ESFP Jobs to Avoid

ESFP Jobs to Avoid Law Enforcement Police

Our personality type is one of the elements, along with education, skillset, desire, and more, that helps determine what career is best for us. ESFPs like to be in a career that allows them to achieve quick and tangible results. Knowing which ESFP jobs to avoid and getting on the right career path early is vitally important.

Too many people find themselves stuck in a job that they are not enjoying and get no satisfaction from. If you’re struggling to find the motivation for your work then look at your personality type again and align yourself with jobs that complement your traits and skills.

ESFPs are known as ‘The Performers’. The meaning of each letter is as follows:

(E) Extraverted – good with social situations, motivated by others, outspoken.

(S) – Sensing – focuses on small details, are attentive, looks at the immediate opposed to the future.

(F) Feelers – values personal considerations, gives weight to social implications over logic when making decisions.

(P) Perceptive – prefer to keep options open, will stall on decision making.

As you can see from the short narratives attached to the four pillars of this personality type, ESFPs are extroverts. They are good with social situations. Have a tendancy focus on details. Value others, and like to keep their options open.

They really take a lot from others around them. It’s important they work in a constructive and productive environment if they are going to be productive themselves.

Careers ESFP Should Avoid

There are careers and jobs that are not suitable for ESFPs. They have certain needs and wants from their working life. If in the wrong profession they will slowly experience a professional death and become incredibly unmotivated.

Here are some jobs to avoid if you’re an ESFP:


Although they are good with details and calculations ESFPs enjoy working in careers that give them immediate and gratifying results. They also get bored if they are doing the same kind of work all the time, so accounting is not a very good career fit. There isn’t much scope to exercise their feeling characteristics.

Data Analyst

Data analysts will typically be stuck in front of a computer or a stack of paperwork and have the lonely task of analyzing information and writing up a report. The repetitive nature of this work will drive them crazy, and there isn’t much opportunity to satisfy their extrovert and social needs.

Long-distance Driver

Being extroverts this kind of job or career is an obvious choice for a list of jobs that are not ideal. Being trapped in a cabin of a truck for hours, days, and longer will not satisfy an ESFP for long. There are few tangible goals or immediate satisfaction to be gained from this career.

Law Enforcement

With their tendency to stall when having to make important decisions and swaying towards social influence over logical decisions being in law enforcement is going to be really challenging. They are great with people and communicate well, but mediating and enforcing laws requires firm and confident decision making under pressure.


ESFP Jobs to Avoid Builder

Builders, carpenters, tradesmen, all these professions are not within the comfort zone of an ESFP. These careers typically lack the social interaction they crave with people, animals, and children. The longer the project the more frustrated and disinterested they will become.

ESFP Famous People

It’s always interesting to look at some famous personalities and see if their personality and careers as we know them fit with their personality type. Here is a diverse slice of famous ESFP personalities, take a look and see if any are surprising:

  • Bill Clinton – U.S. President and Married to Hillary Clinton
  • Richard Branson – Entrepreneur and Founder of Virgin Group
  • Tony Robbins – Self-help Advocate and Author
  • Steven Spielberg – Filmmaker
  • Katy Perry – Singer/Songwriter
  • Dana White – UFC President

Best Jobs and Career Choices for ESFPs

Here are some of the best-suited jobs and careers for this personality type:

  • Artist
  • Performer/Actor
  • Child Care Worker/Social Worker
  • Fashion Designer
  • Sales Rep
  • Consultant

ESFP Career Choices in Summary

An ESFP in the right job or on the right career path is a passionate and helpful person. On the other hand, in the wrong job they are incredibly unmotivated and if they’re surrounded by like-minded people it will bring them down.

If you are an ESFP or know you have one on your team play to their strengths. This personality type brings a lot to a team and a workplace. Avoid jobs that are not suitable for you as an ESFP as highlighted above.

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