12 Best Responses to a Cancelled Date! (From “It’s Fine” to “It’s Over”!)

Best Response to a Cancelled Date

There are few worse feelings than getting ready to go out on a date, only to have your date cancel on you.

Whether you had 5 days or 5 hours’ notice, it never feels good.

Put those doubts as to the real reason why they canceled to the back of your mind, first of all, you need to respond in the correct way.

Here is a list of the best responses to a canceled date covering all bases from feeling like you had a narrow escape to rescheduling for another time:

12 Best Responses to a Cancelled Date!

1. “Shoot, well thanks for letting me know!”

This is a standard response that makes it clear you’re disappointed, but not angry or annoyed or anything like that.

It also puts the ball back in their court to reply by letting you know when and/or if they’re going to reschedule.

If they don’t reschedule, it sounds like there is a little more to this than them canceling because something has come up.

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2. “Oh, OK, has something come up?”

This is a subtle way of prompting them to explain the reasons why they’ve canceled.

If you get an answer that seems plausible, then great!

But if their excuse is a bit sketchy, you can take this as your cue to move on.

3. “Was it something I said or did?”

This response kind of turns the tables and gives them the opportunity to tell you if there is something more to their cancellation.

You may come across as a bit insecure, but if you feel like there is something more than they’re telling you this might prompt them to say so.

4. “Are you getting cold feet?”

This is a direct way of putting the ball back in their court.

It gives them the chance to tell you that it’s nothing to do with you, or perhaps the opposite, and tell you that they’re no longer interested.

Either way, it’s a good response if you feel like they are looking for a way out.

5. “No problem, these things happen. Let me know when you’re free and we can reschedule.”

This is a response I’ve used before as I don’t like being confrontational or putting someone on the back foot when they’ve canceled on me.

It also shows that you’re still interested in seeing them and confirms your intentions by suggesting they come up with another date.

6. “OK, I can’t lie, I’m a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to it, but I understand.”

If you want to express your disappointment without coming across as too demanding, this is a good response.

It shows that you respect their decision but it also lets them know that you were really looking forward to seeing them.

If they were thinking that it was you who were getting cold feet, this should help reassure them.

7. “Bit short notice! I’ll give you one more chance if you want to reschedule?”

If you want to be blunt and protect yourself from being messed around, this is a good response.

It gives them one more chance to show that they are serious about seeing you and also conveys your disappointment in them having to cancel.

8. “OK, no problem, is everything OK with you?”

This response shows that you are concerned about them and also suggests that they can come to you if they need help or support.

You never know what someone is really going through, so it’s worth making it clear you care about them and are understanding.

9. “Oh, that’s a shame I was really looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

A sincere response like this shows that you’re disappointed about being let down at such late notice without making them feel bad.

If they have a good reason and are intent on seeing you they should come back with another time and place.

10. “OK, it’s probably for the best as I have a lot on at the moment, too.”

This is a response for those who are too proud to take being let down and want to try and turn the tables.

It’s a subtle way of showing that you’re in control and also implies that you would have been able to handle seeing them even with other commitments.

11. “Maybe this is a sign that it isn’t meant to be, I’ll let you know when I’m available.”

This is a response that shows you aren’t going to be messed around.

It also gives them an out and doesn’t make them feel bad, but should make it clear that you’ll call them if you’re interested.

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12. “People don’t cancel on me and get a second chance, good luck in the future!”

Finally, if you want to send a strong message that you’re not going to put up with being canceled on and let down, this response should do.

Regardless of the reason why they had to cancel, you’re within your rights to simply tell them they blew it and you’re moving on!

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