5 Ways Taking More Risks Can Be Good for You

5 Ways Taking More Risks Can Be Good for You

Risk and taking risks is something that’s tough to summarize.

The word ‘risk’ means something very different to each and every one of us. We all have our own natural level of risk, and we all are willing to take different amounts of risk.

We are all faced by decisions that involve risk. From small daily decisions carrying little risk that may or may not affect our day. To large life decisions carry a substantial amount of risk.

Being able to calculate risk and make the best of every decision is a skill in itself, and not something I will be going into great detail here. Instead we will look at the other ways taking more risks can be good for you.

When you roll the dice the result doesn’t have to be right, or wrong. We can learn a lot about ourselves from the risks we take. We can stand out from the crowd, make a difference in our lives, and even change our lives significantly on a whim.

So let’s take a look at some of the lesser considered results associated with taking, or not taking risks.

5 Ways Taking More Risks Can Be Good for You

Risk Gives You an Adrenaline Rush

There is an adrenaline rush involved with taking risks. Some people are known to get addicted to this ‘natural high’, feeling more alive when they do something risky compared to their day-to-day lives.

Without a deliberate pun it can be risky riding this adrenaline rush. It pushes people to seek higher highs, with people often taking higher risks than they would on a clear head. With greater risk does come greater reward. As well as a greater chance of loss.

This is no truer than with gambling. It’s a bad habit that has ruined countless lives. So why do people do it? They get caught up in the rush of having those wins, often taking losses and looking for another win. More often than not it’s a spiral of small wins overshadowed by larger losses.

Through Risk We Learn More about Ourselves

The level of risk we take it often a reflection on our personality. Whether it be a subconscious decision, or a more impulsive out of the ordinary one. Either way, it can teach you a lot about yourself and what you’re capable of.

The more success you have from risk the more self-confident you’ll become in your decision making. It’s important to remember what risk is, and how it can backfire. Hell, it probably will back fire sometimes. But how you take the consequences and approach a similar risk in the future will shape you.

Taking Risks Helps You Stand out from the Crowd

One of the factors that contribute to how big a risk something is, is how likely someone is to take the risk. Everyone loves seeing a risk taker, especially if they were not willing to do it themselves. The outcome is of great interest to them.

When you take a risk you put yourself out there. You stand out from the crowd, because generally speaking people don’t take large risks. Yet so many people look back and wish they had done this, or that.

A good example of this is the corporate world. In a competitive environment risk can help further your career. Sure there is a lot on the line for some, but without taking a risk you’ll never know what may have been.

Taking Risks Help Promote Change

Let’s face it, most of us are in a fairly solid routine. We develop and follow the same habits over the years. If you want to make a drastic change, you will need to embrace the risk.

This is what keeps most people in that routine. The fear of risk, and the dear of change. Yet more often than not, change is good. It just takes a little courage. Sure, change can be uncomfortable, and there will be teething problems. But go for it.

Taking Risks Lead to Greater Rewards

You have probably the saying, “with great risk comes great reward”. This is part of the allure for a lot of people. We all want more quickly for less. That’s why we play the lottery, go for that job, make investments etc

Managing risk and making smart decisions can really propel you forward. In your personal life, work life, with friends and family, there are no limits. But with great risk also comes a higher chance of failure.

So calculate the risk and make the best informed decision you can. But remember, there is a lot more to gain from taking risks than just the result. Be positive and look outside of just the ‘win’ or ‘fail’.

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