6 Ways to Help with Chronic Tiredness

6 Ways to Help with Chronic Tiredness

Do you always feel chronically tired?

Do you feel rundown and fatigued before the day has even started?

You could be suffering from adrenal fatigue. A condition that affects lots of people without them knowing it.

Our adrenal glands produce hormones that are vital to life. Such as the hormone cortex, which regulates our metabolisms and contributes to our body’s ability to deal with stress.

And the hormone aldosterone, which helps our body’s control blood pressure. Another vital sign, and an imbalance can produce negative effects.

We all have a lot of stressful influences in our lives. Work demands, family obligations, rushing from place to place, and keeping up with current events.

Many of us are absorbing a lot of stress, and our bodies are feeling it.

The adrenal glands are known to spark that fight or flight mentality. But as previously discussed, this isn’t always the best response in modern day life.

But constantly flexing your adrenal glands with this response puts them under stress. Because stress always has to go somewhere unless you are dealing with it properly.

This leads to difficulty sleeping, psychological and emotional stress, general fatigue, irritability, and tiredness. When your adrenal glands are under heavy workload pumping out hormones, you put your body under stress.

The way your body deals with this excessive workload on your glands is by draining you of energy. Your sleeping pattern, libido, heart, cardiovascular, and metabolism are all compromised.

Cortisol is an excitatory and stimulant hormone. It gives us a boost in energy, arouses us, and gets us pumped up to get tasks done. But producing too much cortisol is just as bad as too little.

Our glands need time to relax. You may have experienced this on a smaller scale. Ever done bursts of extreme energy, followed by an extreme dip? This is the adrenal gland working and recharging.

Having interrupted sleep can turn someone’s life upside down. There are many negative effects on one’s health resulting from lack of sleep. So addressing this should be a priority.

It’s all too easy to assume you are trapped in a cycle of being chronically tired. Being sleep deprived, agitated, having mood swings, and feeling unwell.

You don’t need to feel like this every day however.

Here are 6 ways to deal with chronic tiredness and get you back to feeling your energized best.

Always Eat a Good Breakfast

There are a lot of reasons why eating a hearty breakfast is good for you. Start eating a high-fiber, protein loaded breakfast first thing in the morning. This gives your body an injection of blood sugar, improving mental awareness.

If you are used to skipping breakfast this can be harder to do that it sounds. A lot of people find it hard to digest food first thing, or have allergies to dairy. Personally I eat healthy granola and lactose free yogurt. A great start to any day.

Don’t Skip Meals

After loading up on a good breakfast, you need to keep the nutrition coming by eating set meals throughout the day. So many health concerns, including chronic tiredness, can be tied back to poor or sporadic nutrition.

Ideally you should eat 4-5 small meals a day. This is ideal to drip feed the nutrients you need throughout the day. This can help with mood swings, heavy lulls in energy, and that irritable feeling. I know we’re all busy, but this needs to be a priority.

Cut out the Junk Food

How many times have you heard this, right? Processed foods are known to cause long term health problems. This means dropping processed meats, sugary snacks, foods with lots of additives, deep fried food, and fast food.

Instead switch in foods that contain some of the nutrients a health body craves. Such as vitamins, zinc and manganese. All found in fruit and leafy greens, no need for expensive supplements.

It doesn’t hurt to treat yourself occasionally. But the interesting thing here is that once you detox from all these foods, you will feel awful every time you go back. If you’re suffering from chronic tiredness it’s a sacrifice you need to make.

Stop Relying on Hollow Stimulants

Running on caffeine based drinks like coffee, tea, and energy drinks is a short term gain with long term bad effects. If you are a coffee drinker you must have realised that not only do caffeine products lead to a crash in energy, but they become less effective over time.

These sugary, caffeine rushes over-stimulate your adrenal glands. They are completely unnecessary and gives you a false sense of energy. A stable diet, along with exercise and good sleep is a much better option.

Include Herbs in Your Diet

There are some herbs that are very effective at combating stress and fatigue. Using Mother Nature’s herbs is a lot better than man made synthetic replacements, can’t beat it. Try looking up these three:

Maca – a root belonging to the radish family. Can be added to food in powder form easily.

Ashwagandha – used as a medicinal herb in India and relied on to treat a number of mental and physical ailments.

Rhodiola Rosea – a flowering plant used in teas to help with physical fatigue.

Always consult with a health professional before using these herbs. Although they are safe, you always need to show caution.

Learn How to Unwind Mentally

There are lots of ways to relieve stress naturally. Practicing these methods will help your body relax and recharge. Try and get away from all the electronic devices we seem to be tied to nowadays.

Enjoy the great outdoors. If you live in the city and don’t get out much, you will not believe how good it feels to breathe in fresh air and feel a calm, warm breeze.

If you find a way to incorporate some or all of these techniques into your daily routines you’ll feel a world better for it.

Living with chronic tiredness is not enjoyable, and has a number of associated problems if left untreated.

Start making changes today, start enjoying life again. If you know any other ways to help with chronic tiredness I’d love to hear from you.

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