Daily Productivity Tips That Will Maximize Your Productivity

Daily Productivity Tips That Will Maximize Your Productivity

I love productivity hacks. Doing more, in less time, is always something that peaks my interest.

There are dozens of different ways to start being more productive. You don’t have to search far to find some pretty decent information.

But so many people don’t benefit from the tips. A lot of it comes down to willpower and dedication, but there is more to it than that.

The type of productivity hacks, and the way we try to implement the changes has a big impact on how successful it will be.

I have tried a wide range of different productivity methods and techniques. The one method that really seemed to stick right away was breaking down daily tips.

By this I mean assigning a role to each day of the week. There is a little flexibility to the days of the week you choose. But as an example, this is what I did to ramp up my productivity.

Daily Productivity Tips That Will Maximize Your Productivity

Monday – Ignore Distractions and Unimportant Things

Concentration spans in general are getting shorter and shorter. There are endless distractions, and it’s so easy to get sidetracked. I’m sure we all know this all too well.

Mondays seem to be the worst when it comes to distractions. You have work to do, yet you need to catch up with work friends about the weekend.

There is housework to do after a busy weekend, yet after a day at work you want to relax. The TV seems more appealing than doing some laundry.

I used to be in this rut as badly as anyone else. That is until I started blocking out all distractions.

This means blocking, disconnecting from, or switching off social media and other distractions on your phone or PC when you get to work.

Tuesday – Break Tasks down and Pat Yourself on the Back

With Monday out of the way, and a productive Monday at that. You should have a clear picture of the most important tasks that need doing.

Breaking these tasks down will make them a lot less daunting. Give you less motivation to get bored and distracted. Smaller tasks are a lot easier to tackle.

Give yourself a pat on the back as you complete these tasks too. A hypothetical pat on the back of course, not literally.

Give yourself a little reward, like a quick break. Or allow a short distraction. This will get you back in the mood for another task.

Wednesday – Reassess What’s Important

Heading into the midway point of the working week it’s time to take a look at what’s important, and what isn’t.

You should have made a dent on your to-do list. But why are you by passing some tasks? Or they not important enough, or just dreaded tasks you’d rather not do?

Take a look and sort it today. Not tomorrow, but today. The next two days will pass faster than the last two, so you should be on target to complete your goals.

Thursday – Step It up a Gear

By Thursday you should be in full on assault mode. The beginning of the week can be difficult as discussed. As can the end of the week, with more distractions creeping in.

By now you should know what’s working this week. Are you able to avoid distractions as Monday’s directive? Are you breaking down tasks into manageable chunks and completing them as per Wednesday’s directive?

As you only have two working days left it’s time to get busy. There are some scientific studies behind productive time slots.

There are a few ideas. But it’s widely believed 52 minutes work, followed by 17 minute breaks keeps productivity at its maximum. So give this a try and see how you get on.

Friday – Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Having that feeling of deadlines closing in can be terrifying. It can also be a massive de-motivator, so let’s do something to avoid that.

If you can ask for help then do it. You should never be afraid to ask for help. Sure you may have to return the favor another time, that’s fine.

It’s easy to get distracted on Fridays, or feel a little burned out after a busy week. Working with other people can also help realign your focus and get some stuff done.

Saturday – Take the Work Mindset Home

Assuming you are a Monday to Friday worker, this will help you be more productive around the home. Because we don’t stop having things to do just because we are at home.

For me, and most people, there are even more distractions around the home. So you need to take that working mentality, and apply it at the weekend too.

Make a to-do list, and stick to it. Write times on there that tasks need to be completed by, something to be accountable for.

Habits are shaped by the things we surround ourselves by. So keeping a tidy and clutter free home, will lead to a clear and clutter free thought process.

Sunday – Relax, but Make a Head Start on the next Week

We all need to relax, and Sunday is by far the best day for this. But making a head start on the next week will stop a lot of the stress and headaches that await you.

Putting together a to-do list for the following week is one of the best things you can do to prepare. Getting things ready for Monday morning is a help too, especially if you’re prone to oversleeping.

All in all, taking the productivity hack approach day by day should help you immensely. You will find your own routine and different tweaks applicable to you, but you will become a lot more efficient.

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