List of Business Words That Start With J

In this article, I’ve put together a list of business words that start with J to help you find the perfect business-related words you’re looking for.

I know how important it is to use the right words, in the right moment. Especially so in the business world as it helps evoke the right actions and emotions.

There are some specific words and terms spanning finance, economics, and business in general, I’ve done my best to capture as many of them as possible for you.

Please, take a look through the business-related words beginning with J below. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Business Words That Start With J

Job Lot – a miscellaneous group of articles, especially when sold or bought together.

Joint Account – a bank or brokerage account shared between two or more individuals.

Joint Bond – investment partner(s) are jointly liable for the taxes, repayments, and any other fees, both legal and administrative associated with the purchase or sale of the property.

Joint Ownership – an individual or group that shares ownership in an asset with another individual or group.

Journal – (in bookkeeping) a daily record of business transactions with a statement of the accounts to which each is to be debited and credited.

Junk Bond – a high-yielding high-risk security, typically issued by a company seeking to raise capital quickly in order to finance a takeover.

Just In Time (JIT) – form of inventory management that requires working closely with suppliers so that raw materials arrive as production is scheduled to begin, but no sooner.

There isn’t a long list of business-related words starting with the letter J, but there were some interesting ones I was able to find.

A few that stand out are; ‘Joint Account’ and ‘Joint Ownership’ which are commonly used terms in businesses with more than one owner. While ‘Journal’ is going to be very familiar with anyone who has studied or worked in accounts.

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive list. If you know of any words I’ve missed that would be helpful to others please drop me a comment below and I’ll add them to the list, thanks!

For more professional and business words starting with different letters of the alphabet, please click any of the letters in the table below to go to that list:


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