ISFJ Jobs to Avoid

ISFJ Jobs to Avoid

Knowing what the ISFJ jobs to avoid are can save you time and frustration if you know this is your personality type and you’re in the job hunt or looking for a career you will enjoy. Choosing the right career is very important. Investing your time and energy into a career that doesn’t suit your personality type is going to cause you a lot of pain and frustration.

On the other hand, choosing a career that works with your skills is going to be a lot easier and you’ll progress quicker and are likely to be a lot more satisfied.

ISFJ’s are known as ‘The Defenders’. It’s abbreviated form and meaning is:

(I) Introversion – introverted, quiet and reserved.
(S) Sensing – prefer precise information over theories and generalising.
(F) Feeling – personable, considerate, not objective.
(J) Judging – plans, organized, and orderly.

As you can see from the above, there are some desirable qualities that this personality type can bring to a career. ISFJ’s are precise, organised, and bring a lot of order to a job role.

They are introverted and quiet however. But still work well with others and there are plenty of careers and job roles where introverted people can really shine.

ISFJ Careers

ISFJ’s like to keep everything in-line and well organized. This works well in careers where they are presented with clear direction and work to time-sensitive deadlines. Acting and teaching are two interesting roles that fit perfectly into this skillset.

They work best on their own and around people, as opposed to directly with others. You can rely on them not to let anyone down and still be a strong team player however as they prioritise delivering a high standard of work. When things are on the up they will take it to an even higher level.

Careers ISFJ Should Avoid

Some jobs and careers are just not suitable for someone with a strong ISFJ personality. No matter how attracted you are to a role, you will find it difficult to fulfil the role and feel satisfied. Here are some jobs to avoid if you’re an ISFJ.


A nightmare for any introverted individual is sales. Sales is an aggressive and fast-paced career that requires lots of interaction with other people, both team-mates, and potential leads. Trying to secure a sale often means putting in a lot of effort and testing your will against other people.


Being an executive is typically a fast-paced, chaotic career that leads to burnout for a lot of people. This doesn’t fit in with the organized, precise and considerate characteristics of an ISFJ. The cut-throat nature of being competitive and beating over companies is a very hard concept for them to be involved in with passion.


Journalists are relentless and aggressive when it comes to landing a big story or a scoop before anyone else. This kind of competitive environment doesn’t gel well with ISFJ’s and they find it hard to be pushy and aggressive against other people. This would be a very tough role to fill.


Copywriters are tasked with a wide range of different tasks and there is often a lot of uncertainty in the role. Needing to research and write about topics that are new and different on a daily basis is tough for a lot of people to do. It’s not a career that fits in well with the skill sets native to this personality type.

Restaurant or Bar Staff

Much like ISTJ’s, of which they share many personality traits, working in a bar or restaurant requires a certain personality type. You need to communicate with a lot of different people, rely on other team members, and in most instances act under pressure and work very fast. Taking lots of orders and balancing the chaos of serving several different people at once will prove challenging.

ISFJ Famous People

It’s always interesting to know a few famous personalities and see what career paths they had and what their known characteristics are. Here are a few of the most notable famous ISFJ Personalities:

  • Kate Middleton
  • George HW Bush
  • Barbara Bush
  • Mother Teresa
  • Michael Caine

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ISFJ’s

Some of the best careers and jobs include:

  • Actor
  • Teacher
  • Scientist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Social Worker

ISFJ Career Choices in Summary

As you can see from the ISFJ jobs to avoid, and the jobs and careers that make good choices, there are a lot of options and scope for some interesting and satisfying careers. Being practical, caring, organized, and good at planning offers a wide range of rolls.

You can also see that roles like being an actor or a political figure are also in their crosshairs even though they tend to be shy and inverted. This is because people with this personality type have a strong desire and motivation to do what they want. This pushes through and allows them to do roles that require coming out of their shell. Their private life, however, will remain exactly that, private.

When pursuing a career it’s always worthwhile doing this kind of due diligence. I advise finding out what your personality type is and following the relevant advice. Being in a career role that you enjoy is absolutely vital for your own physical and mental well-being, as well as giving you the satisfaction and enjoyment you deserve.

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