Negative Words Starting With K

Negative Words Starting With K

Kill – cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).

Killjoy – a person who deliberately spoils the enjoyment of others.

Knave – a dishonest or unscrupulous man.

Knife – an instrument composed of a blade fixed into a handle, used for cutting or as a weapon.

Knock – strike a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door.

Knotted – fastened with or having a knot or knots.

Kooky – strange or eccentric.

Kowtow – showing way too much subservience, almost to the point of being oppressive.

Kaleidoscopic – when things are described as kaleidoscopic, they’re often changing in a confusing and unpredictable way.

Knotty – if something is described as knotty, it’s like saying it’s an extra level of complex, tricky, or difficult.

Klutz – clumsy and prone to mistakes.

Kibosh – putting an end to something, blocking it.

Kilter – when things are out of kilter, they’re not quite right.

Knee-jerk: it’s not always the most thought-out response. Impulsive or a quick reaction to something.

Kibitz – giving unsolicited advice while you’re trying to do something often in a nosy way.

Kludge – a makeshift or haphazard solution that’s put together quickly but not very well.

Kerfuffle – a commotion or fuss, often over something trivial, creating unnecessary chaos.

Knackered – utterly exhausted or worn out, beyond just feeling tired.

Kickback – illicit payment or reward, especially in return for a favor or service.

Knucklehead – a foolish or stupid person, someone not known for their intelligence.

Knee-slapper – a joke or situation that’s supposed to be funny turns out to be not funny or lame.

Kinked – something that is not running smoothly, disrupted or twisted. Like a kink in the water hose.

Kleptocratic – a government or leadership that is see to be corrupt and stealing from the people.

Klaxon – a loud, blaring noise or alarm, often used metaphorically to describe something irritating or jarring.

Kibbled – broken into small, useless pieces, like a plan or idea that has fallen apart.

Knee-deep – involved or immersed to an excessive degree, often in a challenging or difficult situation.

Are there any negative words beginning with the letter K you think should be on this list? Drop me a comment, I’m always open to adding more words – thanks!

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