ESTP Jobs to Avoid

ESTP Jobs to Avoid Clergyman

ESTPs are energetic, enthusiastic, and full of life. In the right career, they are motivated and their social skills make them great team players. You need to be aware of the ESTP jobs to avoid however as going down a career path that doesn’t align with your personality type is going to be a source of endless frustration.

I’ve worked with lots of people stuck in the wrong career. Banging their heads against the wall and not knowing what, or why they feel like this. I know for a fact there is always a perfect career for everyone, something they will enjoy and get a lot of satisfactions from.

Knowing how to line up your skillset and your personality type with a prospective job or career is going to make a huge difference. So, if you’re an ESTP, one of the 16 personality types as identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, read on:

ESTPs are known as ‘The Doers’. The meaning of each letter is as follows:

(E) Extraverted – good with social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(S) – Sensing – focuses on small details, are attentive, looks at the immediate opposed to the future.

(T) Thinkers – prefer to operate logically not on considerations, act objectively rather than personally.

(P) Perceptive – prefer to keep options open, will stall on decision making.

As you can see from the four preferences above, people with this personality type are great in social situations, motivated by working with others, have a good attention to detail, operate logically, and approach decision making with an open-minded.

Careers ESTP Should Avoid

With the above personality traits in mind, there are some jobs and careers that are just not a good match for ESTPs. This doesn’t mean they will not work in these roles. It does mean however they are very unlikely to enjoy or feel satisfied in these roles.

Here are some jobs to avoid if you’re an ESTP:


Writers are typically creative and imaginative people. They will often have to work to strict deadlines, stuck with just themselves, a lot of coffee and a laptop – an ESTPs worst nightmare. This personality type thrives off interaction with other people and prefer working as part of a team than in isolation.


Although they can be religious and passionate about their beliefs, the career of a being a clergyman or similar is not at all suitable. ESTPs are much more suited to a role where they can be creative, add their own flair and humour, and bounce off the energy of others.

Long-distance Truck Driver

ENTP Jobs to Avoid Truck Driver

Being sat in the cabin of a truck for hours, or days on end will drive an ESTP crazy. With noone to talk to, the directions set out by GPS, and not much to think about, people with this personality type will not be able to spend long in this role.


Being an accountant means spending weeks, months, and even years studying and working in the industry, it’s not a career path you want to invest much time into if it’s not for you. Working with spreadsheets, doing repetitive tasks, working isolated with numbers and paperwork, all tasks that do not sit well with an ESTP.


Psychologists train to understand how, why, and what makes a person tick. They are great at communicating and working with other people, but not on a one-to-one basis and are far too logical and interested in the present moment to be great psychologists.

ESTP Famous People

Below are some famous personalities that are known or believed to be ESTPs. Seeing public figures that fit a personality type often helps to put the personality traits into perspective by look at the careers and lives of them. A few famous ESTP personalities include:

  • Donald Trump – Entrepreneur and Presidential Candidate
  • L. Ron Hubbard – Author and Founder of the Church of Scientology
  • Malcolm X – Radical Civil Rights Activist
  • Thomas Edison – Inventor and Businessman
  • Winston Churchill – U.K. Prime Minister
  • Amy Winehouse – Singer/Songwriter

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ESTPs

I’ve covered some of the worst jobs and careers for this personality type, here are a few of the best jobs and careers:

  • Police Officer
  • Bartender
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Chef

ESTP Career Choices in Summary

I think it’s important to point out that anyone can work in any career and do well with the right amount of determination. Sometimes a person wants to do a line of work that doesn’t fit with their personality type. I’ve seen them do really well, and even enjoy the challenges that come with doing so.

With that being said, the information in this article should help ESTPs choose a job or career that can be very satisfying, challenging, and gel well with their personality. Finding out your personality type may just be the piece of the puzzle you’re missing when it comes to your career.

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  1. ESTP A here, I have done lots of jobs from a founder tech company that involved mostly office work to farm manager to truck driver equipment operater. I found that by far the jobs I hated the most where related to accounting and office paperwork, like at my company most of my time was on the computer alone making invoices accounting etc It was truly horrible. I also have done truck driving long haul and local and that was quite good, freedom, flexibility see new things and I often call all my friends and talk for hours or fire up hours of audiobooks and podcasts and learn and think. the only part that’s less than ideal is I like to do more physical more than I do now.

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