ENTJ Relationships

ENTJ Relationships

ENTJs are interesting to look at as a personality type, and the ENTJ relationships are complex and intriguing. They are natural-born leaders, which makes them an interesting and dynamic personality.

Having the confidence and personality to draw in a crowd is something special, and not afforded to everyone. They are charismatic and approachable, and carry themselves with an air of confidence.

The drawback, if you look at it like that, is their ruthless attitude. Sometimes putting themselves ahead of others, and doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals. ENTJs only make up around 3% of the population, which is fitting as there isn’t enough room for more.

We can thank them for a lot of the successful business and establishments we all take for granted. There are a lot of pros to this personality type, and if you understand someone well, you can really get the best from them.

ENTJ Personality Traits

Their personality traits include leadership, confidence and charisma. A pretty nice cocktail I’m sure you’ll agree. Of course there are some drawbacks, and I will look into these throughout this article.

They love challenges and taking on large tasks. Using their leadership skills to encourage and get the best out of others. While over-delivering from their own endeavours too.

They often put efficiency and procedures before people, and can be a little lack-luster on compassion. But if you’re looking for someone to rely on, an ENTJ will not let you down.

ENTJ Strengths

ENTJs strengths are many and varied. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable ones.


Seeing inefficiency as a major drag and problem, ENTJs make it their problem to do something about it. They will tackle inefficient issues, and find a more efficient solution.


They find energy in problem solving and go from strength to strength. As opposed to being deterred or feeling dejected when set back.


An ENTJ is typically self-confident and have good self-esteem. Two great qualities that promote positive thinking and wellbeing. They trust themselves, and their judgement and believe in themselves.


They will not give up easily, and will fight their corner when needed. Not just for themselves, but for others where they feel strongly. Certainly good to have an ENTJ on your team.


Individuals who have all of the above qualities are often charismatic and this is no exception. This helps them to inspire others, stay positive, and a reach those high, heights.

ENTJ Weaknesses

Let’s take a look at some of the weaknesses ENTJ personalities typically display.


With confidence and a strong will to achieve goals comes a certain amount of stubbornness. It can be frustrating for other however.

Lack of Patience

Being impatient can be very annoying and frustrating for others. Not everyone works or thinks at the same pace, and being able to adjust and give more time when necessary is valuable skill seriously lacking.


Sometimes is a misunderstanding, but sometimes it’s justified. They can come across arrogant at times. This presents a challenge for those close to them, but friends and family can usually learn how to handle it.

Lacking in Emotion

All this bravado and confidence means they can leave emotions behind at times. Often realising at a later date and able to put things in to check. But this can come as too little, too late.


With their determination and obsessive attitude to achieving their goals they can come across very insensitive to others at times.

ENTJ Relationships with Others

ENTJs tackle relationships in much the same way as they do the other areas of their lives. With a clear and confident idea of what they want, and how to achieve it.

They then go about this in an energetic and confident manner. When it comes  down to working with a partner, they are much more likely to take the dominant role and make the decisions.

The plus point is their willingness to take responsibility for a lot of decisions, good or bad. Being able to communicate in relationships, and recognise responsibility are some key aspects to a successful relationship.

Romance is important to them, and they take this seriously. More likely to be in it for the long run and not for a passing phase. While feelings can sometimes get overlooked, the core principles are there.

The energy they bring usually has to be reciprocated or it can be overwhelming. But the fresh ideas and new things to do is often welcome. They tend to be good at making choices when it comes to partners, and aren’t slow to cut ties when needed.

As touched on in their weaknesses, they have a ruthless and often insensitive tilt. Being aware of how someone close to them are really feeling isn’t one of their top skills. They can however work to develop these skills, a plus to their dogged attitude.

In a nutshell, ENTJs do form strong relationships with others. Understanding their sometimes complex needs, and the needs of others needs to be understood.

Do ENTJs Make Good Friends

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses above, as you can image ENTJs make great friends – with the right people. They are not the kind of people to make a lot of friends and keep in touch with everyone. Rather, finding people with similar goals and mindset brings out the best in them.

With their built-in desire for growth and personal development, friends who bring deep and thoughtful emotions bring out the best in them. Remember, learning, developing, and progressing is high on their agenda.

Their friendships are often built on ideas and principles close to their hearts. They aren’t afraid to challenge friends either. So be prepared to be interrogated, and earn some respect by standing your ground.

It’s not easy to stand up to them, but by doing so in an intelligent and rational mater will earn you respect. Strengthening your friendship, and helping you understand what makes them tick.

Some ENTJs are further along in their journey to develop themselves and will listen and adapt more to those around them. Sure, some are incredibly stubborn, but not all of them.

If you’re an open and diplomatic person there is a lot you can gain from interacting with and being friends with them. If you want to help with the goals, then even better. Strength in numbers is certainly welcome.

Do ENTJs Make Good Parents

This where it gets a little complicated. Due to their strong-willed and challenging nature, the parent-child relationship can prove challenging.

This isn’t to say ENTJs make bad parents. Not at all, a lot of their principles translate well into motivating and working with their children to be better. It’s learning how to communicate and bring out the best in children that proves difficult.

Children require a much more tactile and understanding approach than adults. This is where they find the line a little blurry. They are keen to hold others to their own personal high standards, and can be a little unforgiving when others are not.

ENTJs are well known to enjoy debating and being giving other opinions to work with. This is no different with children, often debating and looking for a rational explanation.

They also tend to be on the strict end of the spectrum. This can cause stress between a child and parent, and as any parent will know it’s a fine balance. There are pros and cons to both sides of strict parenting, but it’s something to be aware of with this personality type.

Am I an ENTJ

Do you possess these characteristics:

  • Extrovert and charismatic.
  • Passionate about tasks and objectives.
  • Always planning ahead and sticking to the plan.
  • Naturally use logic over emotion, and unwilling to change course.
  • Enjoy leading people and pushing them to do better.

These are some of the first questions you should ask yourself. Obviously narrowing down your personality types takes a lot more depth. We will be going into this is more detail throughout this article.

ENTJ Career Choices

With their bold and determined attitude, it’s within their careers that ENTJs thrive and see the fruits of their competitiveness. There aren’t many other personality types better suited to the business world.

This is a place where they can use their organization skills, intelligence, determination, and more. Their attitude to overcome any obstacles and problems sets them apart from others, often giving them the corporate push to climb the ladder.

The more assertive among them can bring an overwhelming amount of self-confidence. In competitive workplaces this can cause some friction, like sales or commission based jobs.

The most ideal positions are executive, positions of authority, and managerial roles. They have an astute eye for keeping on top of employees, and making sure all the tasks at hand are being completed.

When it comes to business and careers, failure is just not an option. They are those types of people. Great to have on your team, but a nightmare when they are on someone else’s.

If you’re on the same team you will get picked up on if you are slacking. They will not have any problem outing you and calling you out. So be aware of an ENTJs on your team and make sure you bring your A-game.


Their intelligence, strong will, logical reasoning and determined attitude makes them a force to be reckoned with. Small or large, whatever the obstacle, they are going to find a way to get the job done – and done well.

The drawback however is that they can fall short when emotion or reason needs to be applied. Not all situations can be resolved with stern procedures. Sometimes a less rigid and personable approach is necessary.

So they are good at connecting with people, bringing out the best, achieving results, but fall short when it comes to finding compassion and being flexible. But this is just scratching the surface to a complex personality and understanding ENTJ relationships.

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