ENFJ Relationships

ENFJ Relationships

ENFJ’s a fully of fun, passion, and charisma. They gravitate into leadership positions, and do very well leading others in an enthusiastic and helpful manner.

They make up around 2% of the population. Often in the form of teachers, coaches, politicians, and other public figures.

They are great at reaching out to others. Often connecting on emotional or personal level. Always for the reason of doing good.

ENFJ’s have a natural and real confidence. A confidence built on their experiences and knowledge that they are out to do the best they can. For themselves, and others.

Taking a great deal of satisfaction and pride in the positive work they do in their communities. With their family and friends.

Others are attracted to ENFJ’s due to their strong and endearing personalities. They are not afraid to speak out and confront wrong doings.

They have a natural communicators. Often being able to read social situations before others, saving them putting their foot in it.

They see the motivations of others, and are usually good at judging whether or not to help.

One of the more endearing personality traits of an ENFJ is their genuine compassion for others. Sometimes they become far too invested in others’ problems.

They also have a tendency to over analyze their own feelings and perceived faults. It’s easy to get caught up their own, or others problems – leading to some stress.

A lot of people need to be reminded from time to time that they can’t take everything on and solve the world’s problems.

Hopefully some self-realization, or a nod from someone close to the person will help them realize what they can or cannot help.

It’s important for ENFJ’s to be able to reassess at times. To determine what they really can help with, or what burdens they are carrying.

ENFJ Personality Traits

ENFJ’s are genuine, caring, helpful and self-motivated. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk and really step up when required.

They are happiest when helping and supporting others. Often more so than helping themselves. Motivating others comes naturally, and they are natural leaders.

It’s not surprising that many US Presidents, politicians, and other public figures are known to be ENFJ’s. It compliments their public and outspoken abilities.

Whether it’s on such a scale as a world leader. Or just an enthusiastic minor league baseball team coach. The passion is the same.

ENFJ Strengths

There are some strengths that ENFJ personality types lean towards:


ENFJ’s are natural team-players. They are able to read social situations, and are good at listening to others.

They are able to take criticism, and be up front if they do not the answer. As long as the criticism is constructive, they will take and use it productively.


They pride themselves on being reliable. Always being the ‘one’ that people can call and know they will not be let down.

If you’re looking for someone reliable, you can put a safe bet on a ENFJ.


ENFJ’s are known to be charismatic. They know how to work the crowd or keep the attention of a group of people.

This is where they flourish by using their emotions, passion, charm, and outgoing outlook. They can change their tone and the direction of a conversation to suit the need.

Natural Ability to Lead

ENFJ’s have a natural ability to be good leaders. They know how to command respect from peers, and lead a team to success.

They will either be pushed by others to take the lead. Or will rise to the top and find a comfortable position leading.


ENFJ’s get a great deal of satisfaction doing good work in their communities. From friends and family, to a wider scope.

They are selfless and compassionate. Choosing to put others and their needs before their own more often than not.

ENFJ Weaknesses

Strong Ideals

ENFJ’s can hold strong ideals, to a point of deficit to themselves. They can become stubborn in holding true to what they believe in.

However, they are not known to have angry reactions. They are much more likely to be sympathetic and non-confrontational.

Being too Sensitive

While they are open and willing to take criticism. They can often take it too heart and be offended. Keeping the offence to themselves and dwelling over it.

Often resulting in trying to fix the unfixable. Or help people who can’t be helped. A tormenting state of mind to be in.

Being too Selfless

Being selfless is a wonderful  and endearing characteristic. But being too selfless can be a heavy burden to carry around.

Often resulting in trying too hard, and putting too much emotional and physical effort in to others.

Struggling to Make Difficult Decisions

When faced with two choices that are hard to separate, ENFJ’s can find it difficult to make that defining call.

Often trying to avoid hurting anyone, even if someone has to be affected in this way.

Erratic Self-Esteem

Their self-esteem can take a knock if they feel like they are not able to do their best. Even if it’s because of forces out of their control.

This is a weakness, as allowing their self-esteem to drop can cause additional problems.

ENFJ Relationships with Others

ENFJ’s are most comfortable in relationships. They enjoy forming loving relationships with partners, and being open and sharing.

They take the human side of dating and meeting others very seriously. Choosing their life partners very carefully, and more for the long-term that a short term fling.

Seeing as they get a great deal of satisfaction seeing others happy and do well. They are more than happy to be giving and helpful to their partners.

So having a committed and enjoyable relationship is not just likey. It’s an important part of being an ENFJ.

When they first meet people they are usually keen to show their commitment. Communicating and making their goals and intentions clear.

