How to Induce Lucid Dreaming

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a dream state when a person is consciously aware that they are in a dream.

It’s a fascinating and eye-opening process. It enables the person to control where their dreams go, and what they do. Allowing them to feel like they were really part of the dream.

Lucid dreaming can be used to help with night terrors or nightmares. Solving problems within your life. Getting control over anxiety, stress, and other social issues bothering you by day.

Some people have found the process incredibly liberating and turned their lives around, it’s a powerful process when used correctly.

If you want to learn how to induce lucid dreaming into your own dreams, I have broken it down into several steps.

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming

Start Remembering Your Dreams

I always get a wide range of responses when I ask people if they dream, or remember their dreams. I’m always surprised by the people who say they don’t dream. Everyone dreams. But not everyone remembers their dreams.

I also believe that everyone can remember their dreams if they try. All you have to do is tell yourself you want to remember your dreams. Try repeating ‘I will remember my dreams’ to yourself before going to sleep.

This puts the signal to remember your dream into your short term memory. Allowing your brain to recall this command the following morning. It’ll take longer for some. But stick with it and keep trying, you’ll start remembering what you dream about clearly.

Write down What You Remember from Your Dreams

Keep a notepad and pen near your bed. When you wake up jot down what you remember from your dreams that night. No need to go into intricate details, but write down enough to keep a record that makes sense.

This is another step in the process of training yourself to remember your dreams.

Be Mindful When You’re Awake

To reach a more conscious state when you are asleep, you need to be more conscious when you’re awake. This means practicing being mindful. Pay more attention to details when you’re awake. When you are going about your day take time to be more focused.

Being mindful and more consciously aware means taking note of what’s around you. What you can feel, smell, see, and talking yourself through it. This also helps you control your stress and feel more in tune with your life. You’ll see this consciousness flowing over into your dreams.

Be More Aware of When You’re Dreaming

Asking yourself if you’re dreaming may sound silly at first. But by doing so you will become more consciously aware when you are. To have lucid dreams you need to ask yourself if you’re dreaming while you’re asleep. This will become a ah-ha moment when you know you are.

One trick is to try and read a few sentences of text. When you’re in a dream you cannot concentrate and read text for long, try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Achieving Lucid Dreaming

Once you start achieving lucid dreaming you need to control the process. You can do this by talking to yourself, keeping yourself in a calm state, and focusing on things within the dream.

Sometimes it can have a profound effect on someone after they wake up. Don’t worry over this if you have an unusual feeling coming over you. This is perfectly normal when you’re new to lucid dreaming.

It takes some times to get used to – but you will feel much happier and more connected with yourself for it.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful and interesting experience. It happens during the rapid eye movement part of our sleep cycle, and can leave you with a profound feeling.

It gives you the ability to walk around in your ‘dream body’. Meaning you can touch, smell, feel, and experience things as real as when awake.

If you have any stories about your own lucid dreams, I’d love to hear them.

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