Seeing Lotus Flower During Meditation? What This Symbolizes

Seeing Lotus Flower During Meditation

Have you been seeing lotus flower during meditation?

It’s not as random as you may think. The lotus flower symbolizes a number of different spiritual things across many different cultures and religions.

For some, connecting with this image during meditation means they are reaching enlightenment, others it symbolizes activating their third eye, approaching a rebirth, and more.

Read on to better understand what seeing a lotus flower might mean for you, and what the different colors represent:

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a Lotus Flower?

In Buddhism, ancient Egypt, and other cultures, the lotus flower is very symbolic and has a strong spiritual meaning.

This is because lotus flowers grow in murky or muddy water away from the sun. Yet, it’s able to reach the light when it’s ready to bloom and opens to be one of the most beautiful and unique flowers in the world.

For this reason, it’s regarded in many cultures and religions as a symbol that anyone can become a unique and beautiful person – regardless of your past.

It’s also often talked about as symbolizing a rebirth, or a regeneration. Being a sign of purity and enlightenment, all kinds of positive things along these lines.

What Does Seeing Lotus Flower During Meditation Mean?

Taking into account the spiritual meanings mentioned above, when someone sees a lotus flower during meditation it’s often associated with that person being reborn, enlightened, or expanding their minds.

The bottom line is that it’s a positive thing. At least, I’ve never heard of any negative reasons why you’d see a lotus.

There are even some specific meditation techniques that require you to picture a lotus flower at the center of your forehead to help unlock your “third eye”.

There are a wide number of accounts regarding what exactly the third eye does. But it’s believed to help align and balance all of your chakras, as well as enhance all the other benefits you’d expect from meditating.

Such as improving your quality of sleep, concentration, focus, and helping you form stronger spiritual connections.

Basically, it’s best explained as someone reaching their deepest meditative state where they’re much more likely to experience meaningful visions and feelings.

For this reason, it’s something a lot of meditation practitioners are always trying to achieve. But some never do.

What Do Different Color Lotus Flowers Mean?

What Do Different Color Lotus Flowers Mean

Different colors of lotus flowers also hold different meanings in Buddhism. If you’re also seeing a specific color of lotus in your meditation, you might be able to read more into it.

Here is what some of the different color flowers mean:

White lotus flower – Symbolizes purity, both of the mind and soul.

Pink lotus flower – Represents the history and legend of Buddha.  

Blue lotus flower – Symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and common sense.

Red lotus flower – Represents love and compassion.

Purple lotus flower – Symbolizes wealth, wisdom, creativity, and dignity.

Gold lotus flower – Symbolizes a high state of true spiritual enlightenment.

You’ll notice that these colors can also correspond with the chakra points across your body.

It’s possible that the color of the lotus you’re seeing is also attached to that chakra. Just as some people see specific colors while meditating.

For example, if you see a blue lotus flower it may mean that your subconscious mind is telling you to focus on your throat chakra, which is also blue.

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In Summary

If you’ve been seeing a lotus flower during meditation on the surface, it’s a sign that you’re progressing with your meditation practices.

On a deeper level, there may be something symbolic to read into it.

Having visions while meditating is one of the most thought-provoking and profound experiences to come out of a meditation session.

If it’s been happening for you; remember, do not focus on any images as they’re happening. Simply allow them to be so you get to see their full form without influencing what you’re seeing.


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Image credits – Header Photo by Macau Photo Agency, white Lotus image by Paul on Unsplash

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  1. With all respects , Nothing actually might be seen during meditation . Meditation means observing all without judgment , evaluation, processing and resulting . Just being a witness . So whatever can be seen , it’s surely product of the mind which is result of imaganination. It can be anything , whatever you want , but all are invalid. Correct meditation will lead to silence & emptiness doesn’t really mean nothing , One is there to wtiness that there is emptiness. That’s the conciousness itself.

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