Usually making their ideals of being a committed, trustworthy, and dependable person apparent. Engaging in open and heartfelt conversation.

They will be mindful of how the relationship is going. Having open conversations about their feelings, thoughts, and anything else that is on their mind.

This does carry the risk of being a little too open. Some people don’t want everything laid out in front of them. But for most, it’s a welcome change.

ENFJ’s don’t require a lot to be content. They are self-sufficient in a lot of ways, even in a relationship of two.

Making other people’s dreams and goals come true is high on their priorities. Meaning they will make great effort to see a partner is happy.

They will avoid conflict and confrontational problems. Keeping emotions bottled up. Just to keep the peace and avoid added stress.

This can lead to problems under the surface long-term. It’s something a partner needs to be aware of and help where applicable.

Do ENFJ’s Make Good Friends

When looking at if ENFJ’s make good friends, there are some things to consider. Some personalities can work with the highs and lows that come with them. While others can’t.

They put effort into maintaining friendships, and friends are important to them. So there is a lot of effort from their side of the friendship, that can’t be denied.

ENFJ’s form deep, meaningful friendships. They are dependable and reliable. Two qualities associated with a good friend.

They take pleasure in helping others. Being seen as a good and reliable friend, and have no difficulty getting along with most personality types.

They will open up with friends and present themselves as an open book. Allowing friends to be close to them, ever trusting, and always welcoming.

People value the friendship of ENFJ’s. It lends to a long-term, strong friendship. With a lot of benefits and the chance for a mutually beneficial friendship.

Nothing makes them happier than seeing others happy. If this is as a result of something they have done, even better.

Do ENFJ’s Make Good Parents

ENFJ’s do make excellent parents, yes. As natural leaders and caring individuals, they have the qualities that make for a good parent.

There is always the difficulty of finding the balance between parent, friend, and carer. But always the desire to help everyone be their best and achieve their goals.

They are a solid foundation when it comes to support. Offering a listening ear and lending hand at a drop of a hat.

Always looking for ways to help others. Not judging, or telling them what they have done wrong. But being upfront and guiding them in the right direction.

ENFJ’s will always have an active role in helping their children grow up and learn the life skills they know they will need.

Understanding that everyone is an individual and requires that individual touch. They take satisfaction installing good values, morals, and respectful behavior.

They typically take a softer approach with children. Being attentive to their needs and not being strict or ruling with fear and discipline.

As their children grow up as start to make choices that are not necessarily in their best interests. ENFJ’s will deal with this in a sensitive and patient manner.

Choosing to show how upset they are, as opposed to becoming angry and dealing with the problem head on. Showing compassion before anger.

Am I an ENFJ

With the information providing in this article you should be able to draw an accurate conclusion.

Here are some basic

Are you an idealist?

Do you strive to make others happy?

Are you energetic and driven?

Are you optimistic and forward thinking?

Answer some of these questions honestly. If you are answering ‘yes’ to most, if not all of them, you are likely an ENFJ. Read more of this article to discover more about this personality type.

ENFJ Career Choices

When it comes to career choices, ENFJ’s tend to gravitate to what makes them happy. They pick careers that satisfy their desire to be happy, before their need for success.

This means a career that involves helping others, as this is what makes them happiest. There are a lot of careers that involve helping others, so not shortage of ideas here.

They have a genuine interest and want to help others. Always being approachable, happy, warm, and looking to go that extra mile.

ENFJ’s also excel in expressing themselves and motivating others. Making sales a natural career choice. Or a team sport, group event, anything that involves a team.

Demanding careers that require a high degree of concentration and solo activity prove problematic. Such as military, emergency services, and high tension finance roles.

ENFJ’s are always interested in new challenges, or challenges that test them. Giving them that competitive edge to try harder, and achieve more than they thought possible.


Out of all the personality types in the Myers Briggs personality test, ENFJ’s are among the most charismatic and inspiring.

They are willing to take on any challenge, and thrive the difficulty. Overcoming obstacles many others would stumble on.

They have a fun and caring personality. Forming ENFJ relationships is not difficult. As they look to grow and develop themselves, and others.

They can however hit problems with it comes to their idealisms. But being open minded, it can be worked through, albeit with a heavy heart.

There is a need to work on their weaker skills. They are aware of what their strengths are, and need to apply their open mindedness to their weaknesses.

Looking at this personality type in a summary is a difficult thing to do. Each personality is a complex, there is a lot of depth.

But you should have a much clearer picture now. Being able to apply these traits to yourself, and narrow down your own personality type.

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