What To Say To Someone Before Moving To A New City

What to say to someone before moving to a new city

Whether it’s your best friend, a co-worker, or an acquaintance moving to a new city, it can be tough to know the exact right thing to say to them before they move. Of course, you want to ensure you’re supportive and sensitive to their situation, but you might also want to express your feelings and let them know how you’ll miss them.

Knowing what to say to someone before they make a big transition, like moving to a new city, is challenging; luckily, today, we’re sharing what to say to someone before moving to a new city. In our comprehensive guide below, you’ll find supportive, encouraging, and loving things you can say to someone taking on the new adventure of relocating to a new city.

Why your support matters

When someone you know is relocating to a different city, your support can make a significant difference. Moving to an unfamiliar place can be exciting, scary, and overwhelming, and having a support system through friends or family can make a significant difference in their transition.

Your encouragement, understanding, and practical assistance can help ease their anxieties and provide comfort and stability during this significant life change. 

Support can range from offering emotional reassurance and listening to their concerns and fears to providing practical advice and recommendations about the new city.

By providing support, you can help the person overcome challenges, familiarize themselves with their new environment, and develop a sense of connection within their community.

This demonstrates your commitment to maintaining your relationship with them, even if you are physically apart. Your support matters hugely and can make a huge difference for your loved one.

Things to say to someone before they move to a new city

The words we choose to say to someone before they move to a new city can profoundly impact their mindset and emotional well-being. It is vital to be very mindful of the importance of our words, as they can offer comfort, support, and encouragement during this significant transition. 

By choosing our words wisely, we can help alleviate their fears and uncertainties, instill a sense of excitement and optimism, and empower them to embrace the new chapter in their lives. Our words can shape their perception of the move, bolster their confidence, and remind them often they are not alone in their journey.

Choosing the right words can offer comfort and remind someone that their support system is cheering them on. By being considerate and purposeful in our language, we can play a big role in assisting them in navigating the obstacles and embracing the opportunities that come with relocating to a new city.

Acknowledge their feelings

Acknowledging someone’s feelings before they move to a new city is very important. It can be an emotional time filled with excitement, anxiety, and nostalgia.

By acknowledging their feelings, we show empathy, compassion, and understanding, letting them know that their emotions are valid and that it’s natural to feel a range of emotions during such a significant life change. It offers them an opportunity to feel seen, heard, and supported.

By acknowledging their feelings, we create a safe space for them to express themselves and process their emotions. It also opens the door for open and honest conversations, where they can freely share their hopes, fears, and concerns. 


  • Feeling anxious about moving to a new city is expected. The unfamiliarity can be intimidating, but it’s also a chance to grow and have exciting experiences. I believe in your ability to adopt change and make it your own. You’re going to be great!
  • I imagine that you’re feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness about this big move. Experiencing emotions is a normal part of life, and I hope you know I’m here to provide support, guidance, and assistance every step of the way.

Express positivity and excitement

It’s important to show enthusiasm and positivity when someone is relocating to a new city. Expressing enthusiasm about their upcoming life adventure can significantly impact their mindset and overall experience.

By radiating positivity, you uplift their spirits and help them embrace the possibilities and opportunities that await them. Share your genuine excitement, highlighting the new experiences, people, and adventures they will encounter in their new city.

Encouraging them to approach this change with an open mind and a positive attitude sets the tone for an optimistic transition. By being a source of positivity, you inspire them to view this move as a thrilling chapter in their lives and instill confidence in their ability to adapt and thrive in their new environment.

Your positive and excited energy can be contagious, empowering them to embrace the unknown and make the most of their new city experience.


  • I am genuinely thrilled for you and your upcoming move! This is such a thrilling opportunity to explore a brand-new city, meet new people, and create incredible memories. I’m so excited to hear all about your experiences!
  • Congratulations on your new city adventure! It’s an incredible opportunity to start fresh, discover new passions, and create a life that genuinely reflects who you are. So welcome the change with open arms, and remember that I’ll be rooting for you every step along the way!

Share your personal experiences

Have you ever relocated to a new city? Perhaps you have a few tricks up your sleeve? Share your stories when talking to someone moving to a new city. When relocating, there are many things to learn, such as the location of good schools and navigating a new city.

Please share any information you have, as it will be helpful. Also, it can make the person feel heard and understood to hear your personal experiences. Finally, it can be helpful to know they’re not alone with their feelings and that someone they know has experienced something similar.

Since relocating to a new city, I’ve experienced a mix of excitement and fear. Everything was brand new, and I had to sort of re-teach myself new routines and routes and find where everything was located. These personal experiences are great to share with someone moving to a new city as they let them know they aren’t alone.

Offer practical support options

Offering practical support to someone moving to a new city can be immensely valuable. You can provide valuable information by suggesting resources or websites that can help with the moving process. This gives them easy access to helpful information.

Whether it’s websites offering housing listings, local service directories, or community group forums, these resources can help them easily navigate their new surroundings.

Additionally, offering advice on finding housing, local services, and community groups can be invaluable in helping them settle down quickly. In addition, you can find where grocery stores, daycares, schools, and whatever else they might need. 

Encourage them to explore, meet new people, and get outside of their comfort zone

Encouraging someone to explore and meet new people in their new city is essential for a fulfilling and enriching experience. Emphasizing the importance of getting out and exploring their surroundings can ignite their curiosity and sense of adventure.

Suggesting specific places and activities for them to check out helps them discover social opportunities and build connections. Whether it’s recommending local coffee shops, parks, or cultural events, these suggestions can serve as stepping stones for meeting like-minded individuals.

Furthermore, encouraging them to consider joining local clubs, groups, or volunteering opportunities can allow them to connect with people who share their interests and passions. By immersing themselves in the community, they can establish new friendships, expand their networks, and create a sense of belonging.

Encouraging exploration and facilitating opportunities to meet new people ensures that their new city becomes more than just a place to live—a vibrant and welcoming community they can call home.

Reinforce your ongoing support

Assuring someone of your ongoing support during their transition to a new city is a comforting gesture that can alleviate any concerns or anxieties they may have. By reiterating your willingness to stay connected and be a resource for them, you convey your commitment to their well-being and happiness.

Assure them that you are just a phone call, text, or video chat away, ready to provide any help or guidance they may need. Offering to keep in touch and providing support during the transition period lets them know they have a reliable source of comfort and advice during this adjustment time.

Whether it’s lending an ear to listen, offering encouragement, or sharing your own experiences, your ongoing support can make a real difference in their journey. 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, we’ve shared various essential things to say to someone before they move to a new city. We discussed the significance of acknowledging their feelings, offering practical advice, and expressing genuine excitement and support.

By choosing our words wisely, we can provide comfort, guidance, and reassurance during this significant life transition. Remember to emphasize the opportunities and adventures that await while also acknowledging the challenges that may arise.

Encourage them to embrace the unknown, explore their new surroundings, and create connections with the local community. Finally, assure them of your ongoing support and offer to stay connected during their transition.

Moving to a new city can be thrilling, exciting, and daunting, but with the right words and support, we can help make their journey positive and fulfilling.

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