Natasha MacFarlane

Natasha MacFarlane is a writer, blogger, and mental health advocate. After being diagnosed in her 20's with bipolar disorder, Natasha has worked tirelessly to educate others', culivate community, and share her experiences to ensure no one ever feels alone. In doing so, Natasha has two self-published poetry books exploring some of her darkest times, 2 blogs, and an Instagram community that has grown exponentially in it's only 6 months of being around. When Natasha isn't writing, you can find her walking in nature with her toes in the grass, listening to her favorite true crime podcasts or playing soccer with her 3 kids. Natasha enjoys a slower pace of life in a small rural Manitoba town with her husband three kids and is fueled by her passion for words.

Witty comebacks to body-shaming comments

Witty Comebacks To Body-Shaming Comments

Negative comments about someone’s body can be harmful and hurtful, especially in a society that puts too much importance on physical appearance. Whether it’s a snide remark about weight, shape, or any other aspect of our bodies, such comments can leave us feeling self-conscious and undermined. However, responding with grace, wit, and confidence can be […]

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six questions to ask yourself to find your passions in life

6 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Your Passions In Life

Living a life without knowing what your passions are can feel as if you’re traveling down a long narrow road without any directions or map. Essentially – it can leave a person feeling lost, confused, and unsure. When you don’t know your passions, you might lack joy, happiness, and a connection to others who share

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How to ask for a raise

How To Ask For A Raise

Asking for a raise can be scary and nerve-wracking, but it’s essential to advancing your career and achieving financial growth. Whether you’ve been putting in extra hours, taking on more responsibilities, or consistently exceeding expectations, it’s important to advocate for your worth and recognize your value within the organization. However, many individuals need help with

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Witty Comebacks to Unsolicited Advice

Witty Comebacks to Unsolicited Advice

Dealing with unsolicited advice can be challenging, especially when it feels intrusive or unwarranted. Whether it comes from well-meaning friends, family members, or even strangers, unsolicited advice can leave us feeling frustrated or disempowered. In such situations, a well-crafted and witty comeback can be a powerful tool to assert boundaries and regain control of the

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