Freemind: A Confidence Building Game

Freemind A Confidence Building Game

Confidence is being aware of what you’re good at and knowing how to use your skills to your advantage. It’s behaving in a way that makes a difference to yourself and others. It’s believing in yourself, and being able to achieve what you want to – because you can, and you don’t give up.

Confidence is something a lot of people struggle with. I would think almost everyone has their own struggles with confidence at some point in their lives.

It’s not something that comes naturally to everyone. But it is something that everyone can work on. There are lots of ways to work on confidence, such as workout on, working on your skill sets, empowering yourself with more knowledge, tackling your fears head-on, step out of your comfort zone, the list goes on.

Confidence Building Games

A tool that has been utilized more over recent years are confidence building games. The best of which involve more than one person, so you have an accountability partner and someone to help motivate you.

I was recently introduced to a game that can be found at They have a short video that does a much better job than I can at describing the game.

Please take a minute to watch this video:

The game has been developed by two brothers who used to play the games to help each other before putting it into place as an app that other people could use.

They have an Indiegogo campaign that you can find here and could really use all the support they can get. If you liked the video and support their plans to turn this into an app that can help thousands of people, support them in any way you can.

How Free Mind works

It’s a game for two people to play together. You start a game and select a skill set that you want to work on and improve. Then, after inviting a friend to take part you create challenges for each other that are related to the skill set you want to improve.

So you can set challenges to talk to more people. Achieve certain things, all kinds of tasks that push your partners boundaries and encourage to do little things they probably wouldn’t have otherwise done.

Obviously you will only do things you are comfortable doing. But it’s fun to step outside your comfort zone, or at least push yourself in little steps at a pace you’re comfortable with.

I think it’s an excellent way to make friends, work on your confidence, and help others too. All wrapped up within a fun game. I hope it’s released as a mobile app in the future to make it more accessible. At the moment it’s a browser only application.

Why Should I Become More Confident?

While confidence is incredibly important and can help you achieve things that far exceed what you’d thought months, or years ago. It’s not essential to be really confident, I must stress this.

I don’t want anyone feel inferior because they do not feel particularly confident. But working on confidence through fun games is an easy and fun way to develop yourself as a person, and I always advocate doing so.

5 Benefits of Improving Your Self-Confidence

I thought I would highlight 5 beneficial reasons to work on your self-confidence. Look at the following areas and ask yourself if you need, or want to improve in these areas.

Less Feelings of Anxiety and Nervousness

Feeling anxious or nervous in public is a horrible feeling. I’ve dealt with this a lot in my life and know exactly how it feels. I also know how it feels to be more confident and release yourself from these chains.

It’s easier said than done. But after you develop greater confidence you will wonder what you ever worried about. It’s empowering, inspiring to others, and opens up opportunities.

A Happier and More Fulfilling Life

Confidence leads to more happiness. Not the kind of superficial happiness that lasts for a few hours like when you just received some good news either. A deeper, more fulfilling happiness that makes you glow. Stimulates new ideas, and drives you to try new things.

More Motivation to Find Greater Success

Success and confidence go hand-in-hand. It’s no coincidence that successful people are typically more confident. You can achieve greater success quicker, and you’ll be able to manage the success better if you’re confident.

More Friends and Stronger Friendships

Confident people attract more friends. Strong friendships are built on trust, honesty and being able to communicate openly. Confident people have nothing to feel by facing up to their weaknesses just as well as their strengths.

You Will Feel More Healthy

Through confidence comes better all-round health. You will be able to push those doubts and depressing thoughts to a side and see the potential and good in situations. Better mental and physical health should be reason enough to work on your confidence.

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  1. Great article! You’ve pointed useful benefits of improving self-confidence. Thank you for that and I wish you keep helping others and make a difference in this world.

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