Experienced a Floating Feeling During Meditation?

Floating Feeling During Meditation

Have you been experiencing a floating feeling during meditation?

If so, you’re not alone.

I’ve had the feeling as though I’m floating a number of times, as have so many others.

There are a few reasons to explain this feeling and what it means. I’m going to explain these, as well as some ways you can encourage a “floating” feeling and take your meditation to a deeper state.

Is It Possible to Float While Meditating?

It’s not possible to actually float – as in levitate – while meditating, no.

There have always been stories about spiritual leaders being able to levitate from years gone by. But there has never been any proof anyone was actually able to do so.

What is possible, however, is for feelings of levitating or floating to feel so real, that someone believes it.

Meditation is a gateway to a higher state of consciousness. There are all kinds of things that can happen, both mentally and physically when you’re in this state that will feel real.

So, it comes down to how you perceive “real”. Some people will say they floated, some will say it felt like they did, and some people will say something in between.

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Why Do You Feel Like You’re Floating?

Looking at this from a scientific viewpoint, when you meditate your brain waves slow down.

If you’re able to reach a deep state of meditation, your brainwaves enter the range associated with physical sensations like sinking, movements, and floating.

It’s reaching these deep states of consciousness that enable us to heal and identify pain points and other physical, mental, and spiritual wellness issues while meditating. 

I’ve experienced feelings like floating, sinking, weightlessness, and other similar sensations myself while in a deep state of meditation.

As well as visualizing imagery, colors (read my experience of seeing golden colors here), and very vivid experiences where I interact with other people.

When you’re able to engage with your deep subconscious mind while meditating, so much that we don’t fully understand is possible.

And it really is possible, I’ve experienced it myself countless times.

Then there’s the much more profound and deeper possible explanation – you may be experiencing Astral Travel.

What Is Astral Projection While Meditating?

Astral travel, astral projection, or astral walking as it’s also called is a form of an out-of-body experience (OBE).

It’s possible through a number of techniques, and meditation is one of them.

When you astral travel, it’s believed that your astral body leaves your physical body and travels to the astral plane.

I have my own thoughts on this topic and what it means, which I won’t be going into detail in this post. But one thing I do know, it can feel like you’re floating if you’re experiencing astral travel.

This is something I recommend you looking into in more detail if it interests you. It’s a deep topic, much deeper than I can do justice in a few paragraphs in this article.

Physical Sensations and Feelings That Are Normal While Meditating

If you’re experiencing the feeling of floating, it’s a good sign. It means you’re reaching a deep state of relaxation while meditating.

If you’re not experiencing this yet, don’t worry. You probably will in time if you continue to meditate, and especially if you use body scanning and guided techniques designed to help you engage with these sensations.

To give you a wider understanding of what’s normal, or what else you can expect while meditating, here are some of the other physical sensations and feelings that are normal during meditation:

Feeling Hot or Intense Heat

It’s normal to notice a rise in your core body temperature while meditating. Some people even report feeling intense heat in certain areas, or even across their whole body.

As long as it’s not becoming distracting, you should do your best to ignore it while meditating. You can even open a window beforehand or do something to cool the room if it’s bothering you.

My only concern is that it may mean you’re not breathing correctly and holding heat in. Check you’re breathing correctly, and breathe more from your ribcage to expel some heat.

Feeling Cold

While some people feel hot, others feel cold. It’s all to do with the way different people’s bodies release energy while meditating.

It’s said to be consistent with the movement of kundalini energy and is one of the kundalini symptoms I wrote about here.

Like most sensations, it’s best not to think about it while meditating. If it’s becoming uncomfortable then you should do something to try and adjust.

Tingling Sensations

Tingling sensations are very normal. They may range from a slight tingling or muscle twitch on a small area to waves of powerful tingling feelings and sensations.

It generally means that you’re reaching a deep state of relaxation and your muscles are letting go of stress. It’s also a sign that chi or energy is able to flow freely around your body.

If you keep getting the same sensation in a certain area of your body, it’s worth investigating if it relates to a specific chakra.


Vibrations are very different from tingling sensations. Tingling is internal, while vibrations may start internally, they cause you to shake and vibrate.

Again, as with all these sensations, it can mean different things to different people. It’s generally believed to mean that you’re holding on to some stress or displaying signs of a blocked chakra though.

Try relaxing your body more before you meditate next time. Also, do a body scan to see if you can identify any areas of your body that don’t feel fully relaxed.

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In Summary – Floating Feeling During Meditation

Hopefully, I’ve helped you better understand why it’s possible to feel like you’re floating during meditation, and some of the other common feelings and sensations.

Generally speaking, all of these feelings and sensations are positive. Even if, in the case of vibrating for example, you discover you have a problem with the flow of energy throughout your body.

It’s better to be made aware of any issues through meditation than it is to go about your day blissfully unaware.

That’s the power of meditating right there. It’s a way to explore your mental, spiritual, and physical wellness.

Embrace, learn and continue to practice.


Astral projection for beginners – Paranormal.LoveToKnow.com

Image credits – Photo by Piotr Wilk on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Experienced a Floating Feeling During Meditation?”

  1. I would like to know, what do I do during this floating sensation? How can I further it by astral traveling? I experience it, I hold on to it for awhile, then it stops.

  2. I feel like floating and spinning usually when my merkaba is active (starting to go somewhere) or when it’s not calibrated. I only astral travel during sleep…it is spontaneous like many other things to me. A weird thing i do experience and don’t know what can mean exactly :There’s a certain place in wich when going there i feel like floating/loosing balance like. I tried the same thing in other similar places and it didn’t happened only in that place. I thought at start that i get ungrounded in that certain point because it’s on a staircase or that my soul leaves my body while in that place but i don’t feel my body soul leaving the body (i usualy feel it) so u don’t know what to make of it…there’s no other place i feel this way…could be a vortex there? I have no idea

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