ESTJ Jobs to Avoid

ESTJ Jobs to Avoid Musician

Your personality type will have an impact on how much you get our of your chosen career path. If you’re an ESTJ as identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I will take you through some ESTJ jobs to avoid, famous personalities, and ideal careers in this article.

If you have struggled to find a career or job that you love and are motivated by, maybe you need to take a closer look at your personality type. Identifying your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses allow you to choose a career that matches up with your skills on a much deeper level.

ESTJs are known as ‘The Guardians’. The meaning of each letter is as follows:

(E) Extraverted – good with social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(S) – Sensing – focuses on small details, are attentive, looks at the immediate opposed to the future.

(T) Thinkers – prefer to operate logically not on considerations, act objectively rather than personally.

(J) Judgment – tend to make decisions quickly, like predictability.

As you can see from the four preferences that make up this classification ESTJs like to think logically, make decisions, are good in social situations, and are great at leading by example and motivating others.

They bring a lot of value to the right job and can help raise the game of others around them. Or the opposite can happen in the wrong role, so it’s important to find a career that suits their personality.

Careers ESTJ Should Avoid

Taking into account all of the above there are some careers and jobs that will clearly not be suitable for an ESTJ personality type. Anything is possible with a great deal of determination, but choosing a career that matches your skillset is much more beneficial.

Here are some jobs to avoid if you’re an ESTJ:

Data Entry

Working in data entry involves ploughing through large amounts of repetitive tasks with little to no interaction with other people. Making social connections, being able to communicate with others, working to collective goals, these are all things that fire up and motivate an ESTJ. Not sitting in front of a computer for hours on end.


Although being a musician allows the freedom to work with others and be creative. The loneliness of trying to make it as a profession that pays the bills, having the uncertainty of how your work will do, and the all around lack of security is a red flag for ESTJs and will not sit well at all.

Graphic Designer

ESTJs are creative at heart and love to create things. Being a graphic designer is not suitable however, creating new graphics from scratch, making changes, working to deadlines, and potentially dealing with difficult customers are not things that satisfy this personality type.


Being an actor is also one of the performing arts like a musician. There is a lack of stability in this career too, and most actors or actresses will never achieve the level of success or notoriety they are chasing. This is a hard reality for this personality type to accept, and it’s not a career they will often pursue.


ENFP Jobs to Avoid Proofreading Editing

A lot of aspects to being a writer or an author also depends on how well your work performs opposed to being paid per hour. This uncertainty doesn’t sit well with an ESTJ. It’s important for them to have some stability at work and they feel more comfortable with some predictability.

ESTJ Famous People

If you’re looking for a few famous personalities that fit this personality type I’ve listed a few below. It’s always interesting to see how being a certain personality type has helped shape different careers of people in the limelight. Here are some well-known famous ESTJ’s:

  • Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motors
  • Margaret Thatcher – U.K. Prime Minister
  • Hillary Clinton – U.S. Secretary of State
  • Saddam Hussein – Dictator of Iraq
  • Judge Judy – Television Judge
  • Ivanka Trump – Daughter of Donald Trump

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ESTJs

Some of the best careers and jobs suited to this personality type include:

  • Teacher
  • Life Coach
  • Judge
  • Detective/Law Enforcement
  • Sales Rep
  • Professional Athlete

ESTJ Career Choices in Summary

ESTJs are one of the better performing personality types when it comes to careers and working achievements. They are great managers, work colleges generally look up to them and follow them, and they have solid, honest, hard working ethics.

They usually have good working relationships with colleagues of all levels. Their ideal workplace is an organization with a good management structure, rules that are followed, and somewhere they can exercise their creative side without worrying about uncertainty.

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