7 Telltale Signs You Have Low Self Esteem and What to Do about It

7 Telltale Signs You Have Low Self Esteem and What to Do about It

Self-esteem is an emotional state that most people don’t just decide to address. We’re not taught openly about what self-esteem is, and how it can affect us.

It’s almost a taboo subject around children as it can be damaging to persons self-esteem to address it. As strange as that sounds.

But take a moment now to reflect on your own self-esteem. How would you describe your esteem level?

Do you have social anxieties, rarely step outside of your comfort zone, and fear following your dreams? If so, you’re being held back by low self-esteem.

With high self-esteem, the sky’st he limit. You can chase, and achieve those goals. Flourish in social situations, and feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone.

So how can you be more aware of your own self-esteem levels? More so, how can we work on raising our self-esteem?

First of all you need to look for those telltale signs that you have low self-esteem. Then you can start to methodically do something about it, at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

7 Telltale Signs You Have Low Self Esteem and What to Do about It

Do You See Yourself in a Negative Light?

We are surrounded with marketing and advertising campaigns showing perfect looking people, with seemingly perfectly happy lives.

Obviously real life does not fit the image we are constantly shown. Advertisers are trying to sell you something.

This makes a lot of people feel down on themselves when comparing their lives with what they see in adverts. But you need to separate yourself and distinguish real life from picturesque images.

If you see yourself and your life in a negative light, think again. Look at some of the things you have that maybe you take for granted.

Do You Give Yourself Credit for the Things You’re Good At?

Everyone is good at something. Maybe even lots of things. Maybe you have, or have not found out what you’re good at…?

Either way, start giving yourself credit for the things you’re good at. Regardless how important or useful you may think these things are.

Knowing and recognizing we are good at certain  hings are great self-esteem boosters. And rightly so.

Do You Have Positive People around You?

We are all an average of the 5 or so people we spend most of our time with. So surrounding yourself with positive people is going to rub off on you.

It can be a vicious circle however. As people with low self-esteem tend to attract others with the same emotional state.

You really need to take a good look at the people around you. Then start making positive changes, it’ll take effort, but it’s worth it.

Do You Treat Yourself Well?

It’s an old cliche that I am sure you’re aware of. But, if you don’t treat yourself well, who will?

Being hard on yourself, and beating yourself up over small mistakes or missed opportunities is a sign of low self-esteem.

Next time you miss a shot in a sports game. Miss out on that job opportunity. OR whatever it may be, just remind yourself you tried your hardest, and somethings things happen.

Are You Good at Making Decisions?

Choosing between the blue one, or the red one. Tough decision right? It shouldn’t be. Easier said than done, but it really shouldn’t be.

It’s time to start being more assertive and start making decisions quicker, and with conviction. What if you make a bad decision under haste? It happens, move on and learn from it.

If you’re going to raise your self-esteem, this is the kind of attitude you’re going to need. The only way to start making quicker decisions, is to practice.

Do You Say ‘Yes’ Even When You Want to Say ‘No’?

Giving in easily and saying ‘yes’, even when you really do not want to is a sure sign of low self-esteem.

You’re probably more concerned about someone else’s feelings than your own. But in future, ask yourself what’s really more important.

It’s not such a bad thing saying ‘no’ when it’s right to do so. People will understand, and probably respect you more for it.

Do You Step outside of Your Comfort Zone?

Another low self-esteem red flag is people who stay safe and sound well inside of their comfort zone. But in turn hold themselves back from feeling their most alive.

Stepping outside your comfort zone and doing the things you have previously only dreamed of isn’t as hard as it seems. Trust me.

But getting the confidence to do it isn’t just going to hit you when you wake one morning. You need to go after it and make it happen.

Use the support of others. If you want to do something crazy, like a bungee jump, find a partner in crime and give each other the confidence boost.

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