ENTP Relationships

ENTP Relationships

The ENTP personality type is an interesting one and and ENTP relationships can be complicated at times. ENTPs are less judgemental than other personality types, and can be a little (too) casual about things.

ENTPs are motivated by mental stimulation, and love having ways to exercise their wit and smarts. They have a broad and eclectic knowledge base, and an intuitive way of explaining their ideas and bouncing ideas off others.

ENTPs typically see themselves as the underdogs, and take great pride in proving people wrong. They love to troubleshoot ideas and bounce them around with others, but when it comes to executing the ideas they are often stuck at the through phase.

They also have a penchant for a good debate. Anyone who knows an ENTP will know this! They are great at holding their own and getting their point across, as well as being good listeners and upfront about questioning others.

Looking at these traits in summary, ENTPs can have a tough time focusing on one goal and getting there in the quickest possible way. Building a large circle of friends will help everything come to fruition, and although they like being challenged, working with others to achieve goals is an important, but often overlooked skill.

ENTP Personality Traits

Being curious and interested in new problems and issues is a definite personality trait. They love having challenges in front of them to motivate and spur them on. Taking away challenges and leaving an ENTP with nothing to progress and work on will be a huge de-motivator.

They are fluent and competent when it comes to communicating and holding conversations with others. Enjoying the mental and verbal sparring, and always trying to get their point across and have the last word.

ENTP Strengths

Always Learning

ENTPs have a thirst for learning and are always looking to learn new things, discuss things with others, and develop their knowledge. This isn’t always due to a set goal in mind, just their innate desire to learn.

Ability to Think Quickly on Their Feet

Being able to think on your feet, fast, is a great strength. It can get you out of sticky situations, and help greatly. ENTPs will often draw on their knowledge to prove a point or help someone out.

Having an Analytical Thought Process

Having the kind of brain and thought process that leans towards analyzing the best possible outcomes has some obvious advantages. This is how ENTPs think and approach problems, often finding the best solution.

Charismatic and Gregarious

Being quick thinkers and always willing to engage in stimulating conversation, they have a charismatic and gregarious personality. Making friends is not usually a problem. as long as they can keep the confrontational discussions to a tactful level.

Full of Energy

Taking into account all of the above strengths, when wrapped up in an enthusiastic package an ENTP has a lot going for them. They have good reason to be happy and full of energy expressing their points.

ENTP Weaknesses

Overly Argumentative at Times

There is a thin line between debating a point, and becoming argumentative. For an ENTP the line can often be crossed as they passionately fight their corner for what they believe in.

Being Emotionally Insensitive

Linked to the previous point about being argumentative, it’s easy for them to come across as emotionally insensitive when debating with other people. This personality is sometimes a little insensitive to the emotions of others, something to look for.

Lack of Patience

Another weakness that comes with having a lot to say and wanting to get one’s point across is a lack of patience for others. Patience is key in so many situations, it’s something that needs to be worked on.

Lack of Direct Focus

With so many good ideas and points to debate an ENTP can easily lose focus on what’s important. Being able to focus on one thing to completion is something they find difficult, and a process that needs managing.

ENTP Relationships with Others

ENTPs are great at being innovative and creative. This applies to their friendships and romantic interests. They are involved partners, always interested in experiencing new things and sharing this passion.

This usually means they need friends and partners with similar goals, otherwise there is a mismatch. Which leads into the debating and arguing phase I touched on earlier.

Dating an ENTP is more often than not an exciting and fun experience. With their enthusiasm and fun outlook on life, there is usually a lot of spontaneous fun. Being pleasantly surprised is always a plus point in a relationship.

Because this personality type leans towards continual improvement, they usually help their partners and friends do better. Being surrounded by people who push themselves, is a huge motivator.

This constant self-improvement, all the ideas, and chasing those goals can become tiresome for some people. Especially if the lack of focus makes it difficult for the person with the personality to follow through.

In summary, the ENTP personality works well in relationships where the partner is receptive to improvement and the traits of the personality. They are much more openminded than a lot of other types, another endearing quality in a relationship.

Do ENTPs Make Good Friends

This is always a popular question. ENTPs can be guilty of causing confrontation at times when they are arguing their point. The worst case scenario is friends who just appease them and are effectively ‘yes’ people. They need to be challenged.

ENTPs need to be challenged by their friends, and challenge them back too. They have a desire to challenge things being said, and look for hard truths, or at least logical explanations.

Being quick witted, they need the same sort of friends to bounce their wit off. Sometimes becoming mild arguments as discussed earlier, but always honest and to the point. ENTPs can easily pass hours of time discussing and debating points and topics.

These debates and discussions are never personal or intended to offend, this is the kind of interaction they thrive off. So having another person with similar interests and personality types helps.

Do ENTPs Make Good Parents

There was several ways to look at this, but in a nutshell – yes, ENTPs do make for good parents. They love social interaction, challenges, and solving problems. All of which come hand-in-hand with parenthood.

Exposing their weaknesses and finding ways around them are more challenges they thrive on. Something that will come up in parenthood for sure, so instead of shying away people with this personality type will meet it head-on.

As young children grow up an ENTP as a parent will encourage them to do their best, and always push to do better. They have more focus on a logical and methodical approach to problems.

Often entering into debates with their children, they will have good debating social skills and will not be afraid to get their point across if they are thinking something.

Am I an ENTP

Are you reading this and thinking, ‘yes, I think methodically and like to debate points that I am passionate about’.

ENTPs can spend time alone with their thoughts and still keep themselves interested. Do you like challenges, new tasks, and breaching new ground without feeling overwhelmed?

Read on to get a better and fuller understanding of this personality types motivations.

ENTP Career Choices

An ENTP has an advantage when it comes to be resourceful on their feets and productive. Two key strengths when it comes to working and being part of a productive working environment. Be it in a team, or on their own.

They are great at problem solving, and thrive on the chance to get stuck into a good challenge. Often taking it further than the average person would. The workplace facilities an environment for them to really flourish in a lot of instances.

Unlike some of the more introverted personality types, an ENTP can enter a new team and hit the floor running. Using their communication and debating skills to introduce themselves and get stuck into the task at hand.

In the right role and with the right motivations, an ENTP will do very well in their chosen job if they have the freedom to be creative and progress.


So, looking at all the information as a whole. ENTPs are curious, intelligent, logical, and possess great debating skills. They are always able to put their point across, often a little too strongly, but within managing and being away of the situation.

This can at the same time cause them to be a little narrow minded and not see the whole picture. Often being passionately focused on what they believe in or what’s important to them.

What you have read in this article is a broad insight into the complex personality type of an ENTP. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own individual traits, but this article covers the core values.

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