How to Respond to ‘Hey Trouble’ (42+ Comebacks and Witty Replies!)

How to Respond to Hey Trouble

Want to know how to respond to ‘hey trouble’?

The greeting Hey Trouble can actually mean a number of different things, so it’s important to look at the context in which it’s said.

Here is an explanation of what hey trouble means, and some of the best ways to respond when someone says it to you:

What Does Hey Trouble Mean?

‘Hey Trouble’ is a familiar phrase around the world, and in the U.S. in particular.

It’s usually used as a conversation opener, and more often than not is used in a flirtatious or cheeky manner.

It doesn’t literally mean someone is trouble – it’s a jokey way of someone saying they want to play around with you or that you’re likely to have fun.

It can mean a number of things though, I even know one person who uses ‘hey trouble’ as a casual greeting!

But, generally speaking, I’d say it’s a phrase used when people know each other well or are looking to start a playful, friendly conversation.

If you’re unsure what someone means, take a moment to look at the overall context of and tone of voice they’re using.

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How to Respond to ‘Hey Trouble’ In a Flirty Way

‘Hey trouble’ is often a flirty conversation opener, so if you like the person saying it you should use this as an opportunity to have a little fun.

Here are some flirty replies you could use:

  • Hey there, I’m not sure if I should be worried or excited!
  • What kind of trouble are you getting me into?
  • Who’s been telling you how much trouble I can be?
  • You just better be careful, who knows what kind of trouble we could get into!
  • Thanks, I’ll take that as a compliment!
  • Can you tell I’m trouble just by looking at me?
  • You have no idea just how much trouble I can cause!
  • You’re not scared, are you?
  • I might be trouble, but I can promise you it’s worth it.
  • Do you say that to all the girls/guys you like?
  • I don’t have to be trouble, it depends on what you want to get up to.
  • Meh, some people say trouble, I say fun!
  • That’s funny, I was about to say the same to you!
  • I promise I won’t cause any trouble…unless that’s what you want.
  • My reputation precedes me, it seems.

How to Respond to ‘Hey Trouble’ In a Fun Way

If you don’t want to flirt or give off the wrong signals but still keep the conversation lively and fun, some responses you can use are:

  • Um, is that a threat or an invitation?
  • That’s a strange way to say hello!
  • I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.
  • Ha, you must have heard about my reputation!
  • That’s sweet of you to say, but I’m actually very well-behaved!
  • Who said I was trouble? I need to have a word with them!
  • Sounds like I need to watch out around you!
  • Hey, you sure it isn’t you who’s the trouble?
  • Pfft, I’ve never been in trouble in my life.
  • I keep hearing I’m trouble, but I have no idea why [wink].
  • Back at you, troublemaker.
  • You’re the one always looking for trouble by the sounds of it.
  • Hey, how are you doing?
  • Trouble is my middle name! What have you been up to?
  • Haha, you always make me laugh.

How to Respond to ‘Hey Trouble’ To Shut Them Down

If you’re not comfortable with someone saying ‘hey trouble’ to you or flirting, you can respond in a way that conveys that message and shuts them down.

Simply respond with someone like:

  • You say that to everyone, it’s so old.
  • Hey.
  • Not in the mood for trouble today!
  • Flattery will get you nowhere!
  • You’re trying to be funny, eh.
  • I’ve heard that one before.
  • That doesn’t work on me, sorry.
  • Haha, very good.
  • How original.
  • I’m not trouble.
  • [simply ignore them]
  • [frown at them]
  • What does that even mean?

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Signs They’re Flirting with You

If you want to know if someone is flirting with you when they say ‘Hey Trouble’, you should look for some other signs.

Typically, if someone is flirting they’ll also:

  • Make prolonged eye contact when they’re talking to you, or from afar to check you out;
  • Gently touch you on the arm or shoulder or make contact in some fun and playful way;
  • Ask lots of questions about you and how you’re doing and show an interest in you;
  • Laugh at your jokes (yes, even if they’re not funny);
  • Maintain a light and playful conversation;
  • Compliment you directly or indirectly in a way that’s clearly more personable than just a friend;

If you start paying attention to what they’re saying and their body language, you’ll almost certainly get the feeling – or see evidence – that they’re flirting with you.

The bottom line is that you can respond however you feel comfortable when someone says ‘Hey Trouble’ to you.

Whether it’s with a flirty and fun reply, or a more shut them down kind of response, it’s best to go with your gut feeling!

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