7 Ways to Be a Happier and More Balanced Introvert

7 Ways to Be a Happier and More Balanced Introvert

There is always a lot of discussion around introverts in seems. People are fascinated by other who enjoy being left alone.

People who are not introverted are always trying to ‘help’ their introverted friends.

They feel like they are missing out on all the fun stuff extroverts get to do. But it’s not as simple as that.

Introverts are perfectly happy being alone. That’s why they are introverts. I never try and change my friends who have personalities like this.

Sure, I always invite and include them the same way I do anyone. But I completely understand when they prefer to just be alone instead of go out.

I think there is still a lot of understanding required from the masses. But a lot of people are starting to be more understanding of this personality trait.

If you know someone who prefers to just stay in alone. Or not make much conversation, leave social gatherings early, and seem a little distant. They’re probably an introvert.

If this is you I’m talking about, you already know this. But I’m writing that article to help you lead a more balanced life.

Even introverts need some variation and experiences in their lives to keep their mental wellbeing healthy.

Too much alone time, or too much of the same old routine day to day is not a good thing for anyone. So here are some tips.

7 Ways to Be a Happier and More Balanced Introvert

Go Somewhere New from Time to Time

So you prefer spending time with yourself than others. That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and visit new and exciting places. Don’t be concerned about being ‘that’ person on their own. After all, that’s what you prefer.

If you don’t like the sounds of the busy city, wear headphones. You can still enjoy your own world by blocking out the noises around you.

Be Aware of Who Your Good Friends Are

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you do not have friends. Quite the opposite really, most introverts I know have a lot of friends. We all need friends from time to time, just as they need us.

Keep your core group of real friends close. You don’t have to hand out all the time, when friends are genuine you can go long periods without talking, yet the friendship will remain.

Remember to Always Be Friendly to Other People

Being an introvert isn’t an excuse not to be polite to others. You may find it difficult to speak out in social situations and be heard, but always smile or say something nice when someone is being nice to you.

If you find it really difficult being yourself around others don’t be afraid to read up on how to use body language or talk to others. It’s a skill like anything else and can be improved and learned upon over time.

Have a Wide Range of Hobbies and Activities

Keep your mind active and healthy by having a wide range of hobbies and activities in your personal life. This can be simple things like mixing up your time with reading, movies, writing, and playing games.

Opportunities and good things are much more likely to happen to people with varied interests. Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have desires and ambitions to learn and experience more.

Don’t Be Easily Offended by Others

It’s easy to become offended by something some says or does when you feel self-conscious about yourself. Most introverts are self-conscious and often take friends attempts to help as being something offensive.

Keep an open mind and appreciate that others may not understand why you prefer to be alone. Just as you don’t understand why other people are extroverts and how they can be so loud and gregarious.

Communicate with Your Partner

Introverts still need and want loving relationships. But relationships are built on trust and communication. So if you’re not good at communicating, you need to start working on this skill if you want to have long and happy relationships.

If you need alone time that’s fine. Just communicate when and why you want alone time so your partner understands.

If You Want to Come out of Your Shell More, Do So

If you feel that burning desire to come out of your shell a little more, take action on it. Too many introverts become imprisoned in their own small world, yet always long for more.

Just take it small step at a time. Ask others for help where appropriate, and only do what you’re comfortable doing.

1 thought on “7 Ways to Be a Happier and More Balanced Introvert”

  1. Good points Phil,
    Its good to always visit a new place from time to time, this will not only create an avenue for you to meditate, but it will also give you a renewal of spirit and energy and will also give you lots of new ideas.

    And yes like you said, the fact that you’re an introvert is never a criteria not to be nice to people, you must learn to be friendly and smile at people when they smiled at you else, you’ll be seeing as a hater.

    Thanks for sharing Phil

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