lot of your frustrations and mental anguish will be tied to negative thoughts.

If you think you’re facing the impossible, then you are. If you believe there is a way round the problem, then there is one.

Surrounding yourself with positive people is also a positive move. Collective minds that believe they can achieve things is a powerful tool.

Instead of looking at frustration as a problem, or something that has to put the brakes on what you’re doing. Look at it as a positive challenge.

In summary, by combining all of the above techniques you can really make a difference. Where you thought you were stumped by frustration, you will soon enough see you’re not.

Keep positive, surround yourself with positive people, take a break, re-evaluate what you need to do, these are all valid ways to push through that frustration.

3 thoughts on “How to Overcome Frustration and Feel Good about Yourself”

  1. Good Post Phil! Thank you.

    Happiness a self responsibility and we must take matters in our hand when frustration strikes and kills our happiness. I found this tips and options to deal with very useful.


  2. Thanks Bharat. That’s true, it starts within. Sometimes a deep breath, calm head, and a second look can make the world of difference. 🙂

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