12 Habits of the Rich and Successful

12 Habits of the Rich and Successful

People are always looking for reasons and methods behind why some people are rich and famous. We want to know what the ‘secret formula’ is, or what the blueprint is that we can emulate.

There are endless amounts of books, documentaries, courses, and any other kind of content you can think of giving away all the ‘secrets’. Yet the 1% of the rich and famous continues to be just that, only 1% of the population.

I have never been one to chase or emulate the rich and famous. But I have always found it interesting to find out how these people made it into that 1% bracket.

I’m not going to push any products on you, so I am not going to tell you there are secrets and blueprints. Because there isn’t, otherwise it would be easy to emulate, right?

What I can tell you, is that there are a lot of psychological and mindset similarities within that 1% group. Which does make perfect sense. There needs to be some common detonators, and with these we can look at their daily habits.

Habits help form how we live our lives, and can even make some people a little predictable.

With that being said. Let’s take a look at 12 habits of the rich and successful, maybe there is some food for thought for you here. While these are not true for every person, they are common across a wide range of people.

12 Habits of the Rich and Successful

They Eat Healthy and Value Their Health

There are studies that show a connection between wealthy people eating good quality food and living longer. This is a fairly obvious connection, but something to think about in the long-term.

It does cost more to eat healthier, and this is often an excuse for many. However, the financial benefits include less sick time off work, less medical expenses, and a more productive you when you’re feeling healthier. The connection to being successful is clear to see.

They Outsource and Scale

We all have the same amount of hours in the day. So outsourcing, seeing smart time investments, and time management are all keys to creating wealth.

Working harder, getting more done, and scaling faster than other people will put you ahead of those who just graft. Work smarter, not harder is key. Get more done, in less time.

They Make Time for Exercise

We all have excuses why we do not get enough exercise, I know I do. Successful people make time for exercise. They see the trade off over being healthy and being able to do more in the long run.

They probably have less ‘free time’ than you and I. Yet they understand the importance of exercise. It’s a priority issue, and something we should all bump up our list of priorities.

They Are Not Distracted by Social Media and TV

It’s reported that around 70% of that 1% of the wealthy and successful watch under an hour of TV a day. TV saps your time, productivity, and shifts your mental state away from continual development.

Social media is one of the biggest modern day distractions., It’s available at a click of a button on a phone, and has endless distractions. Give yourself a short break from both TV and social media and see how much more productive you are. You will see the evidence for yourself.

They Wake up Earlier than You

It’s difficult to get up early, right? Not for highly motivated people chasing business deals and enjoying what they do. It’s easy for them to get up early.

Try getting up 30 minutes earlier a day for a couple of weeks. Then make it an hour a day. Use this time to work on yourself and your mental state. Plan your day, and get that all important head start.

They Have Minimal Possessions

People who do not have much often compensate by buying as many nice things as possible. Leading to a cluttered life, and cluttered mind. Also living in excess or outside of their means to buy the possessions they want.

Wealthy people live within their means. Sure they have a lot nicer things, but within the scale of their wealth they can easily afford them. They are good at not hoarded unnecessary possessions.

They Challenge and Push Themselves

Wealthy people challenge and push themselves to do better daily. They never rest on their success and just start cruising. Critical thinking and being open-minded are key to success, and this means being surrounded by like-minded people too.

It’s widely believed that you will earn the average amount of the five people you spend the most time with. Surrounding yourself by like-minded people will help you all push and challenge each others.

They Live in the Future

Not in some kind of time travelling way, or by taking the advice of fortune tellers. I’m talking about an innate way to understand what the future holds, and make smart choices based on that.

Forecasting what you need to be doing now to enjoy a better future can be learned. You need to manage risk, and make smart decisions. One thing for sure is that living only in the now will hold you back.

They Read a Lot

Reading is a form of exercising the mind. You can gain information, stimulate your brain, and provoke new ideas. Wealthy people are known to read a lot, and often talk about how they learned their business know how through books.

Conversely, a study on poor people showed that they read a lot less, with many not reading at all. Instead using their time watching TV, which as pointed out earlier is on the ‘don’t do’ list.

They Are Always Trying to Learn Something New

The world is a fast moving environment, and holding on to wealth can be as hard as achieving wealth. Money is made by tapping into new trends, following growing trends, and being innovative.

Successful people are well aware of this, and entrepreneurs make their breaks by finding holes in markets and supplying a solution. They are good at finding profitable markets before others. Learning about new and interesting markets is key to this.

They Help Others

It’s easy to look at a wealthy person and assume they are selfish and unattainable, just because you can’t get in touch with them. This couldn’t be further from the truth in most cases.

Success is easier achieved by involving other people. Selfish people are more likely to fail. Acts of kindness, sharing information, it can all go full circle and repay you in spades when the people you help find success too.

They Meet Lots of New People

Meeting new people, speaking in public, and putting yourself out there are all common fears and holds people back. The wealthy population embrace these activities, engaging with large amounts of people.

Networking is vital to success. Increasing circles of friends and contact will expand a business, help you develop as a person, and increase your chance of finding wealth and success.

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