10 ‘Good’ Lies To Get Money From Boyfriend!

Good Lies To Get Money From Boyfriend

Is there such a thing as good lies to get money from boyfriend or husband?

I’m not here to judge you as I don’t know your situation, but sometimes a little white lie isn’t the end of the world.

In this article, I’m going to give you 10 ‘good’ lies you can use to get some money from your boyfriend – what you do with them is up to you!

10 Good Lies To Get Money From Boyfriend

1. Promise You’ll Pay It Back with Interest

This is the line that gets most people to lend money – the promise of being paid back even more!

Whether you don’t intend to pay the interest or the loan at all, it’s a devious lie that I wouldn’t use unless I was absolutely desperate.

But I’ll leave the guilt part up to you, it’s simply a suggestion that will probably work if your boyfriend isn’t keen to lend you money.

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2. Tell Him a Close Friend or Family Member Is Desperate

If you don’t think your boyfriend will lend you money or you’ve burned that bridge before, you could use someone else as a reason.

A close friend or family member in need is always a good one as it’s hard for people to say no when they think someone else is desperate, especially if they know them personally.

If they do know them, however, this one can easily backfire!

3. Tell Him You Have Some Bills That’ll Go up If Not Paid

On the theme of paying interest, you could also say that if you don’t pay a bill then you’re going to have to pay interest.

I’m sure your boyfriend would not want to see you in this situation – even if it’s not true – and will step in and help if you ask.

4. Tell Him You Have a Deadline for Something Important

If you need the money for something important that has a deadline, telling your boyfriend this is likely to make him hand over the cash.

I’m sure he’ll want to help you out and will feel bad if he doesn’t, and putting a tight deadline on it gives him less time to think about it.

5. Say It’s for Some Kind of Studies

It’s hard to deny someone money if they say they’re going to use it for professional or personal development.

That’s what makes this lie more likely to work than simply saying you need some cash because you’re broke.

It’s going to be hard to pull off if you’re not currently working or studying, so you might need to get a little creative!

6. Say It’s for Travel Costs to Get to A Job Interview

This is another good one if you’re currently looking for a job and need some money to help cover you.

If you say you need the money to travel to a job interview, or even for clothes or something else to be prepared for an interview, I’m sure he’s going to help.

Not only is he going to want to help you out, but the thought of him helping you get a job is also going to make him think he’s likely to get paid back.

7. Tell Him You’re Waiting on A Payment Yourself

This is one I see people using (not me), so I know it can work.

If you tell your boyfriend that you’re waiting on a payment yourself, but it’s taking longer than expected, he’s likely to want to help you out.

This is because he’ll think that he’s literally just bridging the gap until you get your money and you’re good for it if you have the money coming in soon.

8. Tell Him It’s for ‘Women’ Things

This is a lie or an excuse that should make your boyfriend back off and not ask too many questions!

By saying it’s for ‘women’ things, he’ll probably just assume it’s for period products or something else that he doesn’t need – or want – to know about.

This one is good if you’re not comfortable with telling your boyfriend what you need the money for, or if he’s usually nosey.

9. Tell Him You Lost Some Money You Really Needed

This one means pulling a bit of a sob story, you could tell your boyfriend you lost some money that you really needed.

This should tug on his heartstrings a bit and make him want to help you out, even if he’s not too keen on lending money in general.

It’s a risk, however, as he could easily call your bluff and ask you how he can pay for whatever it is you need directly.

10. Say It’s a Friend’s Birthday

Again, you need to pick the friend, occasion, and amount of money carefully if none of this is true.

But using a friend’s birthday as a reason to borrow some money might work if you’re looking to get your hands on some cash quickly.

It’s another lie that can easily backfire, so use this lie at your own risk!

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How to Get Your Boyfriend to Give You Money without Asking

If you don’t want to ask your boyfriend outright for money, there are other ways to make him want to help you out.

You could try:

  • Hinting that you’re struggling financially
  • Asking him to help you budget your finances and demonstrate you’re in a tight spot
  • Making suggestions that you need to buy something in particular but can’t afford it

I’m not advocating taking advantage of anyone’s goodwill, but if you want to try and make your boyfriend step up and help you out, anything along the above lines should help.

When It’s Ok to Tell a Lie

Obviously, lying is a big deal and it’s not always OK to tell a lie.

In fact, some people would say it’s never OK to tell a lie.

But for the purpose of this article and not knowing what kind of bind you’re in, I’d argue there are some instances where it’s OK to tell a little ‘white’ lie.

Sometimes we just need some money and don’t – or can’t – tell our partners exactly what it’s for.

As long as it’s nothing nefarious, you’re not cheating, and you’re not taking advantage of your boyfriend, it should be fine.

It’s really up to you and your conscience. If you feel like you can justify the lie to yourself, then go ahead.

But if you’re not comfortable with it, or if you think your boyfriend is likely to find out, then it might not be worth the risk!

Image credits – Photo by Igal Ness on Unsplash

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