Types of Friends We Need and Don’t Need

Types of Friends We Need and Don't Need

Family and friends enrich our lives. There are few people who can do without the love and support hey bring.

They can lift us up when we are down. As well as causing us all kinds of problems. The distinction between family and friends is that, we have more power over choosing our friends than we do our family.

Friends become an extension of our families, and often integrate them into our families. So there is often a very thin line between the two. You can almost look at friends as chosen additional members of our families.

Friends come and go as we grow up, and also as our ideals and situations change. Different freinds serve different purposes. Some are great for keeping us grounded, others are a huge help, and some are just there when we need a sympathetic ear.

With that being said, friends can be put into different types. Some types of friend are really good for us, and will help bring the best out of us. While others are not so good, and can end up having a toxic effect on our lives.

Types of Friends We Need

Spontaneous Friends Who Are Willing to Get Stuck In

When you’re feeling like doing something spontaneous and crazy, there is nothing better than a partner in crime. Likewise, there is no quicker way to burst your bubble than have friends tell you you’re crazy.

So having friends that are like minded and willing to get stick in with you are your crazy ideas are worth keeping.

Friends Who Are Cooler than You (It’s Ok)

Friends who are cooler than we are keep us on our toes. If gives us healthy competition and a reason to try and do better.

It also doesn’t help to be able to get some tips from someone like that.

Friends Who Inspire You

This is a bit different than being cool or having cred. I’m talking about those friends who you really look up to, and have impressed you in some way.

We should always be looking to do better and work on improving ourselves. Seeing someone close to us doing exactly that is a big motivator.

Friends Who Are Separate from Your Inner Circle of Friends

Having a big circle of close friends is great. You all know each other well and can help out in a collective way.

But having a friend who isn’t part of this group is also just as valuable. They are not influenced by the others, you can confide in them, and it’s a welcome change.

Friends Who Are Brutally Honest

Friends who tell us what we want to hear aren’t always helping. We need that personality type that will be brutally honest, but only when we need to hear it.

There is some tact and a time and place for brutal honesty, it’s a social skill that needs to be mastered.

Friends Who Have Been There since Childhood

Unfortunately it’s just a dream for most of us. Growin old with a best friend, looking back and talking about all those good times growing up.

You’ll see at times they know you better than you do, and likewise. It’s a feeling that can’t be replicated any other way.

Types of Friends We Don’t Need

The Kind of Friend Who Needs You to Parent Them

Friends are friends, not parents, siblings, or children. Whichever way you look at the dynamic, you shouldn’t be learned on as a parenting figure.

Because that means you are expected to sort out their issues. And when you have a problem, those friends are nowhere to be found.

Friends Who Have a History of Letting You Down

Friends who let you down time and time again aren’t likely to change. They can be a huge drain over time, and not the kind of friend you want.

It can be difficult cutting ties, especially if they are also great friends at times. But you need to address this.

Friends Who Put You Down

Some friends will put you down. It’s just in their nature, and it makes them feel better. These types of friends will be a drain on you, and can damage your self-confidence.

You need to surround yourself with positive people that have your best interests at heart.

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  1. I’ve had a friend that since he got into a relationship that was serious he let me down a lot and canceled plans he said he would help me if I was sick if my mom or brothers were not able to be there but I had a panic attack and I had to take care of it myself finally it happened more and more so I ended the friendship with him now if I don’t feel good I tell my mom somehow or I fix it myself if I can if it got really bad I’d call an ambulance

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