Romantic Words That Start With V

Looking for romantic words that start with V to help describe someone special or set the scene for romance?

I’ve put together a list of all the words I could find that have romantic connotations beginning with the letter V – and there are some I’m sure will provoke the reaction you’re looking for.

There is nothing as powerful as finding the right word that captures what you’re thinking or feeling. Especially when the subject is something as emotionally driven as romance.

I hope you find those special words you’re looking for, good luck!

Romantic Words That Start With V

Valuable – a thing that is of great worth, especially a small item of personal property.

Valued – considered to be important or beneficial; cherished.

Vegete – lively; active; sprightly; vigorous.

Velvety – having a smooth, soft appearance, feel, or taste.

Venerated – regard with great respect; revere.

Venust – beautiful, comely, graceful, elegant.

Vibrant – full of energy and life.

Vigorous – strong, healthy, and full of energy.

Virile – having strength, energy, and a strong intimacy drive (typically used of a man).

Vital – absolutely necessary; essential.

Vitalizing – give strength and energy to.

Vivacious – attractively lively and animated (typically used of a woman).

Vivifying – make more lively or interesting; enliven.

I hope you found what you’re looking for. There are some interesting words beginning with V that have romantic connotations. 

From ‘valuable’ to ‘vivacious’, there are some unique and interesting words that are sure to impress when used at the right moment.

Please drop me a comment if there are any other romance-inspired words that you think should be on this list and I’ll add them.

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