13 Reasons People Love Hearing Motivational Quotes

13 Reasons People Love Hearing Motivational Quotes

Motivational quotes are huge right now. I can’t seem to listen to a podcast, turn on the TV, or talk with friends, without hearing a famous motivational quote of some kind.

I love them more than anyone, trust me I do. I am always hearing new quotes, or old ones brought to the front of people’s’ minds. It’s great.

So what is it people like about hearing these quotes? And how much do they really motivate us?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons people love hearing motivational quotes. Why they get motivated by them, and what it means to hear them.

13 Reasons People Love Hearing Motivational Quotes

People Want to See the Change That’s Talked About

We all want to see positive changes in the world, and the way we live. When an inspirational leader speaks about positive change it easily becomes a quote.

We all want to believe the positive change will happen. We want to believe the leaders have the power and good intentions to do as they say. So we quote them.

It’s Human Nature to Want More

It’s in our nature to want more. Quotes often speak into this need, talking about a better future. More promises and more ways to get what we want.

Hearing a quote about how we can earn more money, achieve more, have a better education all help to get us motivated and try harder.

We Know the Time Is Now

There is no better time than now. As much as we procrastinate and put things off. We know that know is the time. So why are so many of us not taking action now?

Hearing a good quote can really fire up that inner strength, and make a person take action sooner rather than later.

Motivational Quotes Lift Our Spirits

We all need our spirits lifted on occasion. Hearing a truly motivational quote can raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Not just give your spirits a lift.

When I’m feeling down I usually read something uplifting. It usually includes quotes from someone influential.

Quotes Help Us Reflect on Ourselves

When we hear a quote that can be applied to ourselves, or our own lives we have a moment of reflection.

Some people get really hung up on certain quotes. Cancer survivors for example often quote such words as ‘live every day to its fullest’. Because they faced the possibility of their last days.

We Can Learn Something from a Quote

Quotes aren’t just those famous well known one’s we all know. There are endless quotes out there that could make a difference to your life.

A lot of quotes come from people with considerable life experience. Don’t be surprised if you learn something.

Promises of a Brighter Future

We all think about our futures and wonder what it will be like. Always wanting to improve and do better, hearing someone say things will be better goes a long way.

Living for the moment can only take us so far. We need to think about the future, and what we want from it.

You Can Change Your Path

It’s never too late to change the path you’re on. Whether it’s something personal, career wise, or any other aspect of your life.

If you hear or read something that inspires you to make a change for the better, awesome.

Quotes Can Change the Way You Think

Henry Ford left a lot of quotes behind that changed the way many people thought. Especially those in the automotive industry.

Reading quotes to find something that resonates with you and changes the way you think could have a positive impact on your life.

They Can Make You Reconsider Quitting

Quitting something is still a bad habit that too many people have. So if there is a way to make someone reconsider quitting, you should be all in.

So many success stories revolve around the future after not quitting. Keep taking that extra step, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

It Helps Us to Open or Eyes Wider

Not literally of course. But quotes can help us open our eyes wider and see more than we previous did, or thought was possible.

Sometimes it just takes one short sentence to help us see something we didn’t before.

We Realize There Is More to Life than Being Successful

Einstein famously said, ‘strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value’. This is one of the more powerful Einstein quotes in my opinion, it made a big impression on me years ago.

There is always something we can do to help others. Success will always come to those who try, helping others takes a special someone.

Quotes Act as Important Reminders

We all need reminders now and then of what we can achieve if we put our minds to it. Quotes about being better, thinking larger, helping others, all remind us that we could be doing more.

For these reasons quotes will always be important. They will always raise a smile, make someone reflect on their own lives, and others. And, help people make those all important differences.

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