What Type of Woman Does a Jamaican Man Like? (10 Things They Look For)

What Type of Woman Does a Jamaican Man Like

Want to know, ‘what type of woman does a Jamaican make like and is attracted to?’

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own individual preferences and types.

But that said, typically there are some traits Jamaican guys look for in a woman outside of a purely physical attraction, these are:

What Type of Woman Does a Jamaican Man Like? (10 Key Traits)

1. Women Who Are Family-Orientated

Family is highly important to Jamaican men and they typically prefer women who have similar values.

A Jamaican man’s mom is often a key figure in his life, and they often have large extended families and are close to most if not all of them.

If you get involved with a Jamaican man, you can expect to let a lot of people into your life!

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2. Women Who Will Accept Their Moms Come First

As mentioned, Jamaican Men are very close to their moms so if you’re dating one, it’s essential that you accept that his mom (might) always come first.

It’s important to know that the relationship between him and his mother is not a substitute for your relationship; it’s simply important to him and should always be respected.

3. Women Who Are Flirty

Jamaican guys aren’t shy, and they find women who are also not shy a lot more attractive and appealing.

Don’t know what I mean? Just look up what Daggering is; it’s a form of dancing that originated in Jamaica and involves twerking, grinding and lots of flirting.

If you like a Jamaican guy, you certainly need to be involved in flirting with him if you want your relationship to progress.

4. Women Who Are Not Too Possessive or Jealous

If there is a culture and acceptance of flirting, you can’t be the jealous or possessive type when dating a Jamaican guy.

It’s simply not going to work.

A Jamaican man likes a woman who is secure in herself and her relationship; he also needs his own space and freedom.

5. Women Who Are Athletic and Physical

It’s no secret that Jamaican men love to keep fit, play sports and generally lead an active lifestyle.

Also, going back to Daggering, a physical woman who likes to get down on the dance floor is always attractive to Jamaican men.

6. Women Who Accept You’ll Go Out With Your Friends

Jamaican guys like to go out with their friends and have a good time, just like women do.

If you don’t want him going out with his buddies, then you won’t be happy dating a Jamaican man.

Again, you can’t be the possessive type, that’s simply just not going to work.

7. Women Who Can Take Care of Things at Home

Jamaican men are not afraid to get their hands dirty and can fix just about anything, but they also like women who can take care of things around the house.

This includes cleaning, cooking and just generally being domestic – but only to a certain degree; you certainly don’t need to be a kitchen goddess or anything like that!

8. Women Who Can Cook

On the topic of cooking, Jamaican Men and Jamaicans in general love food and also value women who know how to cook.

Not only are they able to enjoy traditional dishes like curried goat, rice and peas, and greasy dumplings, but they also like to be surprised with new dishes too if you’re from a different culture.

9. Women with A Good Sense of Humor

Jamaican men like women who can make them laugh and enjoy having a good time.

They also have an almost self-deprecating sense of humor and a good banter is always appreciated.

Who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time laughing with someone they’re romantically involved in?

10. Woman Who Are Interested in Their Culture and Traditions

Jamaican Men take pride in their culture and traditions, so it’s important to them that the person they’re with is interested and willing to learn about it as well.

It’s important that you’re open-minded to learning about their culture, religion, values and customs.

This can be done through visiting their homeland if possible, or being involved in Jamaican festivals and celebrations where you live.

You can also demonstrate you’re interested by simply asking them questions about their background and culture, that’s a great conversation starter and will show a Jamaican guy you’re interested in him.

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What Do Jamaicans Call Their Girlfriends?

Jamaicans have their own language and slang that you’ll need to get used to if you’re dating a Jamaican guy.

Their word for girlfriend can range from ‘Boo’ to ‘Babes’, and sometimes they use the word ‘Ooman’, but ultimately it will depend on the guy.

A Jamaican man will let you know what he thinks his nickname for you should be when he starts calling you it!

Should You Ask out A Jamaican Guy or Wait for Him to Ask You Out?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether or not you want to ask out a Jamaican guy.

If you’re confident and feel like he’s interested, then go for it.

But if you’re not sure, then you can always wait for him to make the first move.

Jamaican men are known for being laid back and relaxed, but they can also be quite forward if they like someone a lot.

Either way, it won’t hurt to show a bit of interest if you want to get things started!

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  1. I just started dating Jamaican guy and he seems really sweet at times he very ambitious we had a few bumps in the road but he comes back and makes it right anywhom he’s younger no kid never married and I like em always wanted to date Jamaican man

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