14 Reminders That Things Are Going Really Well despite How You May Feel

14 Reminders That Things Are Going Really Well despite How You May Feel

We all get wrapped up in our own little world and feel like we have the worst luck sometimes. It’s easy to feel like there are forces working against us and nothing is going right.

But how bad are things, really? It’s cliche to say that there is also someone worse off. Or we should be grateful for what we have.

But it’s true. Whenever anyone is listing all the bad things in their lives to me I often stop them. Then get them to list some of the good things. It can change their mood in an instant.

So regardless how down you’re feeling, even if you just lost your job, fell out with your best friend, maybe even realized your relationship is coming to an end.

Let’s take a look at some of the positives in your life. Those simple humbling reminders that you are doing really well.

That whatever you’re going through right now, you will come out the other side stronger. If any of the following points ring true for you, take a moment to think about them.

14 Reminders That Things Are Going Really Well despite How You May Feel

You Sleep Well in a Nice Comfy Bed

I could list little humbling reminders all day, but this is one that really resonates with me. I have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of countries where people live in poverty.

I say fortunate with some hesitation, because I wouldn’t wish these problems on anyone. But what it has done is opened my eyes to how fortunate we really are in the developed world.

Just simply having a comfortable bed to sleep on is a luxury so many in the world do not have. Give that a little thought next time you put your head down to sleep.

You Have a Job, Love It or Hate It

Having a job opens up so many doors and opportunities. Around 80% are dissatisfied with their jobs, so don’t feel too down on yourself if you’re in that group.

There are millions of people unsuccessfully job hunting daily. Count yourself lucky, and if you’re dissatisfied with your job use it to bridge into another role.

If you have lost your job recently, don’t stress. If you have had previous employment you’re much more likely to find another job. Study, work hard, and learn new skills all the time.

You Have Safe, Clean Water at Your Disposal

It’s hard to believe but there are around 783 million people worldwide who cannot say the same. It’s another basic need we take for granted, yet it so hard for some to obtain.

I have witnessed family members travelling hours a day to fetch water from a stream where they are unsure of the quality. It was a moving sight for me, and when I recall those memories I count myself lucky.

You Can Forgive and Forget

We all have the ability to forgive and forget. I listed this as it’s a powerful tool at our disposal that we sometimes need a reminder of.

If you’re feeling down because of someone else and their actions. Forgive and forget. Holding on to the negative energy is going to make you feel worse about yourself.

You Have Access to All the Knowledge You Need

We take the internet and other networks of readily available information for granted. Some of the younger readers will not even be aware of a time before the internet existed I bet.

It wasn’t always this easy. For many other countries in the world it still isn’t. There are still restrictions on the availability of free information in some countries. It’s a sad thing, lets count yourselves fortunate.

You Have Life Experience under Your Belt

I bet you can list dozens of successes and failures you’ve experienced in your life if you sat and wrote them down. For good, or for bad, life experience is valuable and can’t be learned any other way.

Remember, each up and down has lead you to this point right now. And from now, you have your destiny in your hands. So look forward, not backwards, and make positive choices.

You Have the Desire to Better Yourself

If you’re reading this on the back of feeling down about things. Now is the push you need to better yourself and turn your fortunes round.

Life is a journey, and making it a journey of self development will lead you to accomplish your goals. Never stop dreaming, believing, and working towards those goals.

You Have Food and Treats Galore

Another thing so many of us in the developed world can take for granted sometimes is food and treats. We are more likely to be guilty of over indulging than we are going without.

While saying grace before a meal may not be your thing. Spare a thought for all the people who are living in food poverty and struggling to find their next meal.

You Have Freedom of Speech

As the vast majority of my readers are in developed countries, I can safely say you are enjoying the freedom of speech. Those who don’t have this ‘luxury’ may well be restricted from the internet.

Being able to speak out without reprise is a wonderful aspect of the free world. It wasn’t always this way, and the world is certainly a better place for it.

You Have the Ability to Inspire Others

With the internet offering a global platform, anyone has the ability to reach millions of people. If you have a message worth sharing, share it. it may just change someone’s life.

This is something just one generation removed were not able to do with such ease. So don’t just think about it, if you feel like you have something inside you others should hear – do something about it.

You Have Dreams That Can Become Reality

From being a young child dreaming big. To being an adult and having dreams. You have the ability to dream big, and chase those dreams. Never give up or stop believing.

Your own life is in your hands. So dust yourself off and move on from whatever you think is holding you back. You have dreams to chase.

You Have Experienced Love and Relationships

More than likely, you have experienced the feeling involved in being in love and having a fulfilling relationship. This sets you apart from those who have not.

Feeling love is something that will enrich you as a person, and your life. It will give you memories to cherish, and hopefully you find that special person to spend your life with.

You Can Make Your Own Future

It’s easy to feel like our hands are tied because we live busy lives. Work, study, other commitments can take up all our time and make us feel like we have no time for ourselves.

While the reality is that we make our own futures. It may feel like you absolutely need our job or your existence will stop. But news flash, no it won’t. You will just take a different path, a path you make.

You Believe in Yourself

This is a big one. Because self-belief can take you a long, long way. If you don’t believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think.

The power of self-belief can pull you out of a rut. It can turn your fortunes around, and it can help you realize that not only are things going really well, but the future is bright.

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