15 Ways You Can Avoid Negative Energy

15 Ways You Can Avoid Negative Energy

Negative energy is a massive problem. It can bring down the most positive person and seriously damage their outlook on life.

Unless you’re consciously aware of ways to avoid negative energy, you may be leaving yourself vulnerable to these external forces.

If you take the time to look around you, I don’t doubt you will see and hear all kinds of negative behavior.

People complaining about life, their jobs, their health, finances etc. People practicing bad habits, being self-destructive, and having a negative outlook. It’s all too common unfortunately.

It’s surprisingly toxic too. If you’re surrounded by negative people, chances are it’s going to rub off on you in some way.

Some people however are great at dodging negative behavior. You’ve probably seen it, they just repel and deflect it effortlessly.

But why are some people good at avoiding all this negative energy? Is it a conscious effort? Is it something we can teach ourselves to do too?

There is not clear cut answer to this questions as everyone is different. However, people who are great at dodging negative energy all share some common traits, and we can look at these.

By reading through the following and seeing what positive people do to avoid being bought down with all the negativity around them, you can give yourself better defense against it.

See if there are any changes you can make:

15 Ways You Can Avoid Negative Energy

Don’t Forget the Positive Things in Your Life

When people are in a negative place, they forget all the positive things. Yet we all have lots of positive influences in our lives. We’ve all had positive things happen. We have all had lucky breaks. Take a moment to remember these events.

Create Happiness from Within

People who are happy all day are happy for a reason. They find happiness within themselves. If you’re not happy with yourself, how can you expect to feel happy externally. Search for what makes you happy, and make a conscious effort to smile.

Practice Positive Thinking

We all have lots of negative thoughts, its normal human behavior. But we also all have the power to control our thoughts to a certain degree. So practice thinking positively. Use positive visualization and affirmations and improve your outlook.

Believe in Yourself

If you want to achieve something, thinking you can’t do it is the worst thing you can do. If you think like that, chances are you can’t do it. If you believe you can do something, chances are you can. Start believing in yourself, you’ll notice good things happening.

Cut Negative People Off

Unfortunately some of the nicest and closest people to us just happen to be the most negative. As I mentioned earlier, negativity is toxic. These people will bring you down, it’s time to put some distance between yourself and them.


There is no better way to get the feel good hormones flowing than some physical exercise. Get yourself in shape, and get yourself into a good exercise routine you can stick to. You will feel physically and mentally better for it.

Enjoy Nature

People who live and work in the city can forget what nature has to offer. Take a drive to the countryside next weekend. Feel and breathe the fresh air, and the smells and images of the outdoors. It will do wonders for your state of mind.

Stop the Impulsive Shopping

In this age of marketing and consumer focused adverts we are bombarded with offers and deals that look so appealing. But how often do you regret buying something, or feel like you were ripped off? It’s a false, short-term sense of satisfaction.

Learn to Accept Failure

Positive people are able to embrace failure and learn from it. It doesn’t knock their confidence, instead it has a positive effect. There is always a silver-lining and a way to turn a failure into a success.

Take Responsibility

There comes a time in most people lives when they need to take responsibility for their own actions and events in their lives. Until you’re able to do this you will continue to hold on to some negative energy.

Control Your Thoughts

Positive people are not positive because they never have a negative thought. They have negative thoughts just like the rest of us. The difference being that they are able to control those thoughts, and not be overwhelmed by them. Instead taking a positive spin on things.

Make Time for Yourself

It’s all too easy to get caught up doing things for other people. Working all day, carrying out home life and doing things for your family etc You need to make some time for yourself. Kick back, relax, and just do some fun stuff sometimes. It’ll give you a feel good boost.

Always Look for That Solution

There are pessimists, and there are optimists. Which are you? Do you always think there will be a solution to a problem, regardless how bad it looks. If you said no, it’s time to start being more positive. Look for that solution, you will probably find it.

Know When to Say No

There’s a fine when it comes to balancing how often you say yes and no. Don’t fall into the mold of always saying yes because you feel bad about saying no. Being positive means focusing on what’s the best option. Even if it means saying no to someone that may be offended.

Stop Seeking Approvals from Others

When you’re confident you don’t need approval or validation from others to make you feel good. Too many people hold on to perfection or fear being criticized. A positive mindset is to act with conviction in what you do, and take ownership of the results.

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