Ever Wondered What This ASMR Is All About?

Ever Wondered What This ASMR Is All About

You may have heard of ASMR. Or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response as its full name.

The term ASMR is used in relation to the effect on someone when they are exposed to a certain type of visual and aural stimuli.

It’s used to describe that tingling feeling you get going down your neck. Carrying on through your spine, and reverberating through your body.

Those who experience ASMR when watching a video for example get a great deal of relaxation and satisfaction.

The popularity of ASMR has skyrocketed over recent years. And while there is still a great deal of studying to be done, there is a lot we do know.

We do know that some people react to it in a positive way. Becoming spiritually, mentally, and physically relaxed.

There biological reasons are still unclear. But the results are very clear. So, why don’t you see if Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is something that will work for you.

Will You Experience Anything from ASMR?

You may or may not experience anything from ASMR. You may or may not already have done so without thinking about it.

Typically the reactions will present themselves while your fairly young. Although it probably won’t be something you are able to harness, or work on at that age.

How do you describe and explain why you like the feeling of someone whispering in your ear? Or maybe its a certain noise that’s made by something or someone

There are dozens of ‘ASMR artists’ on YouTube. They all perform different tasks aimed at helping people set off their triggers. This is something you should look into if you’re looking for your trigger.

If you know of an action, noise, or anything else that sets off that tingly sensation for you, there will likely be a video for that.

What Are ASMR Triggers?

Triggers are the noises and actions that set off the sensation for people. It differs from person to person, but there are some more common triggers. Here are some of those more common triggers:

  • Whispering.
  • Blowing.
  • Scratching.
  • Tapping.
  • The sound of paper being softly turned.
  • Stroking the head.

Any of these look familiar to what you enjoy and get a tingly sensation from?

A common one for first time triggers include being mothered by your mom and having your head stroked. Or brushing your hair. Some songs are also strong triggers and make an emotional connection.

Although there is a strong emotional and sensory affect from ASMR. It’s not directly linked to sexual gratification. Although some people do receive a great deal of pleasure from their triggers.
It does do wonders for stress relief however.

A head massage, soothing voice, and other triggers can greatly reduce the immediate level of stress someone is feeling. As well as having long-term affects.

ASMR Artists

There are lot of resources online if you want to investigate ASMR further. Some of the YouTube channels are very popular.

In fact, many have millions of subscribers. And with tens of millions of views, there is a large community of ASMR users if you want to connect with others and discuss.

These videos are designed to trigger ASMR responses from the viewer. Most commonly they feature people speaking very softly, or whispering.

Some carry out repetitive tasks. Like folding paper, making scrunching noises from plastic bags, or tapping and scratching their nails on various surfaces.

They often utilize a 3D sound effect. This gives an even more softer, sensual effect. It’s worth looking through a few different types of video. Seeing if anything resonates with you.

Here is a video featuring some soft vocals. Give it a try and see if it sets off any sensory tingles for you.

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